Surnames Categorized "percussionists"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include percussionists.
Blackman English
From a nickname, a variant of Black.
Brown English
Originally a nickname for a person who had brown hair or skin. A notable bearer is Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz.
Bunker English
Derived from Old French bon cuer meaning "good heart".
Caldwell English
From various English place names derived from Old English ceald "cold" and wille "spring, stream, well".
Carpenter English
From the occupation, derived from Middle English carpentier (ultimately from Latin carpentarius meaning "carriage maker").
Castro Spanish, Portuguese
Means "castle" in Spanish and Portuguese, referring to one who lived near a castle. A famous bearer was Fidel Castro (1926-2016), revolutionary and president of Cuba.
Clarke English
Variant of Clark.
Clayton English
From the name of various places meaning "clay settlement" in Old English.
Coleman Irish, English
From the given name Colmán.
Cooper English
Means "barrel maker", from Middle English couper.
Correa Spanish
Spanish form of Correia.
Costa Portuguese, Italian, Catalan
Means "riverbank, slope, coast" in Portuguese, Italian and Catalan, ultimately from Latin meaning "side, edge".
Díaz Spanish
Means "son of Diego" in Spanish.
Donati Italian
From the given name Donato.
Dorsey English
Means "from Orsay", referring to the town of Orsay near Paris, its name deriving from the Latin personal name Orcius.
Figueroa Spanish
From places named for Galician figueira meaning "fig tree".
Fuentes Spanish
Means "spring, well" in Spanish, derived from Latin fons.
Gómez Spanish
Spanish form of Gomes.
Gottlieb German
Derived from the given name Gottlieb.
Hidalgo Spanish
Means "nobleman" in Spanish. The Spanish word is a contraction of the phrase hijo de algo meaning "son of something". This surname was typically in origin a nickname or an occupational name for one who worked in a noble's household.
Hussain Arabic
Derived from the given name Husayn.
MacDonald Scottish
Anglicized form of Scottish Gaelic MacDhòmhnaill meaning "son of Donald". It originates from the Highland clan Donald.
Martinez Spanish
Unaccented variant of Martínez.
Mason English
Occupational name for a stoneworker or layer of bricks, from Old French masson, of Frankish origin (akin to Old English macian "to make").
Mazur Polish
Indicated a person from either Mazovia (Polish Mazowsze) or Masuria (Polish Mazury), regions in Poland.
Moffett Scottish
From the town of Moffat in Scotland, meaning "long field" in Gaelic.
Morales Spanish
Derived from Spanish moral meaning "mulberry tree", of Latin origin.
Moreira Portuguese
Derived from Portuguese amoreira meaning "mulberry tree".
Nash English
Derived from the Middle English phrase atten ash "at the ash tree". A famous bearer was the mathematician John Nash (1928-2015).
Oliveira Portuguese
Means "olive tree" in Portuguese, ultimately from Latin oliva. It indicated a person who lived near or worked with olive trees.
Pacheco Spanish, Portuguese
Possibly from a diminutive of the given name Francisco.
Palmer English
Means "pilgrim", ultimately from Latin palma "palm tree", since pilgrims to the Holy Land often brought back palm fronds as proof of their journey.
Powell Welsh, English
Derived from Welsh ap Hywel meaning "son of Hywel".
Reyes Spanish
Spanish variant of Rey 1.
Roach English
From Middle English and Old French roche meaning "rock", from Late Latin rocca, a word that may be of Celtic origin. It indicated a person who lived near a prominent rock, or who came from a town by this name (such as Les Roches in Normandy).
Robinson English
Means "son of Robin".
Rodríguez Spanish
Means "son of Rodrigo" in Spanish. This is among the most common surnames in Spain.
Romão Portuguese
Portuguese form of Romano 1 or Romano 2.
Sanchez Spanish
Unaccented variant of Sánchez.
Saylor English
Occupational name meaning "acrobat, dancer", derived from Old French sailleor, from Latin sallitor.
Schmitz German
Variant of Schmidt, originating in the Rhine area in western Germany.
Silva Portuguese, Spanish
From Spanish or Portuguese silva meaning "forest". This is the most common surname in Portugal and Brazil.
Thornton English
From any of the various places in England by this name, meaning "thorn town" in Old English.
Torres Spanish, Portuguese
Name for a person who lived in or near a tower, ultimately from Latin turris.
Underwood English
Means "dweller at the edge of the woods", from Old English under and wudu.
Washington English
From a place name meaning "settlement belonging to Wassa's people", from the given name Wassa and Old English tun meaning "enclosure, yard, town". A famous bearer was George Washington (1732-1799), the first president of the United States. This surname was sometimes adopted by freed slaves, resulting in a high proportion of African-American bearers.