Surnames Categorized "seasons"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include seasons.
Akiyama Japanese
From Japanese (aki) meaning "autumn" and (yama) meaning "mountain, hill".
Lenz German
From a nickname meaning "springtime" in German.
Mag Shamhradháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of McGovern.
McGovern Irish
Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Mag Shamhradháin meaning "son of Samhradháin", a given name meaning "summer".
Sommer 1 German, English
Means "summer", from Old High German sumar or Old English sumor. This was a nickname for a cheerful person, someone who lived in a sunny spot, or a farmer who had to pay taxes in the summer.
Summerfield English
Originally indicated the bearer was from a town of this name, derived from Old English sumor "summer" and feld "field".
Vinter Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Scandinavian variant of Winter.
Winter English, German, Swedish
From Old English winter or Old High German wintar meaning "winter". This was a nickname for a person with a cold personality.
Winterbottom English
From Old English winter meaning "winter" and botm meaning "ground, soil, bottom". This name probably referred to a winter pasture at the bottom of a lowland valley.
Winther Danish, Swedish
Danish and Swedish variant of Winter.
Zima Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian
From a Slavic word meaning "winter". This may have been a nickname for a person with a chilly personality.
Zyma Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Zima.