Surnames of Length 13

This is a list of surnames in which the length is 13.
Abategiovanni Italian
From Italian abate meaning "abbot, priest" combined with the given name Giovanni.
Baghdassarian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Բաղդասարյան (see Baghdasaryan).
Bandyopadhyay Bengali
From the name of the village of Bandoghat combined with upadhaya "instructor, priest".
Fenstermacher German
Means "window maker" in German.
Freudenberger German, Jewish
Ornamental name from old German freud meaning "joy" and berg meaning "mountain".
MacDhòmhnaill Scottish Gaelic
Scottish Gaelic form of MacDonald.
Mac Dhuibhinse Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Vincent 2.
Mac Giolla Eoin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of McLean.
Ó Cuidighthigh Irish
Means "descendant of Cuidightheach" in Irish.
Ó Gallchobhair Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Gallagher.
Ó hEidirsceóil Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Driscoll.
Ó Muireadhaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Murray 2.
Ó Seachnasaigh Irish
Means "descendant of Seachnasach". The given name Seachnasach possibly means "elusive" in Irish.
Ó Sluaghadháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Sloan.
Ó Tíghearnaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Tierney.
Papadimitriou Greek
Means "son of Dimitrios the priest", from Greek πάπας (papas) combined with the given name Dimitrios.
Schwarzenberg German
Means "black mountain" in German.
Schwinghammer German
Occupational name for a blacksmith, literally meaning "swing hammer" in German.
Van Amelsvoort Dutch
Means "from Amersfoort", a city in the Netherlands. It means "ford of the Amer (Eem) River" in Dutch.
Van Middelburg Dutch (Rare)
Means "from Middelburg", the name of a city in Zeeland in the Netherlands, itself meaning "middle fortress" in Dutch.
Wojciechowski Polish
From the given name Wojciech.