Surnames Categorized "baseball players"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include baseball players.
Aaron Jewish, English
From the given name Aaron.
Abreu Portuguese, Galician
Meaning uncertain, possibly from a given name that was of Germanic origin.
Alexander English
Derived from the given name Alexander.
Allen English, Scottish
Derived from the given name Alan.
Álvarez Spanish
Means "son of Álvaro".
Anderson English
Means "son of Andrew".
Anson English
Means "son of Agnes".
Barlow English
Derived from a number of English place names that variously mean "barley hill", "barn hill", "boar clearing" or "barley clearing".
Blanco Spanish
Means "white" in Spanish. The name most likely referred to a person who was pale or had blond hair.
Brassington English
From a place name, which is derived from Old English meaning "settlement by a steep path".
Brett English
Originally a name given to someone who was a Breton or a person from Brittany.
Cabrera Spanish
From various place names derived from Late Latin capraria meaning "place of goats", from Latin capra meaning "goat".
Castillo Spanish
Spanish cognate of Castle.
Chance English
From a nickname for a lucky person or a gambler.
Chapman English
Occupational name derived from Old English ceapmann meaning "merchant, trader".
Clarke English
Variant of Clark.
Clarkson English
Patronymic form of Clark.
Clemens English
Derived from the given name Clement. This was the surname of the author Samuel Clemens (1835-1910), also known as Mark Twain.
Cobb English
From a medieval English byname meaning "lump".
Collins 2 English
Means "son of Colin 2".
Connor Irish
Variant of O'Connor.
Correa Spanish
Spanish form of Correia.
Davis English, Scottish
Means "son of David". This was the surname of the revolutionary jazz trumpet player Miles Davis (1926-1991).
Dean 1 English
Derived from Middle English dene meaning "valley".
De Jong Dutch
Means "young" in Dutch, from Middle Dutch jonc. This is the most common surname in the Netherlands.
De la Cruz Spanish
Spanish cognate of Delacroix.
Díaz Spanish
Means "son of Diego" in Spanish.
Donaldson English
Means "son of Donald".
Durán Spanish
Spanish cognate of Durand.
Ellis English, Welsh
Derived from the given name Elijah, or sometimes Elisedd.
Espino Spanish
Variant of Espina.
Estrada Spanish
Spanish form of Street.
Farmer English
Occupational name for a tax collector, from Middle English ferme "rent, revenue, provision", from medieval Latin firma, ultimately from Old English feorm. This word did not acquire its modern meaning until the 17th century.
Fletcher English
Occupational name for a fletcher, someone who attached feathers to the shaft of an arrow. It is derived from Old French fleche meaning "arrow".
Fowler English
Occupational name for a fowler or birdcatcher, ultimately derived from Old English fugol meaning "bird".
Freeman English
Referred to a person who was born free, or in other words was not a serf.
García Spanish
From a medieval given name of unknown meaning, possibly related to the Basque word hartz meaning "bear". This is the most common surname in Spain.
Garrett English
Derived from the given name Gerald or Gerard.
Gehrig German
Variant of Gehring.
Gibson English, Scottish
Means "son of Gib".
Goldschmidt German
Occupational name meaning "goldsmith" in German.
Gómez Spanish
Spanish form of Gomes.
González Spanish
Means "son of Gonzalo" in Spanish. This is among the most common surnames in Spain.
Grant English, Scottish
Derived from Norman French meaning "grand, tall, large, great".
Greenberg German, Jewish
Anglicized form of Grünberg.
Greene English
Variant of Green.
Guerrero Spanish
Means "warrior" in Spanish, an occupational name for a soldier. It is derived from Late Latin werra "war", of Germanic origin.
Gutiérrez Spanish
Means "son of Gutierre".
Hamilton English, Scottish
From an English place name, derived from Old English hamel "crooked, mutilated" and dun "hill". This was the name of a town in Leicestershire, England (which no longer exists).
