Surnames Categorized "mixed martial artists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include mixed martial artists.
Abbott English
English cognate of Abate.
Akiyama Japanese
From Japanese (aki) meaning "autumn" and (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
Albu Romanian
From Romanian alb meaning "white".
Álvarez Spanish
Means "son of Álvaro".
Aoki Japanese
From Japanese (ao) meaning "green, blue" and (ki) meaning "tree, wood".
Baars Dutch
Indicated a person coming from the town of Beers in the Netherlands.
Barber English, Scottish
Indicated a barber, one who cut hair for a living.
Barnett English
Derived from Old English bærnet meaning "place cleared by burning".
Correia Portuguese
Means "leather strap, belt" in Portuguese, denoting a person who worked with leather products.
Couture French
Means "tailor" in Old French.
Davis English, Scottish
Means "son of David". This was the surname of the revolutionary jazz trumpet player Miles Davis (1926-1991).
Díaz Spanish
Means "son of Diego" in Spanish.
Esparza Spanish
Derived from the Basque place name Espartza, a town in the province of Navarre.
Evans Welsh
Means "son of Evan".
Ferguson Irish, Scottish
Means "son of Fergus".
Frye English
Variant of Fry.
Gomes Portuguese
From the medieval given name Gomes.
Griffin 1 Welsh
Derived from the given name Gruffudd.
Gustafsson Swedish
Means "son of Gustaf". The actress Greta Garbo (1905-1990) was originally named Greta Gustafsson.
Holm Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
From Swedish, Danish and Norwegian holme, holm meaning "islet" (Old Norse holmr).
Hoshino Japanese
From Japanese (hoshi) meaning "star" and (no) meaning "field, wilderness".
Ishikawa Japanese
From Japanese (ishi) meaning "stone" and (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Jones English, Welsh
Derived from the given name Jon, a medieval variant of John.
Kawaguchi Japanese
Means "mouth of the river", from Japanese (kawa) meaning "river, stream" and (kuchi) meaning "mouth, entrance".
Kimball English
Derived from the Welsh given name Cynbel or the Old English given name Cynebald.
Lopes Portuguese
Means "son of Lopo" in Portuguese.
Marquardt German
From Old High German marka "border, boundary" and wart "protector". This was an occupational name for a border guard.
McKenna Irish, Scottish
Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Cionaodha meaning "son of Cionaodh".
Nogueira Portuguese, Galician
From Portuguese and Galician nogueira meaning "walnut tree", from the Late Latin nucarius, ultimately from Latin nux meaning "nut".
Nunes Portuguese
Means "son of Nuno".
Olsen Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of Ole".
Ortega Spanish
From a Spanish place name (belonging to various villages) derived from ortiga "nettle".
Pereira Portuguese, Galician
From Portuguese and Galician pereira meaning "pear tree", ultimately from Latin pirum meaning "pear".
Poirier French
Means "pear tree" in French, originally a nickname for someone who lived close to such a tree.
Procházka Czech
Means "walk, wander, stroll" in Czech. This was an occupational name for a travelling tradesman.
Quinn Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cuinn meaning "descendant of Conn".
Rodrigo Spanish, Portuguese
From the given name Rodrigo.
Romero Spanish
Derived from Spanish romero meaning "pilgrim to Rome".
Rutten Dutch
Derived from the given name Rutger.
Shevchenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian швець (shvets) meaning "shoemaker".
Silva Portuguese, Spanish
From Spanish or Portuguese silva meaning "forest". This is the most common surname in Portugal and Brazil.
Sonnen German
Means "sun" from Middle High German sunne. It probably denoted someone of cheerful temperament or a person who lived in a sunny area.
St Pierre French
From a French place named for Saint Peter.
Sugiyama Japanese
From Japanese (sugi) meaning "cedar" and (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
Tate English
Derived from the Old English given name Tata.
Torres Spanish, Portuguese
Name for a person who lived in or near a tower, ultimately from Latin turris.
Ueda Japanese
From Japanese (ue) meaning "above, top, upper" and (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Velásquez Spanish
Derived from the given name Velasco.
Waterman 2 English, Dutch
Occupational name for a boatman or a water carrier. It could also describe a person who lived by water.
White English
Originally a nickname for a person who had white hair or a pale complexion, from Old English hwit "white".
Wu 1 Chinese
From Chinese () referring to the ancient state of Wu, which was located in present-day Jiangsu province.
Yamamoto Japanese
From Japanese (yama) meaning "mountain" and (moto) meaning "base, root, origin".
Zhang Chinese
From Chinese (zhāng) meaning "stretch, extend". It may have denoted a bowmaker whose job it was to stretch bow wood.