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Type Surname (from location, from given name, from occupation & from nickname)
Pronounced Pron. LIN(Scottish, Scots, English)  [key]

Meaning & History

As a Scottish and Northern English surname, it is a variant of Lyne. Its usage as an English name is primarily by Scots living in Northern England.
As an Irish surname, it is a reduced and altered form of McLean.
As a German name, it can be from multiple different origins. It can be a habitational name from a place known as Linn, named with lin "swamp", "bog", "marsh". It can also be derived from the given name Linto.
As an East German and Jewish name, it is from Slavic lin "tench", either an occupational name for someone who caught tench for a living or a nickname for someone thought to look like a tench.
As a Finnish name, it is an Anglicized form of Linna or other like-sounding surnames.
As an Estonian name, it is from the Estonian word linn "city"
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