Han Chinese, Korean
From Chinese (hán) referring to the ancient state of Han, which existed from the 5th to 3rd centuries BC in what is now Shanxi and Henan provinces.
Harper English
Originally belonged to a person who played the harp or who made harps.
Hernández Spanish
Means "son of Hernando" in Spanish.
Hill English
Originally given to a person who lived on or near a hill, derived from Old English hyll.
Hunter English, Scottish
Occupational name that referred to someone who hunted for a living, from Old English hunta.
Ibáñez Spanish
Means "son of Ibán".
Iglesias Spanish
From Spanish iglesia meaning "church", from Latin ecclesia (of Greek origin).
Jackson English
Means "son of Jack". Famous bearers of this name are the American president Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) and the singer Michael Jackson (1958-2009).
Jennings English
From the given name Jenyn, a diminutive of Jen, itself a Middle English form of John.
Jiménez Spanish
Means "son of Jimeno".
Johnson English
Means "son of John". Famous bearers include American presidents Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) and Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973).
Jones English, Welsh
Derived from the given name Jon, a medieval variant of John.
Keefe Irish
Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Caoimh meaning "descendant of Caomh".
Kelley Irish
Variant of Kelly 1.
Kelly 1 Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Ceallaigh meaning "descendant of Ceallach".
Kim Korean
Korean form of Jin, from Sino-Korean (gim) meaning "gold". This is the most common surname in Korea.
King English
From Old English cyning "king", originally a nickname for someone who either acted in a kingly manner or who worked for or was otherwise associated with a king. A famous bearer was the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968).
Lambert French
Derived from the given name Lambert.
Lawrence English
Derived from the given name Laurence 1. Famous bearers include revolutionary T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935) and author D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930).
Longo Italian
Italian cognate of Long.
López Spanish
Means "son of Lope" in Spanish.
Machado Portuguese, Spanish
Denoted a person who made or used hatchets, derived from Spanish and Portuguese machado "hatchet", both from Latin marculus "little hammer".
Márquez Spanish
Means "son of Marcos".
Martínez Spanish
Means "son of Martín" in Spanish.
Mathews English
Derived from the given name Matthew.
McCarthy Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Mac Cárthaigh meaning "son of Carthach".
McPhee Scottish
Anglicized form of MacDhubhshìth.
Meyers German, English
Patronymic form of Meyer 1, Mayer 3 or Myer.
Miller English
Occupational surname meaning "miller", referring to a person who owned or worked in a grain mill, derived from Middle English mille "mill".
Molina Spanish
Means "mill" in Spanish.
Munson English
Patronymic formed from the Norman French nickname moun meaning "monk".
Musiał Polish
Polish cognate of Musil.
Nelson 1 English
Means "son of Neil". This name was borne by the British admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805).
Nichols English
Derived from the given name Nichol.
Noel French, English
Either from the given name Noël, or else derived directly from Old French noel "Christmas" and given to a person who had a particular connection with the holiday.
Núñez Spanish
Spanish form of Nunes.
Ortega Spanish
From a Spanish place name (belonging to various villages) derived from ortiga "nettle".
Ortiz Spanish
Means "son of Orti", a byname deriving either from Latin fortis meaning "brave, strong" or fortunius meaning "fortunate".
Ott English, German
From the given name Otto.
Peña Spanish
Originally denoted a person who lived near a jutting rock, from Spanish peña meaning "rock, cliff".
Pérez Spanish
Means "son of Pedro".
Phillips English
Means "son of Philip".
Plank German, English
Means "plank", from Old French, itself from Late Latin planca. This could have referred to a person who lived by a plank bridge over a stream, someone who was thin, or a carpenter.
Puig Catalan
Catalan cognate of Poggio.
Quijada Spanish
Means "jaw" in Spanish, a nickname for someone with a large jaw.
Quinn Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of Conn".
