Popular Culture Submitted Surnames

These names occur primarily in popular culture and entertainment. They are not commonly given to real people.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Aizen Popular Culture
This Japanese surname is used as 藍染 with 藍 (ran, ai) meaning "indigo" and 染 (sen, shi.mi, shi.miru, -shi.meru, -ji.miru, so.maru, so.meru, -zo.me, -zome) meaning "colour, dye, paint, print, stain." Normally, this would be romanticised as Aizome.... [more]
Akatsutsumi Popular Culture
Combination of 赤 (aka) meaning "red" and 堤 (tsutsumi) meaning "bank, embankment, dike," used on the character Momoko Akatsutsumi (赤堤 ももこ) in the anime 'Powerpuff Girls Z', the anime adaptation of the Cartoon Network series 'The Powerpuff Girls' (the character in question being equivalent to Blossom in the original cartoon).... [more]
Arable Popular Culture
An occupational surname for people who are capable of being farmed productively. Also used in the novel Charlotte's Web (1952).
Bakugo Japanese, Popular Culture
From Japanese 爆 (baku) meaning "bomb" and 豪 (go, gō, gou) meaning "powerful"... [more]
Banksy English, Popular Culture
This is pseudonyms Banksy is a pseudonymous England-based graffiti artist, political activist, film director, and painter. Banksy's real name might be Robin Gunningham. How Banksy got his pseudonym is unknown... [more]
Beifong Popular Culture
Surname of Toph from the American TV show "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Could be derived from the Chinese word "北方 (Běifāng)" meaning "north".
Belladonna English (Rare), Popular Culture
Named after an extremely poisonous plant (Atropa belladonna; also known as the deadly nightshade). One fictional bearer of this surname is Blake Belladonna, a main character from the popular web series RWBY.
Bjorgman Popular Culture
The surname of Kristoff from the movie "Frozen".
Bolan Popular Culture
Surname of glam rock founder Marc Bolan. How he decided his surname is unknown, though it is known that it was derived from Bowland... [more]
Braxiatel Popular Culture
Irving Braxiatel or Cardinal Braxiatel is a fictional character from the Virgin New Adventures—spin-off novels based on the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. He subsequently became a regular character in novels and audio dramas in the Bernice Summerfield series... [more]
Broflovski Popular Culture
Kyle Broflovski (sometimes spelled Kyle Broflovski, Broslovski, Broslofski, Brovlofski or Broflofski) is a main character in the animated television series South Park.
Cartman Popular Culture
Means a man who pulls a cart. A famous bearer is Eric Cartman, Villain Protagonist of the adult cartoon South Park
Cheeks Popular Culture
This is the surname of Sandy a Cheeks from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Chigurh Literature, Popular Culture
Meaning unknown. It is intended to be "ethnically ambiguous", but one theory suggests that it may be derived from the Spanish verb seguir meaning "to follow, to continue". This name was invented by the American author Cormac McCarthy for the villain in his novel No Country for Old Men (2005)... [more]
Crabbe English, Literature, Popular Culture
The character 'Vincent Crabbe' has this surname in the Harry Potter series.
Danger English (Rare), Popular Culture
This has been seen in records of the most uncommon American surnames. It has also been used in popular culture, in the show Henry Danger. Although, it's not the character's actual last name.
Dawkins English, Popular Culture
English patronymic from a pet form of Daw. ... [more]
Denbrough Popular Culture
Surname from the fictional character "Bill Denbrough" from "IT" and "IT Chapter Two".
De Vil Popular Culture
Cruella de Vil is fictional character appearing as the antagonist of the novel 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians' (1956) by Dodie Smith, as well as in the 1961 animated movie '101 Dalmatians' and the 1996 live-action movie with the same name... [more]
Dynamite Popular Culture
Dynamite is a explosive. This name is borne by Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
Elric English, Popular Culture
From the medieval English givin name Elric. Notable bearers were the Fullmetal Alchemist characters Edward and Alphonse Elric, as well as their mother, Trisha Elric.
Escuella Popular Culture
Based on Spanish escuela meaning "school". This was used for a character in the video games 'Red Dead Redemption' (2010) and 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (2018).
Fabergé French (Huguenot, Russified, ?), Popular Culture
From Russian Фаберже (Faberzhe), which is ultimately of Huguenot French origin, having evolved (since c. 17th century) from Favri; compare Favre... [more]
Farquaad Popular Culture
Meaning unknown, as a surname it is born by Lord Maximus Farquaad, main antagonist of the 2001 animated fantasy comedy film Shrek.
