Surnames of Length 12

This is a list of surnames in which the length is 12.
Abatescianni Italian
From Italian abate meaning "abbot, priest" combined with the given name Gianni.
Alderliesten Dutch
From Dutch allerliefste meaning "most dearest". This name could have referred to the nature of the person or perhaps a phrase the person commonly used.
Arechavaleta Spanish
Originally indicated a person from the town of Aretxabaleta in Spain. It means "oak trees" in Basque.
Bengtsdotter Swedish
Means "daughter of Bengt".
Bezuidenhout Dutch
From Dutch zuid "south" and hout "forest". It refers to the south of the forest in The Hague.
Bhattacharya Bengali
From a Bengali title composed of the Sanskrit words भट्ट (bhatta) meaning "scholar, lord" and आचार्य (acharya) meaning "teacher".
Breckenridge Scottish, English
Originally indicated someone from Brackenrig in Lanarkshire, derived from northern Middle English braken meaning "bracken" (via Old Norse brækni) and rigg meaning "ridge" (via Old Norse hryggr).
Christophers English
Derived from the given name Christopher.
Courtemanche French
Means "short sleeve" in French.
Deasmhumhain Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Desmond.
Fashingbauer German
From Fasching, a German carnival (Fastnacht meaning "eve of the beginning of the fast", or the time before Lent) celebrated in Austria and Bavaria, and bauer meaning "farmer".
Frankenstein German, Literature
From any of the various minor places by this name in Germany, meaning "stone of the Franks" in German. It was used by the author Mary Shelley in her novel Frankenstein (1818) for the character of Victor Frankenstein, a scientist who creates a monster and brings it to life. The monster, nameless in the novel, is sometimes informally or erroneously called Frankenstein in modern speech.
Giannopoulos Greek
Means "son of Giannis" in Greek.
Grześkiewicz Polish
Derived from the given name Grzegorz.
Guldbrandsen Norwegian, Danish
Means "son of Gulbrand" in Norwegian and Danish.
Heppenheimer German
From the name of the city of Heppenheim in Hesse, Germany.
Hovhannisyan Armenian
Means "son of Hovhannes" in Armenian.
Kavaliauskas Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Kowalski.
Khachaturian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Խաչատրյան (see Khachaturyan).
Khachaturyan Armenian
Means "son of Khachatur" in Armenian. A famous bearer was the Armenian composer Aram Khachaturyan or Khachaturian (1903-1978).
Mac Aodhagáin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Keegan.
Mac Cionaodha Scottish
Irish Gaelic form of McKenna.
Mac Neachtain Irish, Scottish
Means "son of Nechtan" in Gaelic.
Mac Uileagóid Irish
Irish Gaelic form of McElligott.
Meggyesfalvi Hungarian
Derived from a Hungarian village named Meggyesfalva meaning "cherry village", from meggy "cherry" and falu "village".
Michelakakis Greek
Patronymic meaning "son of Michail".
Ó Ceallacháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Callaghan.
Ó Conchobhair Irish
Irish Gaelic form of O'Connor.
Ó Conghalaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Connolly.
Ó Cuinneagáin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Cunningham 2.
Ó Dochartaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Doherty.
Ó Donndubháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Donovan.
Ó Dubhshláine Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Delaney 2.
Ó hAllmhuráin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Halloran.
Ó Maolmhuaidh Irish
Means "descendant of Maolmhuadh", Maolmhuadh being a given name meaning "proud chief", derived from Gaelic maol meaning "chief" and muadh meaning "proud, noble".
Ó Mathghamhna Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Mahoney.
Ó Rabhartaigh Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Rafferty.
Ó Raghailligh Irish
Means "descendant of Raghailligh", an Irish given name of unknown meaning.
Ó Súileabháin Irish
Irish Gaelic form of Sullivan.
Panzavecchia Maltese
From a nickname meaning "old stomach" in Italian.
Papadopoulos Greek
Means "son of the priest", from Greek πάπας (papas) combined with the patronymic suffix πουλος (poulos).
Papageorgiou Greek
Means "son of Georgios the priest", from Greek πάπας (papas) combined with the given name Georgios.
Ruotsalainen Finnish
Means "Swede" in Finnish.
Seelenfreund Jewish
From German Seele meaning "soul" and Freund meaning "friend".
Slootmaekers Dutch, Flemish
Occupational name for a locksmith, from Dutch slot "lock" and maker "maker".
Swindlehurst English
From the place name Swinglehurst in the Forest of Bowland in central Lancashire, derived from Old English swin "swine, pig", hyll "hill" and hyrst "wood, grove".
Vodenicharov Bulgarian
Patronymic derived from Bulgarian воденичар (vodenichar) meaning "miller".
Winterbottom English
From Old English winter meaning "winter" and botm meaning "ground, soil, bottom". This name probably referred to a winter pasture at the bottom of a lowland valley.
Xanthopoulos Greek
Means "son of Xanthos".
Zilberschlag Jewish
Occupational name for a silversmith from Yiddish zilber "silver" and schlag "strike".