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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword dry.
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Aru Estonian
Aru is an Estonian surname meaning both "dry upland grassy meadow" and "wit" and "intelligence".
Arumets Estonian
Arumets is an Estonian surname meaning "grassland/dry upland meadow forest".
Cannarsa Italian
Possibly means "dry throat", a joking nickname for someone who drinks too much.
Dimabasa Filipino, Tagalog
Means "dry" from Tagalog di- meaning "no, not" and basa meaning "wet, watery".
Dray English
From Middle English dregh, probably as a nickname from any of its several senses: "lasting", "patient", "slow", "tedious", "doughty". Alternatively, in some cases, the name may derive from Old English drýge "dry, withered", also applied as a nickname.
Dryden English
Possibly from an English place name meaning "dry valley" from the Old English elements drȳġe "dry" and denu "valley". A notable bearer was the English poet, literary critic, translator and playwright John Dryden (1631-1700).
Dryer English
From an agent derivative of Old English dr̄gean "to dry"; possibly an occupational name for a drier of cloth. In the Middle Ages, after cloth had been dyed and fulled, it was stretched out in tenterfields to dry.
Hackney English, Scottish
Habitational name from Hackney in Greater London, named from an Old English personal name Haca (genitive Hacan) combined with ēg "island, dry ground in marshland".
Kuiva Estonian
Kuiva is an Estonian surname derived from "kuivaks" meaning "dry".
Kuivjõgi Estonian
Kuivjõgi is an Estonian surname meaning "dry river".
Kuru Turkish
Means "dry, bare" in Turkish.
Secchi Italian
Probably related to Italian secco "thin, dry". May alternately derive from secare "to cut", Sardinian seghi "sixteen", segete "harvest, harvest fodder", or a shortened form of seneche "old, aged".
Sušina Slovak
From Slovak and Czech word Sušina meaning "dry matter"
Turnbow English, German (Americanized)
Americanized spelling of German Dürnbach, from a habitational name from any of several places so named or from places in Austria and Bavaria named Dürrenbach (meaning "dry stream").
Watney English
Probably means "person from Watney", an unidentified place in England (the second syllable means "island, area of dry land in a marsh"; cf. Rodney, Whitney)... [more]
Yuk Korean
From Sino-Korean 陸 (yuk/ryuk) meaning "dry land; land".