Fett Popular Culture
Last Name of Bounty hunters Jango and Boba Fett from STAR WARS.
Fowl English, Popular Culture
This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and derives from the Old English pre 7th Century word fugol, "fowl", "bird", which was used as a byname and as a personal name. The medieval form of the word was the Middle English development foul, fowl(e), used as a continuation of the Old English personal name and also as a nickname for someone who in some way resembled a bird.
Glæpur Popular Culture
Means "crime" in Icelandic. Glanni Glæpur, or Robbie Rotten as he is called in English, is a fictional character in the Icelandic children's TV-show 'LazyTown' played by Stefán Karl Stefánsson... [more]
Gloop Literature, Popular Culture
Augustus Gloop is an obese and gluttonous character in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, published in 1964.
Greaves Popular Culture
Borne by Lucien Greaves, a social activist and the spokesman and co-founder of The Satanic Temple.
Guaporá Popular Culture
The surname of a fictional Amerindian family in the telenovela Bicho do Mato.
Guapurú Popular Culture
The surname of a fictitious Amerindian family in the Brazilian telenovela Uga Uga.
Hasashi Popular Culture
Surname belonging to the Mortal Kombat character Scorpion.
Hatsune Popular Culture, Japanese
This is an invented surname. A fictional bearer is the Yamaha engineered Vocaloid and fictional character, Hatsune Miku. It combines the kanji 初 (hatsu) translates to "first time" and 音 (oto) which means sound.
Helgrind Popular Culture
Helgrind is the surname of a King in the fictional series, "Mianite".
Jarrus Popular Culture
Used by Kanan Jarrus from the American show "Star Wars Rebels".
Kagamine Japanese, Popular Culture
From the Japanese (kagami) meaning "mirror" and (ne) meaning "sound".
Kenobi Popular Culture
Obi-Wan Kenobi is a fictional character in the 'Star Wars' saga, created by George Lucas. The meaning of the name is not known, but as Lucas was very much influenced by Japanese samurai movies, it is possible that the name is a combination of Japanese 剣 (ken) "sword" and 帯 (obi) "belt".
Ketchum Popular Culture
The surname of Ash Ketchum in the English dub of the anime "Pokémon," and comes from the English localizations' catchphrase "Gotta Catch' em All!"
Kirigiri Popular Culture
This surname is used as 霧切 with 霧 (bu, bou, mu, kiri) meaning "fog, mist" and 切 (sai, setsu, ki.ri, -ki.ri, ki.ru, -ki.ru, ki.re, -ki.re, ki.reru, -ki.reru, -gi.ri, -gi.re) meaning "be sharp, cut(off)."... [more]
Koiwai Japanese, Popular Culture
Ko means "Small", Iwa means "Stone", and I means "Well". Fictional characters with this last name: Yotsuba from the manga "Yotsuba&!" and Yoshino Koiwai from "Masamune-kun's Revenge" are examples of this.
Krabs Popular Culture
This is the surname of Eugene H. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Lang Popular Culture
From 狼 (láng) meaning "wolf". Shi-Long Lang is a character in the game Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, a wolf-themed Interpol agent who speaks mainly in quotes and metaphors about wolves... [more]
Lehnsherr Popular Culture
From German Lehnsherr/Lehnsgeber "feudal lord". A notable fictional character is Erik Magnus Lehnsherr (born as Max Eisenhardt), also known as Magneto, in the 'X-Men' franchise.
Lightyear Popular Culture
From the English term light-year, a unit of length often used when measuring distances in space. Most often used in everyday speech and non-scientific publications. This is the surname of Buzz Lightyear, a fictional character in the Pixar animated film series 'Toy Story'.
Longbottom English, Literature, Popular Culture
English (West Yorkshire) topographic name for someone who lived in a long valley, from Middle English long + botme, bothem ‘valley bottom’. Given the surname’s present-day distribution, Longbottom in Luddenden Foot, West Yorkshire, may be the origin, but there are also two places called Long Bottom in Hampshire, two in Wiltshire, and Longbottom Farm in Somerset and in Wiltshire.
Lovegood Literature (Modern), Popular Culture
The Character 'Luna Lovegood' in the Harry Potter has last name as well as 'Xenophilius Lovegood'.
