Surnames Categorized "archers"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include archers.
Aguirre Spanish
From Basque ageri meaning "open, cleared, prominent", originally given to a peron who lived in an open area.
Bueno Spanish
From a nickname meaning "good" in Spanish.
Cao Chinese
From Chinese (cáo) referring to the ancient state of Cao, which existed during the Zhou dynasty in what is now Shandong province.
Chang Chinese
Alternate transcription of Chinese (see Zhang).
Choi Korean
From Sino-Korean (choe) meaning "high, lofty, towering".
Clarke English
Variant of Clark.
Croft English
From Old English croft meaning "enclosed field".
Daniel u & m English, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Romanian
Derived from the given name Daniel.
Ellison English
Patronymic form of the English name Ellis, from the medieval given name Elis, a vernacular form of Elijah.
Elzinga Dutch
Probably from a place name that was a derivative of Dutch els meaning "alder tree".
Gao Chinese
From Chinese (gāo) meaning "tall, high".
Garrett English
Derived from the given name Gerald or Gerard.
Gonzalez Spanish
Unaccented variant of González.
Hayashi Japanese
From Japanese (hayashi) meaning "forest".
Huang Chinese
From Chinese (huáng) meaning "yellow".
Ishida Japanese
From Japanese (ishi) meaning "stone" and (ta) meaning "field, rice paddy".
Jin Chinese
From Chinese (jīn) meaning "gold".
Kamiński m Polish
From Polish kamień meaning "stone", a name for a stonecutter or for one who lived at a place with this name.
Kang Korean
Korean form of Jiang 2, from Sino-Korean (gang).
Lee 2 Korean, Chinese
Korean form of Li 1, from Sino-Korean (i). This is the second most common surname in South Korea. It is also a variant Chinese romanization of Li 1.
Lin Chinese
From Chinese (lín) meaning "forest".
López Spanish
Means "son of Lope" in Spanish.
Martin English, French, German, Swedish
Derived from the given name Martin. This is the most common surname in France.
Murdock Irish
Derived from the given name Murchadh.
Pace Italian
Derived from the Italian given name Pace meaning "peace".
Park 1 Korean
From Sino-Korean 樸 or 朴 (bak) meaning "plain, unadorned, simple". This is the third most common surname in South Korea.
Picard French
Originally denoted a person from Picardy, a historical region of northern France. It is derived from Old French pic meaning "pike, spike".
Rendón Spanish
Possibly derived from a variant of Spanish de rondón meaning "unexpectedly, rashly".
Roman Romanian, Polish, Ukrainian
From the given name Roman.
Sanchez Spanish
Unaccented variant of Sánchez.
Santos Portuguese, Spanish
Means "saint" in Portuguese and Spanish, ultimately from Latin sanctus. This was a nickname for a pious person.
Sutherland Scottish
Regional name for a person who came from the former county by this name in Scotland. It is derived from Old Norse suðr "south" and land "land", because it was south of the Norse colony of Orkney.
Tan Chinese (Hokkien)
Min Nan romanization of Chen.
Unruh German
Refers to a restless, fidgety, nervous person, from German unruhe meaning "unrest".
Valencia Spanish
From the name of the Spanish city of Valencia.
White English
Originally a nickname for a person who had white hair or a pale complexion, from Old English hwit "white".
Williamson English
Means "son of William".
Xiao Chinese
From Chinese (xiāo) referring to the fiefdom or territory of Xiao (in present-day Anhui province) that existed during the Zhou dynasty.