Vietnamese Submitted Surnames

Vietnamese names are used in the country of Vietnam in southeastern Asia. See also about Vietnamese names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Bạch Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Bai, from Sino-Vietnamese 白 (bạch).
Bach Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Bạch.
Banh Vietnamese
Vietnamese: from the Chinese surname 彭, see Peng.
Bích Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 碧 (bích) meaning "bluish-green".
Biện Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 边 (biān) meaning "edge".
Bui Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Bùi.
Buu Vietnamese
A royal Vietnamese surname created by the Nguyen Dynasty.
Cam Vietnamese
Meaning Unknown.
Cao Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Gao from Sino-Vietnamese 高 (cao).
Châu Vietnamese
Meaning "pearl, gem"
Cong Tang Ton Nu Vietnamese
Often written with the middle two words uncapitalized when with a full name; example: Con tang ton Nu Hue Hue. The first name is Hue Hue, and the surname is Cong tang ton Nu. It is a female royal Vietnamese surname created by the Nguyen Dynasty.
Cung Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 龔 (gōng) meaning "general, total".
Đàm Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Tan, from Sino-Vietnamese 譚 (đàm).
Dan Romanian, Vietnamese, English, Danish
Ethnic name in various European languages (including Danish and English) meaning ‘Dane’. ... [more]
Dang Vietnamese, Khmer
Meaning Unknown. The Vietnamese Hán Nôm Character is 党 meaning "party" or "society".
Dang Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Đặng.
Đào Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Tao, from Sino-Vietnamese 陶 (đào).
Dao Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Đào.
Diệp Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Ye from Sino-Vietnamese 葉 (diệp).
Đinh Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Ding, from Sino-Vietnamese 丁 (đinh).
Dinh Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Đinh.
Đặng Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Deng, from Sino-Vietnamese 鄧 (đặng).
Do Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Đỗ.
Đoàn Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Duan from Sino-Vietnamese 段 (đoàn).
Doan Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Đoàn.
Đức Vietnamese
From the given name Đức.
Đường Vietnamese
From 唐代 (Tàng Dài) which is the Chinese Tàng Dynasty.
Dương Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Yang, from Sino-Vietnamese 楊 (dương).
Duong Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Dương.
Giang Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Jiang 1, from Sino-Vietnamese 江 (giang).
Ha Vietnamese
Simplified variant of .
Vietnamese form of He, from Sino-Vietnamese 何 (hà).
Hạ Vietnamese
Derived from the Han character meaning "summer".
Ho Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Hồ.
Hồ Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Hu, from Sino-Vietnamese 胡 (hồ).
Hòa Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 和 (hòa) meaning "peaceful, harmonious".
Hoa Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 花 (hoa) meaning "flower".
Hoang Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Hoàng.
Hoắc Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (Huò) meaning "Quick".
Huệ Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 慧 (huệ) meaning "bright, intelligent" or 蕙 (huệ) meaning "tuberose (flower)".
Huy Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 輝 (huy) meaning "brightness".
Huyền Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 玄 (huyền) meaning "deep, profound, mysterious, black".
Huyin Vietnamese (Russified)
Alternate transcription of Khyuin.
Huynh Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Huỳnh.
Hyuin Vietnamese (Russified)
Alternate transcription of Khyuin.
Khánh Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 慶 (khánh) meaning "congratulate, celebrate".
Khanh Vietnamese
Means "precious stone" in Vietnamese. It is also a simplified variant of Khánh.
Khoang Vietnamese (Russified)
Russifed form of Hoàng used by ethnic Vietnamese living in parts of the former Soviet Union.
Khuất Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Qu, from Sino-Vietnamese 屈 (khuất).
Khuat Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Khuất.
Khúc Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Qu, from Sino-Vietnamese 曲 (khúc).
Khuc Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Khúc.
Khuin Vietnamese (Russified)
Alternate transcription of Khyuin.
Khương Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Jiang 2, from Sino-Vietnamese 姜 (khương).
Khuong Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Khương.
Khyuin Vietnamese (Russified)
Russified form of Huỳnh used by ethnic Vietnamese living in parts of the former Soviet Union.
Kiều Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Jiao, from Sino-Vietnamese 矯 (kiểu).
Kieu Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Kiều.
Ky Vietnamese
Meaning Unknown.
