Arabic (Egyptian) Submitted Surnames

These names are a subset of Arabic names used more often in Egypt. See also about Arabic names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABOUELKASSEM     Arabic (Egyptian, Rare)
Rare Egyptian form of Abo al-Qassem. A notable bearer is Alaaeldin Abouelkassem (1990–), an Egyptian fencer.
BOTROS     Arabic (Egyptian), Coptic
Derived from the given name Botros.
ELDESSOUKY     Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the Dessouky" in Arabic, most likely referring to the city of Desouk in northern Egypt.
EL MAHDY     Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the Mahdi", derived from the Arabic مهدي (mahdī) meaning "guided one, rightly guided" (see Mahdi), referring to a redeemer in Islam.
EL MASRY     Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the Egyptian", from Arabic مِصْرِيّ (miṣriyy) meaning "Egyptian person".
EL SAYED     Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "the master", from Arabic سَيِّد (sayyid) meaning "master, lord, prince" (see Sayyid).
FAROUK     Arabic (Egyptian)
From the given name Farouk.
FATHY     Arabic (Egyptian)
From the given name Fathy, a variant of Fathi.
HAMADA     Arabic, Arabic (Egyptian)
From the given name Hamada.
MADBOULI     Arabic (Egyptian)
Variant transcription of Madbouly.
MANSOUR     Arabic (Egyptian)
Habitational name for someone from Mansoura, the name of a city in Egypt.
MEKKY     Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "of Mecca", referring to the Islamic holy city in Saudi Arabia. The name itself is derived from the Arabic form of the city's name, مكة (makka).
MOUSSA     Western African, Arabic (Egyptian), Central African
Derived from the given name Moussa (see Moses).
MOUSTAFA     Arabic (Egyptian)
Egyptian variant of Mustafa.
NIMR     Arabic (Egyptian), Arabic
From Arabic نمر (nimr) meaning "leopard, tiger, panther"; mainly used in Egypt.
TADROS     Arabic (Egyptian), Coptic
Arabic form of Theodore, chiefly used by Copts.
TAMMAM     Arabic (Egyptian)
Derived from the given name Tammam.
ZAGHLOUL     Arabic (Egyptian)
Means "young pigeon" or, metaphorically, "free soul" in Arabic.
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