Surnames Categorized "2020's Grand Slam tennis players"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include 2020's Grand Slam tennis players.
Anderson English
Means "son of Andrew".
Bautista Spanish
Derived from the given name Bautista.
Caruso Italian
Means "close-cropped hair" in Italian, also having the secondary sense "boy, young man".
Cuevas Spanish
Derived from Spanish cueva meaning "cave".
Daniel English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Romanian
Derived from the given name Daniel.
Evans Welsh
Means "son of Evan".
Gómez Spanish
Spanish form of Gomes.
Harris English
Means "son of Harry".
Johnson English
Means "son of John". Famous bearers include American presidents Andrew Johnson (1808-1875) and Lyndon B. Johnson (1908-1973).
Kozlov Russian
Patronymic from Russian козёл (kozyol) meaning "male goat", probably used to denote a goatherd.
Laaksonen Finnish
Derived from Finnish laakso meaning "valley".
López Spanish
Means "son of Lope" in Spanish.
Martínez Spanish
Means "son of Martín" in Spanish.
Milojević Serbian
Means "son of Miloje".
Murray 1 Scottish
Derived from the region in Scotland called Moray (Gaelic Moireabh), possibly of Pictish origin, meaning "seashore, coast". A notable bearer of this surname was General James Murray (1721-1794), who was the first British Governor-General of Canada.
Paul English, French, German, Dutch
From the given name Paul.
Ramos Spanish
Originally indicated a person who lived in a thickly wooded area, from Latin ramus meaning "branch".
Ruud Norwegian
Derived from Old Norse ruð meaning "cleared land".
Sousa Portuguese
Originally indicated someone who lived near the River Sousa in Portugal, possibly derived from Latin salsus "salty" or saxa "rocks".
Thompson English
Means "son of Thomas".
Veselý Czech
From a nickname meaning "cheerful" in Czech.