Surnames Categorized "place names"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include place names.
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AYERS (3)     English
Indicated a person from the town of Ayr in Scotland. The town was named for the river which flows through it, itself derived from an Indo-European root meaning "water".
BOON (2)     English
Originally indicated a person from the town of Bohon, in Manche in France. The town's name is of unknown origin.
BUCKLEY (1)     English
From an English place name derived from bucc "buck, male deer" and leah "woodland, clearing".
BURNHAM     English
From the name of various towns in England, typically derived from Old English burna "stream, spring" and ham "home".
HOGARTH     English
From a place name meaning "hog pen". It was first recorded in North Yorkshire.
HOLMWOOD     English
Old English meaning "holly wood" or from a place name in Derby or Surrey.
HORTON     English
From the name of a town in Yorkshire meaning "mud town".
KEITH     Scottish
From a place name which is probably derived from the Brythonic element cet meaning "wood". This was the surname of a long line of Scottish nobles.
LANGDON     English
Derived from an Old English place name meaning "long hill" (effectively meaning "ridge").
LATERZA     Italian
Typical of southern Italy: it comes from the place name Laterza, a town near Taranto in the Puglia region.
LYNDON     English
Originally from a place name meaning "lime tree hill" in Old English.
MEDINA     Spanish
From the name of a Spanish city, whose name is derived from the Arabic word for "city".
MILANO     Italian
Originally indicated someone who came from MILAN.
MONROE     Scottish
Designated a person who had originally lived near the mouth of the Roe River in Derry, Ireland.
MURRAY (1)     Scottish
Derived from the region in Scotland called Moray meaning "seaboard settlement". A notable bearer of this surname was General James Murray (1721-1794), who was the first British Governor-General of Canada.
NORTHROP     English
From the name of a town in England meaning "north farm".
PEAK     English
Means "dweller by the pointed hill" from Old English peac. It could also denote a person from the Peak District in Derbyshire, England.
PRESCOTT     English
From an English place name meaning "priest's cottage".
RHODES     English
Either a topographical name derived from Old English rod meaning "a clearing in woodland", or a locational name from any of the locations named with this word.
TRENT     English
Denoted one who lived near the River Trent in England.
ZELLWEGER     German (Swiss)
Originally denoted a person from the Appenzell region of Switzerland. The place name is derived from Latin abbatis cella meaning "estate of the abbot". A famous bearer is actress Renée Zellweger (1969-).
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