Surnames Categorized "happiness"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include happiness.
Allegri Italian
From an Italian nickname derived from allegro meaning "quick, lively".
Anand Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi
Means "happiness, bliss" in Sanskrit.
Belcher English
From a Middle English version of Old French bel chiere meaning "beautiful face". It later came to refer to a person who had a cheerful and pleasant temperament.
Bloodworth English
Originally indicated someone from the town of Blidworth in Nottinghamshire, which was derived from the Old English byname Blīþa (meaning "happy, blithe") combined with worð "enclosure".
Blythe English
From Old English meaning "happy, joyous, blithe".
Bonheur French
From Old French bonne heure meaning "good time" or "lucky".
Carnevale Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "carnival", perhaps given to a festive person.
Freud German, Jewish
Means "joy" in German, a nickname for a cheerful person. A famous bearer was the psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939).
Freudenberger German, Jewish
Ornamental name from old German freud meaning "joy" and berg meaning "mountain".
Fukuzawa Japanese
From Japanese (fuku) meaning "happiness, good fortune, blessing" and 沢 or 澤 (sawa) meaning "marsh".
Gale English
Derived from Middle English gaile meaning "jovial".
Grillo Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "cricket", perhaps given originally to a cheerful person (the cricket is associated with cheerfulness).
Gutermuth German
Derived from Middle High German guot meaning "good" and muot meaning "mind, spirit". It was a nickname for an optimistic person.
Holguín Spanish
Possibly from Spanish holgar "to rest, to enjoy oneself".
Joly French
From Old French joli meaning "happy, jolly, pretty".
Joyce English, Irish
From the given name Joyce.
Kayode Western African, Yoruba
From the given name Kayode.
Kratochvil Czech
Derived from Czech kratochvíle meaning "pastime".
Lykke Danish
Means "happiness" in Danish.
Ó Meadhra Irish
Means "descendant of Meadhra". The given name Meadhra is derived from the Gaelic meadhar meaning "merry, happy".
Sharma Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Nepali
Means "joy, shelter, comfort" in Sanskrit.
Sommer 1 German, English
Means "summer", from Old High German sumar or Old English sumor. This was a nickname for a cheerful person, someone who lived in a sunny spot, or a farmer who had to pay taxes in the summer.
Sonnen German
Means "sun" from Middle High German sunne. It probably denoted someone of cheerful temperament or a person who lived in a sunny area.
Thrussell English
From Old English þrostle meaning "song thrush", referring to a cheerful person.
Veselý Czech
From a nickname meaning "cheerful" in Czech.
Waller 1 English
Derived from Old French gallier meaning "person with a pleasant temper".
Winston English
Derived from the given name Wynnstan.