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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is sakuegonevon.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aukio Finnish
"square", "plaza", "clearing", or "concourse"
Bledig Welsh
"like a wolf"
Halla Danish
Derived from the Old Norse HALLR, which means 'flat stone, rock' or 'sloping, leaning to one side'... [more]
Hautala Finnish
Finnish. Topographical, (haute) meaning, “graves, tomb” combined with (la) meaning “abode, home, or land of….”
Hautamaa Finnish
Finnish. Topographical, (haute) meaning, “graves, tomb” combined with (maa) meaning, “country.”
Hautamäki Finnish
Finnish for "GRAVESHILL;" possibly cemetery or simply a person who lived near graves on a hill. hauta ("grave") & mäki ("hill")
Hellwig German, Dutch
Curiously it started out life in ancient history as the baptismal name, Hell-wig. "luck" & "war;" this name literally translates to, "battle-battle."
Hietala Finnish
Finnish. (hieta) meaning, “fine-sand” combined with (la) meaning, “abode, house, place, or land of….”
Hietamaa Finnish
Finnish. (hieta) meaning, “fine-sand” combined with (maa) meaning, “country.”
Hietamaki Finnish
hieta ("fine-sand") & mäki ("hill")
Huhtamäki Finnish
huhta (“woodland cleared for slash-and-burn cultivation”) +‎ mäki (“hill”)
Kiuru Finnish, Karelian
"lark (bird)"
Lyng Danish, Norwegian
Means "heather" in Norwegian and Danish.
Nau German
A variant of Neu; meaning "ship" or "boat."
Rieth German
"reed" -- a tall, slender-leaved plant of the grass family that grows in water or on marshy ground.
Rix German
given to a person who resided near a hill, stream, church, or tree
Sointu Finnish, Karelian
"chord (music)"
Sontag German, Jewish
"sunday;" usually given to a person who was born on a sunday.
Susiluoto Finnish (Rare)
Combination of Finnish susi "wolf" and luoto "islet".
Waara Finnish
Ornamental, from (vaara) meaning, “range of hills.”
Woosencraft Welsh
though this surname has an exotic look & attracts legends, it has it's origins in the Lancashire place name Wolstencraft, from elements Wulfstan (personal name) + croft ("enclosure")
Wuori Finnish
Yaeger German
Yaeger is a relatively uncommon American surname, most likely a transcription of the common German surname "Jaeger/Jäger" (hunter). The spelling was changed to become phonetic because standard English does not utilize the umlaut.
Yager German
Americanized form of JÄGER, meaning "hunter."
Yuengling German
"youngling" or a "young person"
Zaewa Russian
meaning unknown. female form of ZAEW
Zager German
habitational name from ZAGER, a place near Wollin
Zähne German
The German surname Zähne is derived from the Middle High German word "zan," which means "tooth." It is believed that the surname takes its origin from a nickname, most likely bestowed on the original bearer due to either a prominent tooth or a missing tooth.
Zolotareva Russian
Feminine form of Zolotarev.