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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword face.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Akyüz Turkish
Means "white face" in Turkish, from ak meaning "white" and yüz meaning "face".
Buffet French
Occupational name for a maker of furniture, derived from Old French buffet meaning "table, cupboard". It could also be a nickname for an angry and violent man, from Old French buffet meaning "slap in the face"... [more]
Deshmukh Indian, Marathi
From the historical title देशमुख (deśmukh) meaning "district head", derived from Sanskrit देश (deśá) meaning "country, district" combined with मुख (múkha) meaning "face".
Ganzon Filipino
From Hokkien 顏 (gân) meaning "face, colour, hue" and 孫 (sun) meaning "grandchild".
Güleryüz Turkish
Means "smiling face" in Turkish.
Kamakawiwo'ole Hawaiian
From ka maka wiwo'ole, which means "the fearless eye, the bold face" in Hawaiian.... [more]
Munasinghe Sinhalese
Derived from Sinhala මුහුණ (muhuna) meaning "face, visage" combined with Sanskrit सिंह (sinha) meaning "lion".
Ouyang Chinese
From Chinese 歐 (ōu) referring to Mount Sheng in present-day Huzhou, China, combined with 陽 (yáng) meaning "southern face (of a mountain)". The name supposedly originated with a prince of the Yue state that settled in the area surrounding the mountain... [more]
Tahk Estonian
Tahk is an Estonian surname meaning both "face/facet" or "aspect" and "whetstone".
Turbin Russian
From the nickname Турба (Turba) which was probably derived from an old dialectal word meaning "face, snout, muzzle (of an animal)", used as a name for a person with an unpleasant or ugly appearance... [more]
Vidler English
Either (i) from a medieval nickname based on Anglo-Norman vis de leu, literally "wolf-face"; or (ii) "violinist, fiddle player" (cf. Fiedler).