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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword hot.
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Caldera Spanish
Derived from Spanish caldera meaning "basin, crater, hollow", ultimately from Latin caldarium or caldaria both meaning "hot bath, cooking pot". The word also denotes a depression in volcanoes, and it is commonly used as an element for surnames denoting streams or mountains.
Chauré French (Quebec)
Either derived from Old French chaurer "to warm up; to stir up" or a variant of Chauray.
Dōyu Japanese (Rare)
From Japanese 堂 () meaning "temple, shrine, hall" and 湯 (yu) meaning "hot water, bath; hot spring".
Funk German
Derived from Middle High German vunke "spark". ... [more]
Gofigan Chamorro
Chamorro for "very hot climate". Gof- is an amplifier which means very. Figan is a word for "hot", implying the climate
Gyljárlaugsson Icelandic
The name Gyljárlaugsson combines two Icelandic words, "gylja" meaning "to roar" and "laug" meaning "hot spring". Therefore, the name Gyljárlaugsson could be interpreted as "son of the roaring hot spring".
Heisenberg German
Made up of German words heis and berg, ultimately meaning “hot mountain.” This was the name of theoretical physicist Werner Heisenberg and the alias of Walter White in Breaking Bad.
Keevallik Estonian
Keevallik is an Estonian surname meaning "hot spring".
Kuum Estonian
Kuum is an Estonian surname meaning "hot" and "blazing".
Masseter English
Perhaps means "brewery worker" (from Middle English mash "fermentable mixture of hot water and grain" + rudder "rudder-shaped stirrer").
Reschke German
Derived from the Middle High German word "rasch" meaning "quick," or "hot-headed". As such, it may have originated as a nickname for a quick or rash person.
Soe Estonian
Soe is an Estonian surname meaning "warm" and "fond".
Tootmorsel Popular Culture
The surname used by the character Harry "Ocho" Tootmorsel in the animated series "The Amazing World of Gumball".... [more]
Unjit Thai
From Thai อุ่น (un) meaning "warm" and จิตร (chit) meaning "beautiful, drawing, mind".
Warmbier German
Metonymic occupational name for a brewer, derived from Middle Low German warm meaning "warm" and ber meaning "beer".
Wen Chinese
From Chinese 温 (wēn) meaning "warm", also referring to any of several territories that were called Wen, namely an ancient state that existed during the Zhou dynasty.
Yuasa Japanese
From Japanese 湯 (yu) meaning "hot spring" and 浅 (asa) meaning "shallow".
Yukawa Japanese
From Japanese 湯 (yu) meaning "hot spring" and 川 (kawa) meaning "river, stream".
Zharkov Russian
Possibly derived from Russian жаркий (zharkiy) "hot".