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This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword weather.
Frost English, German
From Old English and Old High German meaning "frost", a nickname for a person who had a cold personality or a white beard.
Igarashi Japanese
From Japanese 五十 (i) meaning "fifty", an unwritten subject marker (ga), and (arashi) meaning "storm".
Kazama Japanese
From Japanese (kaza) meaning "wind, style" and (ma) meaning "among, between".
Maroz Belarusian
Belarusian form of Moroz.
Moroz Ukrainian
Means "frost" in Ukrainian.
Morozov m Russian
Derived from Russian мороз (moroz) meaning "frost".
Regenbogen German, Jewish
From a German nickname meaning "rainbow", probably a habitational name for someone who lived in a house with the sign of a rainbow. As a Jewish surname it is ornamental.
Skywalker Popular Culture
From the English words sky and walker, created by George Lucas as the surname for several characters in his Star Wars movie series, notably the hero Luke Skywalker from the original trilogy (beginning 1977). Early drafts of the script had the name as Starkiller.
Sturm German
Means "storm" in German, originally a nickname for a volatile person.
Wiater Polish
Derived from Polish wiatr "wind", a nickname for a quick person.
Yukimura Japanese
From Japanese (yuki) meaning "snow" and (mura) meaning "town, village".