Lâm Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Lin from Sino-Vietnamese 林 (lâm).
Le Vietnamese
Simplified variant of .
Lee Vietnamese, Hmong, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese, Filipino, Tagalog, Malay, Indonesian, Hawaiian
Vietnamese, Hmong, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese, Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, and Hawaiian form of Li 1 or Li 2.
Lieu Vietnamese
Vietnamese (Liêu): unexplained.
Linh Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 靈 (linh) meaning "spirit, soul".
Lương Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Liang from Sino-Vietnamese 梁 (lương).
Luong Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Lương.
Lưu Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Liu, from Sino-Vietnamese 劉 (lưu).
Luu Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Lưu.
Ly Vietnamese
Simplified variant of .
Vietnamese form of Li 1, from Sino-Vietnamese 李 (lý).
Mạc Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Mo from Sino-Vietnamese 幕 (mạc). This was the name of a Vietnamese dynasty that ruled over northern Vietnam between the 16th and 17th centuries.
Minh Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 明 (minh) meaning "bright".
Nghiêm Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Yan, from Sino-Vietnamese 嚴 (nghiêm).
Nghiem Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Nghiêm.
Nhâm Vietnamese
Vietnamese for Ren.
Nhan Vietnamese
Vietnamese: unexplained.
Nhiếp Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 聶 (niè) meaning "whisper".
Nhiều Vietnamese
Vietnamese for Rao.
Nông Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Nong, from Sino-Vietnamese 農 (nông).
Nong Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Nông.
Pham Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Phạm.
Phùng Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Feng from Sino-Vietnamese 馮 (phùng).
Phung Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Phùng.
Quách Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Guo, from Sino-Vietnamese 郭 (quách).
Quach Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Quách.
Quảng Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 鄺 (Kuàng).
Quy Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Quý.
Quý Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 貴 (quý) meaning "precious, valuable".
Từ Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Xu 1, from Sino-Vietnamese 徐 (từ).
Ta Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Tạ.
Tạ Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Xie, from Sino-Vietnamese 謝 (tạ).
Tăng Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 曾 (tăng) meaning "high".
Thạch Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Shi from Sino-Vietnamese 石 (thạch).
Thach Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Thạch.
Thái Vietnamese
Vietnamese for Cai.
Than Vietnamese
Vietnamese: unexplained.
Thành Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 成 (thành) meaning "completed, finished, succeeded", 城 (thành) meaning "castle, city" or 誠 (thành) meaning "sincere, honest, true".
Thanh Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 青 (thanh) meaning "blue, green, young" or 聲 (thanh) meaning "sound, voice, tone".
Thảo Vietnamese
Means "beautiful" in Vietnamese.
Thao Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Thảo.
Tiên Vietnamese
From the given name Tiên.
To Vietnamese
Simplified variant of .
Vietnamese form of Su from Sino-Vietnamese 蘇 (tô).
Tôn Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Sun.
Tôn Thất Vietnamese
Derived from Sino-Vietnamese 宗室 (tông thất) meaning "imperial clan". This name was used by the royal family of the Nguyễn dynasty.
Ton That Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Tôn Thất.
Trang Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Zhuang from Sino-Vietnamese 莊 (trang).
Tri Vietnamese
An unexplained Vietnamese surname.
Triệu Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Zhao, from Sino-Vietnamese 趙 (triệu).
Trieu Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Triệu.
Trịnh Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Zheng, from Sino-Vietnamese 鄭 (trịnh).
Trinh Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Trịnh.
Trương Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Zhang, from Sino-Vietnamese 張 (trương).
Truong Vietnamese
Simplified form of Trương.
Tưởng Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (Jiang/Chiang) which probably means "Rice".
Vang Vietnamese
It means golden.
Việt Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 越 (việt) meaning "Vietnam, Vietnamese".
Viet Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Việt.
Vinh Vietnamese
A royal Vietnamese surname created by the Nguyen Dynasty.
Vo Vietnamese
Simplified variant of .
Voong Vietnamese
Alternate spelling of the name Vương, which is derived from the name Wang.
Vu Vietnamese
Unaccented form of .
Vương Vietnamese
Vietnamese form of Wang 1, from Sino-Vietnamese 王 (vương).
Vuong Vietnamese
Simplified variant of Vương.
Xầm Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese 諶 (chén) meaning "faithful".