Surnames Categorized "gold"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include gold.
Arany Hungarian
Means "golden" in Hungarian. A famous bearer of the name was Hungarian poet János Arany (1817-1882).
Gold English, German, Jewish
From Old English and Old High German gold meaning "gold", an occupational name for someone who worked with gold or a nickname for someone with yellow hair. As a Jewish name it is ornamental.
Goldhirsch Jewish
Means "golden stag" in Yiddish.
Jin Chinese
From Chinese (jīn) meaning "gold".
Kaneko Japanese
From Japanese (kane) meaning "gold, metal, money" and (ko) meaning "child".
Kim Korean
Korean form of Jin, from Sino-Korean (gim) meaning "gold". This is the most common surname in Korea.
Oriol Catalan
From Catalan or meaning "gold", originally a nickname for a person with blond hair.