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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword knight.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Alfieri Italian
From Italian alfiere "standard-bearer, ensign", ultimately from Arabic فارس (al-faris) "horseman, rider; knight, cavalier". May alternately derive from the Germanic given name Adalfarus, meaning "noble journey".
Cabaleiro Galician
From a nickname derived from Galician cabaleiro meaning "knight", a cognate of Portuguese Cavaleiro.
Cavaleiro Portuguese
From a nickname derived from Portuguese cavaleiro meaning "knight", a cognate of Galician Cabaleiro.
Cavaleri Italian, Sicilian
occupational name from Sicilian cavaleri "rider mounted soldier knight". It was also used as a patrician title. See Cavaliere.
Cavalier French (Southern)
Variant of Chevalier (meaning "knight, rider").
Knecht German, German (Swiss), Dutch
From the occupation of a servant and a journeyman from Middle High German kneht Middle Low German and Middle Dutch knecht "knight's assistant" also "lad, servant"... [more]
Lieberknecht German
A compound name where lieber is derived from the given name Liebert and kneckt is an occupational surname for a journeyman, derived from the Middle Low German knecht meaning "knight’s assistant, servant".
Ritterman German
From Middle High German riter meaning "rider, knight" and man literally meaning "man".
Rössel German
Means "knight" in German.
Rüütel Estonian
From the Estonian word rüütel, meaning "knight".
Swain Scottish, Irish, English
Northern English occupational name for a servant or attendant, from Middle English swein "young man attendant upon a knight", which was derived from Old Norse sveinn "boy, servant, attendant"... [more]