South Slavic Submitted Surnames

These names are used in regions that use South Slavic languages.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abaspahić South Slavic
Made from a name ABAZ and surname SPAHIĆ, Means "son of ABAZ SPAHIĆ"
Aćimović Serbian
A patronymic surname derived from the given name Aćim.
Adamov Russian, Bulgarian
Means "son of Adam".
Adamović Serbian, Croatian
Patronymic from the personal name Adam.
Adem Turkish, Bosnian, Albanian, Uyghur
From the given name Adem.
Ademović Bosnian
Means "son of Adem".
Adilović Bosnian
Means "son of Adil".
Aganović Bosnian
means "son of Agan
Ahmedović Bosnian
Means "son of Ahmed" in Bosnian.
Ahmetović Bosnian
Means "son of Ahmet".
Alanović Serbian
Means "son of Alan" in Serbian.
Alexanderov Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Aleksandrov.
Alexandrova Russian, Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Aleksandrova.
Alić Bosnian
Means "son of Ali 1".
Aljaž Slovene
Etymological origin unknown, possibly from the latin word alias, meaning "different".
Alomerović Bosnian (Modern)
Derived from the Arabic surname al-Omari.
Anastas Russian, Bulgarian
From the given name Anastas.
Andov Macedonian
Means "son of Ande".
Andrejević Serbian
Means ''son of Andrej''.
Andrevski Macedonian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Andrej".
Angel Spanish, Catalan, Occitan, English, Slovene
From the Latin personal name Angelus meaning "Angel", derived from the Greek word ἄγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger" (see the given name Angel).
Angelevski Macedonian
Son of Angele
Anić Croatian, Serbian
Means "son of Ana" in Serbo-Croatian.
Apostolović Serbian
Means "son of Apostolos" in Serbian.
Apostolski Macedonian
Derived from apostol (апостол), meaning "apostle".
Arapović Croatian, Bosnian (Rare)
From “Arap” meaning “Arab” in Croatian, derived from Turkish Arap
Arifović Bosnian
Means "son of Arif".
Arnautović Serbian, Croatian
From Turkish arnavut meaning "Albanian".
Arslanagić Bosnian
Means "son of Arslan".
Avguštin Slovene
Derived from the given name Avguštin.
Avramov Bulgarian
Means "son of Avram".
Bačvar Croatian
Bačvar family my grandfather Stjepan Bačvar born July 11 1904 in Bosiljevo Croatia in Croatia it means barrel Here in Canada it's spelled Bacvar thank you
Badelj Croatian
Meaning unknown.... [more]
Badzakov Bulgarian, Macedonian
Patronymic name derived from the Turkish word "bacak" which means "leg".
Bagryanov Bulgarian
Means "son of Bagryan".
Bajramović Bosnian
Derived from Bosnian bajram meaning "Eid" (a Muslim festival), borrowed from Turkish bayram.
Bakalova Bulgarian
Feminine form of Bakalov.
Balić Croatian
Derived from the word balija meaning "peasant" or from the forename Balislav.
Baloković Croatian
Most of Croatian families with the surname (last name) Baloković originate from the town of Donji Miholjac located in Osijek-Baranja County on the border with Hungary. During the 1700s and 1800s most of the people bearing this family name were born either in Donji Miholjac and/or nearby Nasice... [more]
Ban Croatian
Derived from a noble title used in several states in Central and Southeastern Europe between the 7th century and the 20th century.
Banović Serbian, Croatian
"Son of a Ban", the -ić "son of" suffix with ban, the title of class of Croatian nobility beginning in the 7th century approximately equivalent to viceroy, lord or duke, stemming potentially from the Turkic bajan ("rich, wealthy").
Baraga Slovene
A Slovene surname of unknown origin. A notable bearer was Slovene-American Roman Catholic bishop Frederic Baraga (1797-1868), who was the bishop of Marquette, a town in Upper Michigan, USA. There is also a village in Upper Michigan named Baraga, which was named after the bishop.
Barišić Croatian
Means ''son of Bariša''.
Barjaktarović Montenegrin
Derived from barjaktar (барјактар), meaning "flag bearer, standard bearer".
Bektešević Bosnian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Bektaş".
Belić Serbian, Croatian
Derived from the word belo meaning "white".
Belin Serbian
Variant of Belan.
Belovuk Serbian
Means "white wolf" in Serbian.
Benčić Croatian
Habitational name for someone from Benčići, Croatia.
Berberić Bosnian
Occupational name for a barber, from berber(in) meaning "barber", from Turkish.
Bigović Croatian
Meaning unknown. Sources say that there's only 35 people with this surname in Croatia.... [more]
Bijelić Croatian
Derived from bijel, meaning "white".
Bikić Croatian
Occupational name for someone who raised bulls.
Bilić Croatian
Derived from dialectal bil, standard Croatian bijel, meaning "white".... [more]
Birčanin Serbian
Possibly derived from the village of Birač, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Birk Slovene
Of unknown origin.