Quintana Spanish, Catalan
Originally indicated someone who lived on a piece of land where the rent was a fifth of its produce, from Spanish and Catalan quintana "fifth", from Latin quintus.
Ramírez Spanish
Means "son of Ramiro" in Spanish.
Rizzo Italian
Variant of Ricci.
Robinson English
Means "son of Robin".
Rodríguez Spanish
Means "son of Rodrigo" in Spanish. This is among the most common surnames in Spain.
Rose 1 English, French, German, Jewish
Means "rose" from Middle English, Old French and Middle High German rose, all from Latin rosa. All denote a person of a rosy complexion or a person who lived in an area abundant with roses. As a Jewish surname it is ornamental, from Yiddish רויז (roiz).
Ryan Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Riain, or else a simplified form of Mulryan.
Sánchez Spanish
Means "son of Sancho".
Schmidt German
Occupational name derived from Middle High German smit "smith, metalworker", a cognate of Smith.
Shaw 1 English
Originally given to a person who lived near a prominent thicket, from Old English sceaga meaning "thicket, copse".
Simmons English
Derived from the given name Simon 1.
Smith English
Means "metalworker, blacksmith" from Old English smiþ, related to smitan "to smite, to hit". It is the most common surname in most of the English-speaking world. A famous bearer was the Scottish economist Adam Smith (1723-1790).
Sosa Spanish
Spanish form of Sousa.
Spalding English
From the name of the town of Spalding in Lincolnshire, derived from the Anglo-Saxon tribe of the Spaldingas.
Taylor English
Derived from Old French tailleur meaning "tailor", ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut".
Thomas English, Welsh, French, German
Derived from the given name Thomas.
Thompson English
Means "son of Thomas".
Thornton English
From any of the various places in England by this name, meaning "thorn town" in Old English.
Tucker English
Occupational name for a fuller of cloth, derived from Old English tucian meaning "offend, torment". A fuller was a person who cleaned and thickened raw cloth by pounding it.
Underwood English
Means "dweller at the edge of the woods", from Old English under and wudu.
Upton English
Denoted a person hailing from one of the many towns in England bearing this name. The place name itself is derived from Old English upp "up" and tun "enclosure, yard, town".
Ureña Spanish
Probably derived from the name of Urueña, a town in the province of Valladolid, Spain, which is of unknown meaning.
Valdez Spanish
Means "son of Baldo".
Vaughn Welsh
Variant of Vaughan.
Villar Spanish
Spanish cognate of Vilar.
Wagner German
From Middle High German wagener meaning "wagon maker, cartwright". This name was borne by the German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883).
Wallace Scottish, English, Irish
Means "foreigner, stranger, Celt" from Norman French waleis (of Germanic origin). It was often used to denote native Welsh and Bretons. A famous bearer was the 13th-century Sir William Wallace of Scotland.
Welch English
Variant of Walsh.
White English
Originally a nickname for a person who had white hair or a pale complexion, from Old English hwit "white".
Williams English
Means "son of William".
Willis English
Derived from the given name William. A famous bearer of this surname is actor Bruce Willis (1955-).
Winfield English
From various English place names, derived from Old English winn "meadow, pasture" and feld "field".
Wright 1 English
From Old English wyrhta meaning "wright, maker", an occupational name for someone who was a craftsman. Famous bearers were Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of the first successful airplane.
Yates English
From Old English geat meaning "gate", a name for a gatekeeper or someone who lived near a gate.
Young English
Derived from Old English geong meaning "young". This was a descriptive name to distinguish father from son.
Yount German (Anglicized)
Americanized form of Jundt.
Zabala Basque
Originally denoted someone who lived in a place of this name in Biscay. It is derived from Basque zabal meaning "large, wide".
Zavala Spanish
Variant of Zabala.
Zimmermann German, Jewish
From the German word for "carpenter", derived from Middle High German zimber "timber, wood" and mann "man".
Zunino Italian
Derived from the given name Giovanni.