Maxson Popular Culture, English
Means son of Max. This is the surname of the hereditary leaders of the Brotherhood of Steel in the popular Fallout game. The first bearer of the name was Captain Roger Maxson, who founded the BOS, with the most recent bearer being Arthur Maxson, the current leader of the BOS in Fallout 4.
Meanswell Popular Culture
Simply the English words "means well". This is the surname of the main protagonist of LazyTown, Stephanie Meanswell, as well as her uncle, Mayor Milford Meanswell.
Mellark Popular Culture
The surname of the deuteragonist of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Peeta Mellark.
Midoriya Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture
Combination of 緑 (midori) meaning "green" and 谷 (ya) meaning "valley," used on the main character Izuku Midoriya (緑谷 出久) in 'My Hero Academia'.... [more]
Momomiya Popular Culture
Surname of several characters from the anime series 'Tokyo Mew Mew'.
Monkey Popular Culture
This is the surname of a few characters in the manga One Piece written by mangaka Eiichiro Oda including the main character. The main character Monkey D. Luffy is the founding father and captain of the pirate Straw Hats who, as of this writing, seeks the treasure the One Piece and desires to be the Pirate King... [more]
Muttski Polish, Popular Culture, Literature
Not known, A Notable bearer is Ben Muttski from Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog comics
Nahasapeemapetilon Popular Culture
Borne by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a fictional character from the television series 'The Simpsons' (1989-). According to the show's sources, the character is meant to be of Bengali Indian origin.
Nygma Popular Culture
The surname of Edward Nygma, also known as the Riddler in DC Comics. The name comes from the term enigma, meaning something that is difficult to understand.
Organa Popular Culture
This is the surname of Princess Leia from the 'Star Wars' movies.
Ōtsutsuki Popular Culture
This surname is used as 大筒木 with 大 (tai, dai, oo-, -oo.ini, oo.kii) "large, big," 筒 (tou, tsutsu) meaning "cylinder, gun barrel, pipe, sleeve, tube" and 木 (boku, moku, ki, ko-) meaning "tree, wood."... [more]
Peregrine English, Popular Culture
Derived from the given name Peregrine. A fictional bearer is Alma LeFay Peregrine, a character from the novel "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" (2011) by Ransom Riggs.
Pewterschmidt Popular Culture
Comprised of the English word pewter, which is a metal alloy made mostly of tin, and the German element schmidt 'smith' (see Schmidt). This surname is obviously intended to be of Germanic origin... [more]
Phantomhive Popular Culture
Created by Yana Toboso for her popular manga series "Black Butler".
Pirrip Literature, Popular Culture
Surname of the main character in Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations.
Pirrup Popular Culture
Variant of the surname Pirrip. It is the last name of the British character, Pip, on the animated TV series South Park
Plankton Popular Culture
This is the surname of Sheldon J. Plankton from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Puff Popular Culture
This is the surname of Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Quagmire Popular Culture
Derived from places named "Quagmire". One notable character is Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy.
Quinzel Popular Culture
The actual surname of the fictional character Harley Quinn. The character first appeared in the "Batman: The Animated Series" episode "Joker's Favor" in September 1992, but her full name (Harleen Quinzel) was not revealed until the February 1994 one-shot comic "The Batman Adventures: Mad Love"... [more]
Rotten Popular Culture
From the English word rotten, meaning "In a state of decay/cruel, mean, immoral/bad, horrible". In the Icelandic children's television program LazyTown, Robbie Rotten is the main antagonist of the show who desires silence and peace, continuously formulates reckless schemes that often feature him masquerading in various disguises as a means of hoodwinking or tempting residents away from an active lifestyle... [more]
Sakuragi Japanese, Popular Culture
From Japanese 桜, 櫻 (sakura) meaning "cherry blossom" combined with 木 (gi) meaning "tree, wood" or 樹 (gi) meaning "tree". Chloe Cerise and Professor Cerise (also known as Koharu Sakuragi and Dr... [more]
Schnee German, Popular Culture
A German surname meaning "snow". One fictional bearer of this surname is Weiss Schnee, a main character from the popular web series RWBY.
Selvig Norwegian (Rare), Popular Culture
Variant of Selvik. Erik Selvig is a fictional character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He appears in several MCU movies between 2011 and 2022 where he is portrayed by Stellan Skarsgård... [more]
Slughorn Popular Culture
Combination of English words "slug" and "horn". It is widely known as a name in the Harry Potter series.