Bjeljac Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
From the Croation Area of Kordun specifically Koranski Lug. Possibly also Bosnia. A large migration of Serbs were enticed by the Austrian government to move from Bosnia to Croatia to act as a buffer militia between the Ottoman Empire of Bosnia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in Croatia... [more]
Bjelovuk Serbian
From the given name Vuk. Variant of Belovuk.
Blagojević Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Blagoje".
Blagojevich Serbian (Americanized, Modern)
Americanized form of Serbian patronymic Blagojević.
Blaškić Croatian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Blaž".
Blizanac Serbian
From Serbian meaning 'twin'.
Boban Croatian
Habitational name, originates from Bobanova Draga, a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bogdan Romanian, Croatian
From the given name Bogdan.
Bogunović Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Bogun".
Boikov Bulgarian, Russian
Variant transcription of Boykov.
Bojić Serbian
Derived from boj (бој), meaning "battle".
Bolić Serbian, Croatian
Derived from the word bol, meaning "pain, ache".
Borisova Bulgarian, Russian
Means "daughter of Boris". It is the feminine form of Borisov.
Bosak Croatian
Derived from bos, meaning "barefoot".
Bošković Serbian
Patronymic, meaning "son of Boško".
Bosnić Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian
Means ''from Bosnia''.
Bošnjak Croatian, Serbian
Derived from "Bošnjak", for someone who has their roots in Bosnia. This surname is rare in Bosnian Muslims.
Boykov Bulgarian, Russian
Means "son of Boyko".
Božak Croatian
Derived from the forename Božo.
Božikov Croatian
From božikovina, meaning "holly".
Bozinovic Serbian
Son of Bozidar
Bratić Serbian
Means ''little brother''.
Bregar Slovene, Croatian
Derived from breg meaning ''hill''.
Brnčić Croatian
Meaning unknown.
Brozović Croatian
Derived from Broz.
Bubanja Montenegrin
Derived from bubanj, meaning "drum".
Budimir Croatian, Serbian
From the given name Budimir.
Bulić Croatian
Derived from Ottoman Turkish bula meaning "a married woman or a Muslim woman in harem pants or covered with a headscarf" or from the forename Bule a hypocoristic of Budislav, Budimir, Budivoj, Budimil.
Buljubašić Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovene
Buljubašić is a Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian surname derived from the Ottoman military rank Boluk-bashi.... [more]
Bumrap Bosnian (Rare)
Of Slavic origin, possibly originating near the city of Tuzla.
Butković Croatian
Habitational name for someone from Butkovići, Croatia.
Čabarkapa Serbian, Montenegrin
Derived from čabar (чабар), meaning "tub, bucket", and kapa (капа), meaning "cap, hat".
Car Croatian, Serbian
Means "Tzar".
Čekić Serbian, Bosnian
Derived from čekić (чекић), meaning "hammer".
Čelar Serbian, Croatian
Derived from čelar (челар), meaning "beekeeper".
Čelik Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Serbo-Croatian "čelik", ultimately from Turkish çelik, meaning "steel".
Čeliković Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Derived from Serbo-Croatian "čelik", ultimately from Turkish çelik, meaning "steel". The -ović suffix is a patronym.
Ćerimović Bosnian
means "son of Ćerim"
Čerkez Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Turkish çerkez, meaning "Circassian".
Češnjak Croatian (Rare)
Means ''garlic''.
Chakarov Bulgarian
Possibly means "son of Chakar".
Ćibarić Croatian
Son of Ćibar
Čičak Croatian
Means ''burdock, thistle''.
Cicvara Serbian
Derived from cicvara (цицвара), meaning "gruel", a type of food.
Cigan Slovene
Means "gypsy" in Slovenian.
Čizmadija Croatian
Possibly derived from čizma, meaning "boot".
Čoban Croatian, Serbian
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''. Cognate of Turkish Çoban.
Čobanac Croatian
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''.
Čobanić Croatian
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''.
Čobanković Croatian
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''.
Čobanov Croatian
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''.
Čobanović Croatian, Serbian
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''.
Čobanski Croatian (Rare)
From čoban meaning ''shepherd''.
Čolak Bosnian
Bosnian form of Turkish surname Çolak.
Čomor Bosnian (Rare), Bosnian
Čomor is a rare surname in the world and has (mostly) Herzegovenian origins. You can find most Čomors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only 400 people bare the surname. Čomor has two meanings; First meaning is 'buttercup' and the second one is 'a disease that comes from eating fatty (oily) foods, fever with a constant feeling of nausea and disgust'
Ćorluka Croatian
Derived from Turkish körlük, meaning "blindness".... [more]
Čosić Croatian
Variant spelling of Ćosić.
Crnjac Croatian
Derived from crn, meaning "black".
Crnković Croatian
Derived from crn "black". The name refers to a person who was dark-skinned, or a person from the region Crna Gora "Black Mountain" (modern-day Montenegro).
Cujec Croatian
Derived from the word "cuj" which means "listen" or "hear" in English. Likely used to denote someone who was a good listener or was known for their attentive nature.
Ćuk Serbian, Croatian
Derived from ćuk (ћук), meaning "scops owl".