Surnames Categorized "metals"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include metals.
Argyris Greek
Means "silver" in Greek.
Bandoni Italian
From Italian bandone meaning "sheet of iron".
Blecher German
Occupational name for someone who worked with tin or sheet metal, from German blech "tin".
Bleier German
Occupational name for a worker of lead, derived from German blei "lead".
Brasher English
Means "brass worker", derived from Old English bræs "brass".
Chilikov Bulgarian
Patronymic derived from Bulgarian челик (chelik) meaning "steel" (of Turkish origin).
Demir Turkish
Means "iron" in Turkish, originally referring to an ironworker.
Ferreira Portuguese, Galician
Denoted a person from a town named because it was near an iron mine, from Latin ferrum meaning "iron".
Ferro Italian, Spanish
Means "iron", ultimately from Latin ferrum. This was an occupational name for one who worked with iron.
Greenspan Jewish
Anglicized form of German Grünspan meaning "verdigris". Verdigris is the green-blue substance that forms on copper.
Jernigan English
Possibly derived from the old Breton name Iarnogon meaning "iron famous".
Kaneko Japanese
From Japanese (kane) meaning "gold, metal, money" and (ko) meaning "child".
Silver English
From a nickname for a person with grey hair, from Old English seolfor "silver".
Steele English
Occupational name for a steelworker, from Old English stele meaning "steel".
Sterling Scottish
Derived from city of Stirling, which is itself of unknown meaning.
Tinker English
Occupational name for a mender of kettles, pots and pans. The name could derive from the tinking sound made by light hammering on metal. It is possible that the word comes from the word tin, the material with which the tinker worked.
Vass Hungarian
Derived from Hungarian vas meaning "iron", referring to a worker in iron, a miner of iron ore or a vendor of iron goods. Alternatively, from the same root word, it may have been a nickname referring to one with a distinctively strong constitution.