Soya English (Modern), Literature, Popular Culture
In the Kai the Hedgefox franchise, the name of the Soya clan is a pun on "Sawyer".
Spoonapple Popular Culture
Edwina Spoonapple is a fictional character and the titular character from the Off-Broadway musical "Dear Edwina" (2008). She is a 13-year-old girl who wants proof of her accomplishments, just like her siblings... [more]
Squarepants Popular Culture
The surname of the famous cartoon character "SpongeBob SquarePants" from the entitled show.
Stickmin Popular Culture
The surname of the titular protagonist of the Henry Stickmin games.
Stotch Popular Culture
Butters Stotch is one the reoccurring characters on the animated TV series South Park.
Syndulla Popular Culture
The surname of Hera from the show "Star Wars Rebels".
Tackleberry Popular Culture, American (Rare)
This is a surname most notably used by Officer Eugene Tackleberry (played by the lovably hilarious David Graf) in the classic Police Academy movies of the 1980s-90s. Officer Tackleberry is a markedly boyish police officer who has a passionate adoration for guns and adventure... [more]
Tati Popular Culture, French, Russian
A well known diminutive of both Tatiana and Tatischeff.
Tentacles Popular Culture
This is the surname of Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants.
Testaburger Popular Culture
Wendy Testaburger is one of the reoccurring characters on the animated TV series South Park
Tootmorsel Popular Culture
The surname used by the character Harry "Ocho" Tootmorsel in the animated series "The Amazing World of Gumball".... [more]
Torrance Popular Culture
This is the surname of the character of Stephen King’s character Danny Torrance.
Trinket English, Popular Culture
Effie Trinket's surname: one of "The Hunger Games"'s trilogy character.
Troi Popular Culture
Possibly a variant or corruption of Troy. A notable fictional bearer was the Star Trek: The Next Generation character Deanna Troi, who was the counselor aboard the USS Enterprise.
Tsunetsuki Popular Culture
In the case of the character Matoi Tsunetsuki (常月 まとい) from 'Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei', the surname is made up of 常 (jou, tsune, toko) meaning "constant" and 月 (getsu, gatsu, tsuki) meaning "moon, month."... [more]
Tubbs Popular Culture
Surname of Cleveland's second wife Donna and her children Roberta and Rallo from American sitcom The Cleveland show (2009-2013)
Tweak Popular Culture
Tweek Tweak is one of the reoccurring characters on the animated TV series South Park.
Universe Popular Culture
From the English word universe. It is borne by the titular protagonist in the Cartoon Network show "Steven Universe".
Uraraka Popular Culture
In the case of the character Ochako (Ochaco) Uraraka (麗日 お茶子) from 'My Hero Academia', her surname is made up of the adjective 麗らか (uraraka) meaning "bright, clear, beautiful, glorious" and 日 (ka) meaning "day."
Uzaki Japanese, Popular Culture
From Japanese, 宇 (u) meaning "world, universe, space" combined with 崎 (zaki) meaning "cape, peninsula". A fictional bearer of this surname is Hana Uzaki (宇崎 花) from Uzaki~chan Wants to Hang Out! (宇崎ちゃんは遊びたい!).
Van Kelt Popular Culture
Used for a character from the 1992 film, School Ties, Rip Van Kelt.
Von Bock Popular Culture (?)
Used by Hetalia character Eduard Von Bock AKA Estonia
Von Hammersmark Popular Culture, German (?)
Means "from Hammersmark" in German. Bridget von Hammersmark is a fictional character in Quentin Tarantino's film 'Inglourious Basterds' from 2009.
Wonka Popular Culture, Literature
Possibly a diminutive of Wonskolaser.
Wormwood Popular Culture, English
The surname is used in the novel Matilda (1988).
Zangiev Ossetian, Soviet, Russian, Popular Culture
The Russified Soviet and Modern Russian form of the Ossetian surname Зæнджиаты Zændžiaty. A famous user of it is wrestler Victor Zangiev, himself the inspiration for Zangief of Street Fighter fame.
Zhane English (?), Popular Culture
meaning "z," used by Aidan Zhane on RuPaul's Drag Race
Zolomon Popular Culture
A corruption of Zalman, after Hunter Zalman Van Sciver, son of comic book artist Ethan Van Sciver. ... [more]