Surnames Categorized "footballers"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include footballers.
Akers English
Variant of Acker.
Alonso Spanish
From the given name Alonso.
Babatunde Yoruba
From the given name Babatunde.
Baggio Italian
Originally denoted a person from the Italian town of Baggio (now part of Milan). It is probably derived from Latin Badalocum meaning "watch place".
Beckenbauer German
Means "farmer living by a stream" in German.
Beckham English
From an English place name meaning "Becca's homestead" in Old English (with Becca being a masculine byname meaning "pickaxe"). A famous bearer is retired English soccer player David Beckham (1975-).
Best 1 English
Derived from Middle English beste meaning "beast", an occupational name for a keeper of animals or a nickname for someone who acted like a beast. A famous bearer of this surname was soccer legend George Best (1946-2005).
Ferreira Portuguese, Galician
Denoted a person from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from Latin ferrum meaning "iron".
González Spanish
Means "son of Gonzalo" in Spanish. This is among the most common surnames in Spain.
Hamm English
Means "river meadow" in Old English.
Henry English
Derived from the given name Henry.
Hernández Spanish
Means "son of Hernando" in Spanish.
Kane Irish
Anglicized form of Ó Catháin.
Kerr Scottish, English
From Scots and northern Middle English kerr meaning "thicket, marsh", ultimately from Old Norse kjarr.
Kumagai Japanese
From Japanese (kuma) meaning "bear" and (gai) meaning "valley".
Lewandowski m Polish
From the Polish estate name Lewandów, which is itself possibly derived from a personal name or from lawenda "lavender".
López Spanish
Means "son of Lope" in Spanish.
Maguire Irish
Variant of McGuire.
Maradona Spanish
From the name of a place near Lugo in northern Spain. A notable bearer is the former Argentinian soccer star Diego Maradona (1960-2020).
Morgan Welsh
Derived from the given name Morgan 1.
Müller German
German equivalent of Miller, derived from Middle High German mülnære or müller.
Nazario Italian
From the given name Nazario.
Parker English
Means "keeper of the park" in Middle English. It is an occupational name for a person who was a gamekeeper at a medieval park.
Parra Spanish
Means "vine, trellis" in Spanish.
Puskás Hungarian
Occupational name for a gunsmith or cannon maker, from Hungarian puska meaning "gun" (from German, itself from Latin buxis "box").
Ramos Spanish
Originally indicated a person who lived in a thickly wooded area, from Latin ramus meaning "branch".
Renard French
From the given name Renard.
Santos Portuguese, Spanish
Means "saint" in Portuguese and Spanish, ultimately from Latin sanctus. This was a nickname for a pious person.
Silva Portuguese, Spanish
From Spanish or Portuguese silva meaning "forest". This is the most common surname in Portugal and Brazil.
Solo Basque
Means "rural estate" in Basque.
Son Korean
Korean form of Sun, from Sino-Korean (son).
Suárez Spanish
Means "son of Suero".
Torres Spanish, Portuguese
Name for a person who lived in or near a tower, ultimately from Latin turris.