Surnames Categorized "astrophysicists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include astrophysicists.
Abt German
German cognate of Abate.
Blackman English
From a nickname, a variant of Black.
Cannon English
From the ecclesiastical usage of canon, referring to a church official or servant who worked in a clergy house.
Cruz Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese cognate of Cross.
Đurić Serbian, Croatian
Means "son of Đuro".
Ellis English, Welsh
Derived from the given name Elijah, or sometimes Elisedd.
Fontaine French
Derived from Old French fontane meaning "well, fountain", a derivative of Latin fons.
Gold English, German, Jewish
From Old English and Old High German gold meaning "gold", an occupational name for someone who worked with gold or a nickname for someone with yellow hair. As a Jewish name it is ornamental.
Greene English
Variant of Green.
Hale English
Derived from Old English halh meaning "nook, recess, hollow".
Huang Chinese
From Chinese (huáng) meaning "yellow".
Kučera m Czech, Slovak
Means "curl" in Czech and Slovak, a nickname for a person with curly locks of hair.
Lamb English
From the name of the animal, perhaps a nickname for a shy person.
Mészáros Hungarian
Means "butcher" in Hungarian.
Norman English
Referred to a person who was originally from Scandinavia or Normandy. Even before the Norman Conquest, Scandinavians were settling the north and east of England. The Normans who participated in the Conquest were originally from Scandinavia, but had been living in Normandy, France for over a century and spoke French.
Payne English
From a medieval given name or nickname derived from Latin paganus meaning "heathen, pagan" (from an earlier sense "rural, rustic"), which was given to children whose baptism had been postponed or adults who were not overly religious.
Quirk Irish
Variant of Quirke.
Reeves English
Variant of Reeve.
Rigby English
Originally derived from the name of a town in Lancashire, itself from Old Norse hryggr "ridge" and býr "farm, settlement".
Shapiro Jewish
Means "pretty, lovely" in Hebrew, from Aramaic.
Tyson 1 English
Derived from a nickname for a quarrelsome person, from Old French tison meaning "firebrand".
Wright 1 English
From Old English wyrhta meaning "wright, maker", an occupational name for someone who was a craftsman. Famous bearers were Orville and Wilbur Wright, the inventors of the first successful airplane.