Yiddish Submitted Surnames

These names are used by Yiddish-speaking Jews. See also about Jewish names.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alterman אַלטערמאַן Yiddish
It literally means "old man".
Appel German, Dutch, Jewish, Low German, Medieval Dutch, Yiddish
1. German: from the personal name Appel, a pet form of Apprecht (common especially in Thuringia and Franconia), itself a variant of Albrecht... [more]
Apt German, Yiddish
German: variant of Abt.... [more]
Beilin ביילין Yiddish
Derived from the feminine given name Beile or Bayla; the given names themselves are Yiddish forms of English Bella... [more]
Belin Yiddish
Metronymic from the Yiddish female personal name Beyle meaning ‘beautiful’ (related to French belle).
Benesh בענעש, בנש Yiddish
From the given name Benesh, a Yiddish diminutive of Benedict.
Berman בערמאַן Yiddish
It literally means "bearman".
Bermann בערמאַן Yiddish
Variant of Berman.
Blumbarg בלומבאַרג Yiddish
It literally means "bloom barrow".
Blumshteyn בלומשטיין Yiddish
Original Yiddish form of Blumstein.
Breines Yiddish
From the German braun "brown".
Broynshteyn ברוינשטיין Yiddish
It literally means "brownstone".
Connick Yiddish
Variation on Koenig.
Dessler German, Yiddish
Meaning Unknown. Known primarily in pop culture as the surname of a certain Michelle in the Fox tv hit 24 and of a certain villain called Albert in Space Battleship Yamato.
Dishel Russian, Yiddish, Jewish, Hebrew
Meaning Unknown, likely Yiddish.
Drescher Yiddish, German
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a thresher, German Drescher, Yiddish dresher, agent derivatives of Middle High German dreschen, Yiddish dresh(e)n 'to thresh'.... [more]
Ehrenreich German, Jewish, Yiddish
Jewish/Yiddish German ornamental surname meaning “Rich in honour”
Ehrlich Yiddish
From the German meaning "honest" or "honorable"
Eplboym עפּלבוים Yiddish
It means "apple tree", denoting either someone who planted them or lived near them.
Fayerman פֿײַערמאַן Yiddish
It literally means "fireman".
Faynshteyn פֿײַנשטײַן Yiddish
It literally means "fine stone".
Federman פֿעדערמאַן Yiddish
It literally means "feather man".
Feferbarg פֿעפֿערבאַרג Yiddish
It literally means "pepperbarrow".
Feynman פיינמן, פיינמאן Russian, Yiddish
Russian and Yiddish form of Feinman. This name was borne by the American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman (1918-1988).
Freydntol פֿריידנטאָל Yiddish
Fridman Jewish, Yiddish
derived from the Yiddish Frid (see fridu) meaning "peace" combined with man meaning "man, person"... [more]
Frish פֿריש Yiddish
Yiddish form of Frisch.
Fuks פֿוקס Yiddish
It literally means "fox".
Garfinkel Yiddish
Jewish (Ashkenazic) ornamental name or nickname from Yiddish gorfinkl ‘carbuncle’, German Karfunkel. This term denoted both a red precious or semi-precious stone, especially a garnet or ruby cut into a rounded shape (in which case it is an ornamental name), and a large inflamed growth on the skin like a large boil (in which case it is a descriptive nickname).
Garfunkel גאָרפֿינקל‎ Jewish, Yiddish
From גאָרפֿינקל‎ (gorfinkl), "carbuncle" in Yiddish, which in turns derives from German Karfunkel. A notable bearer of this surname is Art Garfunkel.... [more]
Geller Yiddish, German, Russian
The name may derive from the German word "gellen" (to yell) and mean "one who yells." It may derive from the Yiddish word "gel" (yellow) and mean the "yellow man" or from the Yiddish word "geler," an expression for a redheaded man... [more]
Goldstern Yiddish (Germanized, Rare)
It is a Jewish surname that means (Gold Star), which in Hebrew is כוכב המלך דוד the star of King David. This surname has its origins in Hungary, Austria and Germany, this surname was bought by the Jews who worked as sellers of gold, diamonds, emeralds and jewels... [more]
Goldvaser וואַסערגאָלד Yiddish
Gotlibe גאָטליבע Yiddish
Yiddish form of Gottlieb.
