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This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword nut.
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nut meaning
Badem Turkish
Derived from a Turkish word meaning "almond".
Chastain French
From Old French castan "chestnut tree" (Latin castanea), a name for someone who lived near a particular chestnut tree, or possibly a nickname for someone with chestnut-coloured hair.
Mandel German, Yiddish
Means "almond" in German, an occupational name for a grower or seller, or a topographic name for a person who lived near an almond tree. As a Jewish name it is ornamental.
Mandelbaum Jewish
Means "almond tree" in German.
Nogueira Portuguese, Galician
From Portuguese and Galician nogueira meaning "walnut tree", from the Late Latin nucarius, ultimately from Latin nux meaning "nut".
Noguera Spanish, Catalan
Spanish and Catalan form of Nogueira.
Noyer French
French form of Nogueira.
Nussbaum German, Jewish
Means "nut tree", derived from the German Nuss "nut" and Baum "tree".