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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword farmer.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Accola Romansh
Derived from Medieval Latin accola "tenant; farmer", ultimately from Classical Latin accola "one who lives near a place; a neighbor".
Altbauer German (Austrian)
“Old farmer” from the root Bauer meaning “farmer” in German
Arājs Latvian
Means "the ploughman".
Banik Indian
Hindi word for "farmer, merchant" & Bengali word for "the merchant"
Barzegar Persian
Means "farmer" in Persian.
Barzegari Persian
Derived from Persian برزگر (barzegar) meaning "farmer".
Bauerdick German
A surname originating from the Rhineland region of Germany. It is derived from German Bauer (Bur in the locals dialects) "farmer" and Deich (Diek and Dick in the local dialects) "levee" or Teich "pond"... [more]
Bauersack German
Semi-Germanized form of the Polish surname Burczak, originally derived from Polish burczec "growl; shout".... [more]
Bonde Swedish, Old Swedish, Danish
From Old Norse bóndi "farmer". Used as both a last name and a (rare) given name in Sweden (see Bonde for the given name and Bondesson as an example of a patronymic derived from this name)... [more]
Bonde Norwegian (Rare)
From a farm named Bonde, named with Old Norse bóndi "farmer" and vin "meadow".
Bondesson Swedish
Means "son of Bonde", or possibly "son of a farmer".
Burgmeier German
Occupational name for the tenant farmer of an estate belonging to a castle or fortified town, from Middle High German burc "(fortified) town, castle" and meier "tenant farmer" (see Meyer 1).
Burwitz Polabian
From Polabian bur "farmer" and the Germanized Slavic ending -witz.
Çiftçi Turkish
Means "farmer" in Turkish.
Dehghan Persian
Means "farmer, peasant" in Persian.
Dehghani Persian
Derived from Persian دهقان (dehqân) meaning "farmer, peasant".
Ekici Turkish
Means "planter, farmer" in Turkish.
Ekinci Turkish
Means "farmer" in Turkish.
Ellermeyer German
It is a combination of the German words “Eller,” which means “alder,” and “Meyer,” which means “steward” or farmer”. So, it is thought to refer to someone who was either a steward or farmer who lived near an alder grove.
Fallah Persian
Derived from Arabic فلاح (fallah) meaning "farmer, peasant".
Fallahi Persian
Derived from Arabic فلاح (fallah) meaning "farmer, peasant".
Fieldman English
Meaning "ploughman".
Jaunzeme Latvian
Feminine form of Jaunzems, a Latvian occupational surname meaning "new farmer", composed of jauns meaning "new" and zeme meaning "land" (compare zemlja).
Kallmeyer German
from a Germanized form of Slavic kal "marshland bog" or from Middle High German Middle Low German kalc "lime" and Middle High German meier "tenant farmer" (see Meyer 1) hence a distinguishing nickname for a farmer whose farm lay on marshy land or near a lime pit.
Keshavarz Persian
Means "farmer" in Persian.
Keshavarzi Persian
Means "farmer" in Persian.
Koyuncu Turkish
Means "sheep farmer" in Turkish.
Lindenmeyer German
Habitational name for the tenant of a farm identified by a lime tree, derived from Middle High German linde meaning "lime tree" and meier meaning "tenant farmer".
Madroñero Spanish
It literally means "strawberry farmer".
Majerle Slovene
Slovene surname Majerle, a variant of the Polish, Czech, and Slovak Majer, which was a status name for "steward, bailiff, tenant farmer, or village headman", from the German Meyer 1.
Massaro Italian
Regional or archaic form of Italian massaio meaning "tenant farmer, share cropper".
Mittermeier German (Austrian)
Literal meaning "middle farmer" its thought to have been given to farmers living between two there farms in the mountains.
Nieboer Dutch
Dutch cognate for Neubauer. epithet for a farmer who was new to an area from nie "new" and bur "farmer".
Odde Indian, Telugu
It is a Telugu name, meaning "earthworker".
Ogorodnikov Russian
From Russian огородник (ogorodnik) meaning "truck farmer, market gardener".
Pflüger German
Occupational name for a Ploughman, literally meaning "Ploughman/Plowman" in German.
Põldur Estonian
Põldur is an Estonian surname meaning "farmer".
Põllu Estonian
Põllu is an Estonian surname meaning "arable" or "agrestic"; associated with farming ("farmer" = "põllumees").
Põllumees Estonian
Põllumees is an Estonian surname meaning "farmer"; literally "agrestic (põllu) man (mees)".
Rosemeyer German
Derived from the Middle High German rose meaning "rose" and meier meaning "(tenant) farmer steward". This is a German nickname and distinguishing name for a farmer who grew or liked roses.
Senn German
Derived from the Middle High German word senne meaning "dairy farmer".
Wicksey English
Two separate surnames, joined together to form Wicksey, when the Vikings invaded England. The name means "Dairy Farmer on the Marsh".
Wolfmeyer German
From German wolf "wolf" and meyer "tenant farmer".
Zare Persian
Derived from Arabic زارع (zari') meaning "farmer".
Zarei Persian
Derived from Arabic زارع (zari') meaning "farmer".