Graf Jewish, Yiddish
Ornamental name selected, like Herzog and other words denoting titles, because of their aristocratic connotations.
Grob Jewish, Yiddish
From Yiddish grob. May also mean "fat".
Gütlin German, Yiddish
Diminutive of GUTE and GUTA, recorded in Frankfurt, Germany throughout the 14th century.
Gutnik גוטניק Ukrainian, Russian, Yiddish
Yiddish surname meaning "glassworker" from Yiddish hute meaning "glassworks".
Halbershtot האַלבערשטאָט Yiddish
Yiddish form of Halberstadt. It was first adopted as a surname by Tzvi Hirsh, the rabbi of the eponymous Eastphalian town.
Hamel Yiddish, Dutch, German
The name Hamel has three origins.... [more]
Hamershteyn האַמערשטיין Yiddish
Haverbus האַווערבוס Yiddish, Dutch
From Yiddish/Hebrew Haver (חבר) and Baruch (ברוך), thus literally "blessed friend".
Hendel הענדל, הנדל Yiddish, German, Dutch
From the given name Hendel, a Yiddish diminutive of Hannah.
Herschmann German, Yiddish
Variant of Hersch with the addition of the German suffix -mann meaning "man".
Himlfarb הימלפֿאַרב Yiddish
Means "color of the sky".
Hirschfeld German, Jewish, Yiddish
Ornamental name composed of German hirsch or Yiddish hirsh meaning "deer" and feld meaning "field". It is also a topographic name for someone who lived in an area of land frequented by deer or where millets grew.
Honikman האָניקמאַן Yiddish
It literally means "honeyman", possibly denoting a beekeeper.
Hornshteyn האָרנשטיין Yiddish
It literally means "hornstone".
Horwitz Yiddish
Derived from the Yiddish pronunciation of the name of the town of Hořovice in Bohemia.
Hubertz Yiddish
Yiddish form of the German-Jewish surname Huberowitz, meaning "son of Heber."
Itelson Yiddish, German
Yiddish "Son of Itel"
Kaplan Turkish, Yiddish, German
In turkish it's a common surname meaning "tiger".... [more]
Knobel German, German (Swiss), Yiddish
Derived from the Middle High German knübel probably a nickname for a fat person or in the sense "ankle". However the term also denotes a rounded elevation and may therefore also be a topographic name for someone who lived by a knoll... [more]
Konick Yiddish
Variation of Koenig.
Kraftmel קראַפֿטמעל Yiddish
It literally means "starch".
Kunic Yiddish
Variation on Koenig.
Kurtzberg קורצבערג German, Yiddish, Jewish
Variant of Kurzberg.
Kurzberg קורזבערג German, Yiddish, Jewish
From a location name meaning "short mountain" in German, from Middle High German kurz meaning "short" and berg meaning "mountain". As a Jewish surname it is ornamental.
Leibowitz Yiddish
From Leib and '-itz', a patronymic suffix.
Lejbowicz Yiddish
Polish form of Leibowitz.
Levenstein Jewish, Yiddish
Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name, or perhaps an ornamental elaboration associated with the name Leyb; from Middle High German lewe ‘lion’, translating the Yiddish male personal name Leyb (see Low) + German stein ‘stone’, ‘rock’... [more]
Liebling German, Yiddish, Jewish
Derived from German lieb meaning "dear, beloved" or German liebling meaning "darling".
Lind Yiddish
Variant of Linde.
Mendlsan מענדלסאן Yiddish
Yiddish form of Mendelssohn.
Nichter נײַטער German, Yiddish
Possibly means "negator, negate" from Middle High German nicht meaning "not", or "sober", from Middle High German nüchter. Perhaps it originally denoted a person who was a philosopher, judge, or bartender.
Paley Jewish, Yiddish, Belarusian, Ukrainian
Occupational name for a distiller, derived from an East Slavic word (Russian палить (palitʹ), Ukrainian палити (palyty)) meaning "to burn". A famous bearer was Princess Olga Valerianovna Paley (1865-1929), the morganatic second wife of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich of Russia.
