Slovene Submitted Surnames

Slovene names are used in the country of Slovenia in central Europe.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ALJAŽ     Slovene
Etymological origin unknown, possibly from the latin word alias, meaning "different".
BARAGA     Slovene
A Slovene surname of unknown origin. A notable bearer was Slovene-American Roman Catholic bishop Frederic Baraga (1797-1868), who was the bishop of Marquette, a town in Upper Michigan, USA. There is also a village in Upper Michigan named Baraga, which was named after the bishop.
BIRK     Slovene
Of unknown origin.
BOŽIČ     Slovene
Cognate of Božić.
BRANISELJ     Slovene
BREGAR     Slovene, Croatian
Derived from breg meaning ''hill''.
FIFER     German, American, Slovene
Americanized and Slovenian spelling of German Pfeiffer.
FILIPČIČ     Slovene
Cognate of Filipčić.
FINK     German, Slovene, English, Jewish
Nickname for a lively or cheerful person, Jewish ornamental name derived from the Germanic word for "finch", and German translation of Slovene Šinkovec which is from šcinkovec or šcinkavec meaning "finch".
FIŠER     Czech, Slovak, Slovene
Czech, Slovak and Slovene form of FISCHER.
FRANCE     Slovene
Derived from the given name France, a vernacular form of Francišek, which is ultimately from Latin Franciscus.
FURMAN     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Jewish, Slovene, English, German (Anglicized)
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic), and Slovenian: occupational name for a carter or drayman, the driver of a horse-drawn delivery vehicle, from Polish, Yiddish, and Slovenian furman, a loanword from German (see Fuhrmann)... [more]
GOLOB     Slovene
Cognate of Golub.
GREGORIČ     Slovene
Means "son of Gregor".
HALOŽAN     Slovene
From the Haloze region of Slovenia.
HOČEVAR     Slovene
Originally indicated a person from Kočevje (Gottschee County), a city and municipality in southern Slovenia.
IVAČIČ     Slovene
Cognate of Ivačić.
IVANC     Slovene
Means "son of Ivan".
IVANEK     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from the forename Ivan.
IVANIČ     Slovene
Derived from the forename Ivan.
IVANUŠA     Slovene, Croatian
Derived from the forename Ivan.
IVANUŠIČ     Slovene
Cognate of Ivanušić.
JERAS     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from the forename Jere, short form of Jeronim.
JERIČ     Slovene
Derived from the forename Jere, short form of Jeronim.
JUSTIN     French, English, Slovene
From a medieval personal name, Latin Justinus, a derivative of Justus.
KARI     Finnish, German (Austrian), Slovene (?), Hungarian, Indian, Marathi
As a Finnish name, it is a topographic and ornamental name from kari "small island", "stony rapids", "sandbar", or "rocky place in a field". This name is found throughout Finland.... [more]
KASTELIC     Slovene
Means "from a castle".
KLARIĆ     Croatian, Slovene
From the given name KLARA
KLEMENČIČ     Slovene
Means "son of Klemen".
KNAVS     Slovene
Slovenian form of Knaus, this was the maiden name of Donald Trump's wife, and current First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.
KOČEVAR     Slovene
Variant of Hočevar.
KONČAR     Slovene, Serbian, Croatian
Derived from konac meaning ''thread'', ''string''.
KONDA     Slovene
Pet form of the personal name Kondrad
KOREN     Slovene, Hebrew
Koren is a surname which has multiple origins. Koren may be a variant of the German occupational surname Korn, meaning a dealer in grain. Alternatively, it may be a variant of the Greek female name Kora... [more]
KOS     Croatian, Slovene, Serbian
Means "blackbird".
KOŠIR     Slovene
From the Slavic word koš meaning "basket". It originally indicated a person who made or sold baskets.
KOTNIK     Slovene
Derived from kot "corner". The name referred to someone who was from a remote area.
KRAJNC     Slovene
Means ''from Kranjska'', an area of Slovenia called Carniola in English.
KRALJ     Slovene, Croatian, Serbian
Means "king".
KRIŽAJ     Slovene
Means "crucify" in Slovene.
LAH     Slovene
It means "italian"
MAJERLE     Slovene
Slovene surname Majerle, a variant of the Polish, Czech, and Slovak Majer, which was a status name for "steward, bailiff, tenant farmer, or village headman", from the German Meyer.
MARKELL     Dutch, German, Slovene (Anglicized)
Dutch and German: from a pet form of the Germanic personal name Markolf, composed of the elements marc, merc ‘boundary’ + wolf ‘wolf’. Americanized form of Slovenian Markelj, a derivative of the personal name Marko, Latin Marcus, + the suffix -elj.
MARUŠIČ     Slovene
Slovene form of Marušić.
MILIČ     Slovene
Variant of Milić.
MOHORKO     Slovene
It comes from the latin given name ERMACORA. the Sain Bishop of Aquileia, near Venice.
OBLAK     Slovene, Croatian
Derived from oblak "cloud".
PETEK     Slovene, Croatian
Derived from petek "Friday".
POTOČNIK     Slovene
Means ''near a stream'' from potok ''stream''.
ROB     Slovene
It probrably originates from the surname Robb, but we don't know for sure.
SEVER     Croatian, Slovene
From Proto-Slavic sěverъ meaning ''north''.
TURK     Slovene, Croatian
Means ''Turk''.
VIDE     Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
VIDEC     Croatian, Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
VIDIC     Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
VIDIČ     Slovene
Cognate of Vidić.
VIDKOVIČ     Slovene
Derived from the given name Vid.
VIDOVIČ     Slovene
Cognate of Vidović.
VOVK     Ukrainian, Slovene
Derived from Ukrainian вовк (vovk) meaning "wolf", also used in Slovenia.
ŽAGAR     Slovene
Means "sawyer", from žaga ''saw''.
ZEC     Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovene
Means ''rabbit''.
ZUPANČIČ     Slovene
Means "son of Zupan".
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