Surnames with "tailor" in Meaning

This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword tailor.
Couture French
Means "tailor" in Old French.
Darzi Persian
Means "tailor" in Persian.
Kravchenko Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian кравець (kravets) meaning "tailor".
Kravitz Jewish
Occupational name derived from Polish krawiec meaning "tailor".
Krawczyk Polish
From a diminutive of krawiec meaning "tailor".
Krawiec Polish
Means "tailor" in Polish.
Krejči Czech
Means "tailor" in Czech.
Raptis Greek
Means "tailor" in Greek.
Sarto Italian
Occupational name meaning "tailor" in Italian, from Latin sartor, from sarcire meaning "to mend".
Schneider German, Jewish
From German schneider or Yiddish shnayder, making it a cognate of Snyder.
Schröder 1 Low German
Occupational name for a tailor, from Middle Low German schroden meaning "to cut".
Sherman 2 Jewish
Means "tailor" in Yiddish, derived from שער (sher) meaning "scissors".
Snyder English
Means "tailor", derived from Middle English snithen "to cut", an occupational name for a person who stitched coats and clothing.
Szabó Hungarian
Means "tailor" in Hungarian.
Tailler French
Means "tailor" from Old French tailleur.
Taylor English
Derived from Old French tailleur meaning "tailor", ultimately from Latin taliare "to cut".
Terzi 2 Turkish
Means "tailor" in Turkish, ultimately of Persian origin.
Terzić Bosnian
From Bosnian terzija meaning "tailor", ultimately of Persian origin.