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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the usage is Czech; and the first letter is S.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Schmidtová Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of the German surname Schmidt through the feminine suffix -ová.
Sedlack Czech (Anglicized)
Americanized spelling of Czech Sedlák (see also Sedlak).
Sefcik Czech
Variant of Sevčik.
Sejkora Czech, Slovak
Sejkora means titmouse in Czech.
Shandera Czech (Anglicized, Modern)
Shandera is anglicized for Šandera, a patronymic for Alexander (son of Alexander), the euiqvalent of Sandoor in Hungarian or Sanders in English.
Sis Czech
Derived from German süss "sweet".
Sklenář Czech
Means "glassworker".
Skočdopole Czech
Derived from Czech imperative sentence skoč do pole! meaning "jump in a field!".
Škudlárek Czech
Nickname for a stingy person, from a derivative Czech škudil meaning "stingy","tight-fisted".
Slovensky Czech
Ethnic name for someone from Slovakia or who had connections with Slovakia.
Smetana Czech
Means "cream".
Špaček Czech
Means "tipcat". Pronounced "sh:pah-CZEK".
Šťastný Czech, Slovak
From the word, meaning "happy".
Stefaniak Czech
Comes from the personal name Stefan.
Stehlík Czech
It's from goldfinch
Stejskal Czech
Stejskal means "he did complains" in Czech.
Stoklasa Czech
Means "rye brome" in Czech.... [more]
Straka Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak: Nickname from straka ‘magpie’, probably for a thievish or insolent person.... [more]
Šváb Czech
It's from an animal cockroach.
Švec Czech
It means "shoemaker".
Svobodná Czech
Means "freedom woman".
Svobodný Czech
Svobodný means "freedom man" in Czech.