Pancek Yiddish
Variant of Penzig.
Rabinovich ראבינאוויטש Yiddish, Russian
Means "son of the rabbi" (through the name Rabin), referring to a scholar or teacher of the Torah in Judaism.
Rabinovitch ראבינאוויטש Yiddish
Variant transcription of Rabinovich.
Rabinovitz ראבינאוויטש Yiddish
Variant of Rabinovich.
Reytblat Yiddish
Means "red leaf" in Yiddish. This is somewhat rare, chiefly used by Jews from Russia and Ukraine.
Royznbarg רויזןבאַרג Yiddish
Yiddish form of Rosenberg.
Safir Jewish, Yiddish
Ornamental name from northeastern Yiddish dialect safir and German Saphir ‘sapphire’.
Samet German, Jewish, Yiddish
German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) metonymic occupational name for a maker or seller of velvet, from Yiddish samet ‘velvet’ (German Samt, ultimately from Greek hexamiton, a compound of hex ‘six’ + mitos ‘thread’).
Schechter Yiddish
Yiddish name meaning "butcher."
Schirokauer שיראָקאוער German, Yiddish
Derived from the town of Sieraków in the Silesian Voivodeship in Poland.
Scholem שלום Yiddish
From the given name Scholem.
Schram German, English, Yiddish
Derived from German Schramme (Middle High German schram(me)) and Yiddish shram, all of which mean "scar".
Sender סענדער, סנדר Yiddish
From the given name Sender, a Yiddish diminutive of Alexander or Aleksandr.
Shimmel שימל Yiddish
From the given name Shimmel, a Yiddish diminutive of Shimon.
Shnayderman שנײַדערמאַן Yiddish
It literally means "snitherman".
Shpigl שפּיגל Yiddish
Yiddish form of Spiegel.
Shpilbarg שפּילבאַרג Yiddish
Yiddish form of Spielberg.
Shteyn שטיין Yiddish
Yiddish form of Stein.
Shteynfeld שטײנפֿעלד Yiddish
It means "stone field".
Shteynhoyz שטיינהויז Yiddish
It literally means "stonehouse".
Shvartsebord שוואַרצעבאָרד Yiddish
It literally means "black beard".
Sisselman Yiddish
Possibly from German meaning "sweet man"
Snyder Dutch, English, German, Yiddish, Jewish
Means "tailor" in Dutch, an occupational name for a person who stitched coats and clothing.... [more]
Tatelman Russian, Yiddish
Man who tats or sew
Teytlboym טייטלבוים Yiddish
It literally means "date tree".
Vasershteyn וואַסערשטיין Yiddish
It literally means "water stone".
Vayner Yiddish
Weiner is a surname or, in fact, the spelling of two different surnames originating in German and the closely related Yiddish language. In German, the name is pronounced vaɪnɐ(ʁ),of which the rare English pronunciation vaɪnər is a close approximation... [more]
Vayseblum ווײַסעבלום Yiddish
It literally means "white flower"
Veis ווייס German, Yiddish
Yiddish form of Weiss.
Wein German, Yiddish, Hungarian
Means "grape, vine, wine" in German and Yiddish (װײַנ). According to Nelly Weiss, Wein-style family names originated from signboards (house sign, house shield) in Jewish communities. Wein may also be related the German verb weinen meaning "to cry"... [more]
Wohl German, Yiddish
Meaning "pleasant" in both Middle German and Ashkenazic Yiddish
Wonskolaser Yiddish, Polish
An uncommon Yiddish surname currently known mostly as the basis for Wonka.
Zalman זלמן Yiddish
From the given name Zalman, a Yiddish diminutive of Solomon.
Zeitlin צייטלין Yiddish, Hebrew
Zeldes זעלדעס Yiddish
An eastern Ashkenazic matronymic surname derived from the Yiddish female personal name Zelde (from the Middle High German word sælde meaning either 'fortunate', 'blessed', or 'happiness'.)
Zingeser צינגייסער Jewish, Yiddish
Comes from Yiddish "ציו" meaning "Tin" and "גייסער" meaning "Smith".