Maltese Submitted Surnames

Maltese names are used on the island of Malta.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Abdilla Maltese
Maltese form of Abd Allah.
Agius Maltese
Derived from Arabic عَجُوز (ʿajūz) meaning "old (person), elderly".
Amadi Persian, Romanian, Italian, Maltese
Variant of Ahmadi common in Romania and Italy. It is typical of Malta.
Aquilina Maltese
Nickname for a person with eagle-like features or a person who owned an eagle, derived from Latin aquila meaning "eagle".
Attard Maltese
One possible origin of the name is that it refers to a place called "Atti" in Bologna, Italy. Therefore the name and it's variations would mean "a person from Atti".... [more]
Azzopardi Maltese
Possibly derived from the Hebrew term סְפָרַדִּי (s'faradí) used to refer to Jews originating from Iberia (called Sephardim or Sephardic Jews). It may also be of Greek origin from a word meaning "black, Mauritanian" or "soldier" with a connection to Middle Persian spʿh "army" used to refer to a person of African descent or someone who worked as a mercenary... [more]
Baldacchino Maltese
Derived from Italian baldacchino meaning "baldachin (or baldaquin)", referring to a type of canopy placed over a throne. It was originally used as an occupational name for a maker of baldachins.
Bellizzi Maltese
A name of Maltese origin meaning "beautiful".
Borg Maltese
Derived from Arabic برج (burj) meaning "castle, citadel".
Born Maltese
Not to be confused with the German surname Born.
Buġeja Maltese
Possibly derived from Maltese abjad meaning "white", ultimately from Arabic أَبْيَض (ʾabyaḍ).
Buhagiar Maltese
Means "father of rocks" from Arabic أَبُو (ʾabū) meaning "father of" and حِجَارَة (ḥijāra) "stones, rocks".
Buttiġieġ Maltese
From Maltese bu t-tiġieġ literally meaning "father of chickens", referring to a poulterer or someone who owned chickens.
Buttigieg Maltese
Unaccented form of Buttiġieġ.
Camilleri Maltese, Italian
Derived from Italian cammelliere meaning "camel driver".
Cassar Maltese
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a derivation from the Italian given name Cesare (via the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies) and a Maltese adoption of the Sicilian surname Cassarà... [more]
Caxaro Maltese
One bearer is Maltese philosopher Pietru Caxaro.
Chetcuti Maltese
Derived from Arabic كتكوت‎‎ (katkūt) meaning "(newborn) chick, young chicken".
Curmi Maltese
(Warning: Whatever you do, don't look up the coat of arms, if you're squeamish. Take me seriously.)
DeBrincat Maltese
Patronymic "Of Brincat," from the first name Pancratius, meaning "the one who holds everything."
Degiorgio Maltese
Maltese form of De Giorgio.
Dingli Maltese
Dingli is a surname coming from the small village of Had-Dingli in Malta.
Falzon Maltese
Derived from Maltese falz meaning "false, fraudulent", used as a nickname for someone who was known for lying or being false.
Farrugia Maltese
Derived from Maltese farruġ meaning "chicken, cockerel", ultimately from Arabic فُرُوج (furūj). It was used as a nickname for someone who fed chickens.
Fenech Maltese
Derived from Maltese fenek meaning "rabbit", ultimately from Arabic فَنَكْ (fanak) meaning "fennec fox".
Gauci Maltese
Derived from Maltese Għawdex through Arabic غودش‎ (ġawdeš) which refers to the island of Gozo in the Maltese archipelago. The name itself is of Phoenician origin (through a Greek borrowing) possibly meaning "turn around"... [more]
Ghirsci Maltese
The spelling of the original surname indicates that it probably didn't originate from Malta, but the surname is almost only found there anyway. The surname means "cross-eyed".
Grixti Maltese
Grixti is entirely of Maltese origin and is thought to mean "rough".
Haber Maltese
Not to be confused with the German surname of the same spelling.
Huber Maltese
Not to be confused with the German surname.
Imbroll Maltese
A name of Maltese origin meaning "meddler".
Kliem Maltese
Kliem is a Maltese word that means "words."
Mamo Maltese
A bearer of this surname is Anthony Mamo (1909 - 2008), the first president of Malta.
Micallef Maltese
Either from Micali, a variant of the Biblical name Michael, or from Maltese mħallef meaning "judge".
Namur Arabic, Maltese
Derived from Arabic نمر, نامور (namur) meaning "tiger". It is typical of Malta.
Psaila Maltese
Derived from Maltese basla meaning "onion", ultimately from Arabic بَصَل (baṣal).
Saliba Arabic, Maltese
Means "crucifix, cross" in Arabic, a reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in Christianity... [more]
Scerri Maltese
Meaning disputed; it could be derived from Sicilian sciarra meaning "fight, brawl", Arabic شَرّ (šarr) meaning "evil, cruel", or a word meaning "anger".
Soler Maltese
Not to be confused with the Catalan and Occitan surname of the same spelling.
Spiteri Maltese
The surname Spiteri is derived from the Latin word "hospitalieri" meaning hospitaliers. It was initially given to babies born to mothers who worked as nurses at the Knights' hospital during the 16th century where the babies' fathers were usually knights who had been treated at said hospital.
Tabony Maltese
A Maltese knight
Theuma Maltese
Most likely derived from Arabic ثُوم (ṯūm) meaning "garlic", used in reference to someone who grew garlic or owned a garlic field. Alternatively, it may also be from تَوْأَم (tawʾam) meaning "twin, double".
Vassallo Maltese
Rich people who formed part of the night of saint john "vassals"
Vella Maltese, Italian
Derived from Italian bella meaning "beautiful".
Xerri Maltese
Variant of Scerri.
Xuereb Maltese
Possibly means "noble", of Semitic origin transmitted to Central Europe. Alternatively, it may be derived from Arabic شَارِب (šārib) meaning "drinker, drinking" or "moustache", used as a nickname for an alcoholic or someone with distinctive facial hair.
Zahra Maltese, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Bengali
From the given name Zahra.
Żammit Maltese
Maltese form of the Sicilian name Zammito.
Zerafa Maltese
Derived from Arabic زَرَافَة (zarāfa) meaning "giraffe" or ظَرِيف (ẓarīf) meaning "charming, elegant, graceful".