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This is a list of surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword wolf.
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wolf meaning
Farkas Hungarian
Means "wolf" in Hungarian.
Lobo Spanish, Portuguese
Originally a nickname meaning "wolf" in Spanish and Portuguese.
Lovel English
Variant of Lowell.
Lovell English
Variant of Lowell.
Lowell English
From a nickname derived from a Norman French lou meaning "wolf" and a diminutive suffix.
Lupei Romanian
Variant of Lupu.
Lupo Italian
From an Italian nickname meaning "wolf".
Lupu Romanian
From Romanian lup meaning "wolf".
Ochoa Spanish
Spanish form of Otxoa.
Otxoa Basque
From Basque otso meaning "wolf".
Shaw 2 Scottish
From a given name or byname that was derived from Gaelic sitheach meaning "wolf" (Old Irish sídach).
Villalobos Spanish
Habitational name for a person from the town of Villalobos, Spain, which is derived from Spanish villa "town" and lobo "wolf".
Vlček m Czech, Slovak
Diminutive form of Czech and Slovak vlk meaning "wolf".
Volkov m Russian
Derived from Russian волк (volk) meaning "wolf".
Wilk Polish
Means "wolf" in Polish.
Wolf German, English
From Middle High German or Middle English wolf meaning "wolf", or else from an Old German given name beginning with this element.
Wolfe English
Variant of Wolf.
Woolf English
Variant of Wolf.