Spanish (Mexican) Submitted Surnames

These names are a subset of Spanish names used more often in Mexico.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABUNDIS Spanish (Mexican)
The surname Abundis is patronymic from the Old Spanish personal name Abundio, ultimately from Latin abundus ‘abundant’, ‘plentiful’.
ABURTO Basque, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican)
The surname Aburto is a topographic name from Basque aburto ‘place of kermes oaks’, from abur ‘kermes oak’ + the locative suffix -lo.
ALAVEZ Spanish (Mexican)
Variant of Alaves primarily used in Mexico.
ALIREZ Spanish (Mexican)
A protector. Rap. Loves all things Coral.
ANGUINO American, Spanish (Mexican)
Mexican-American last name
ANGULO Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish: habitational name from Encima-Angulo in Burgos province.... [more]
AUSTRIA Filipino, Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic)
Possibly derived from the given name AUSTRIA.
BEAS Spanish (Mexican)
Spanish (common in Mexico): habitational name from any of the places in Andalusia named Beas.
BRAVO Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese
From a Spanish and Portuguese nickname for a fierce or violent man (from Spanish and Portuguese bravo "fierce, violent"). This surname was borne by Charles Bravo (1845-1876), a British lawyer and possible murder victim.
CASTREJON Spanish (Mexican)
Found on
CRISTALES Central American, Filipino, Spanish (Mexican, Rare), South American (Rare)
Plural form of Spanish cristal meaning "crystal."... [more]
DEL RANCHO Spanish (Mexican)
Name given to a rancher or someone from a ranch.
HARO Spanish (Mexican)
Perhaps a shortened version of the name "de Haro"
HERALDEZ Spanish (Mexican)
The surname is a variation of Hernando, given birth by an outlaw
LEIJA Spanish (Mexican)
Meaning uncertain, but it might be a variant of Leixà.
PALAFOX Spanish (Mexican)
From Palafolls, a Catalan place name.
VERACRUZ Spanish (Mexican)
Originally denoted a person from Veracruz, Mexico, from Latin vera crux meaning "true cross".