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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ShioTanbo1.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Purdie English
The first name Purdie is transferred usage of this surname, which means "by God" in Norman French.
Reyna Spanish
This could possibly be transferred use of the first name Reyna, which is a variant of Reina, and means "queen". This was ranked #987 for the most popular last names in the United states in 2010.
Ridout English
A variant of the other surname Rideout.
Rinbayashi Japanese (Rare)
It's written like this: 林林,literally "Hayashi Hayashi", Hayashi means "Forest". This is because "Hayashi" is "Rin" in the Chinese reading called onyomi,and Hayashi is the Japanese,or kunyomi reading for "Forest".
Robbs English
This possibly means "Son of Rob(ert)".
Robeson English
This is possibly a variant of Robson.
Rough English
A topographic name referring to a dwelling with uncultivated ground, ultimately deriving from Olde English ruh meaning "rough".
Ryuen Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture
龍 (Ryuu) means "Dragon" and 円 (En) means "Circle, Round". En also can also mean "Garden" in this surname. ... [more]
Ryuko Japanese
See the Ryuko first name.
Ryumine Japanese
竜/龍 (Ryu) means "Dragon, Imperial" and 嶺,峰,峯 (Mine) means "Peak, Summit, Mountaintop".
Ryuuen Japanese
Most common transcription of Ryuen, actually.
Sahib Arabic
It means "Owner." A notable bearer is the actor Alejandro Sahib.
Saka Japanese
Saka means "Slope, Hill", often in other surnames and place names such as Osaka.
Sakabayashi Japanese (Rare)
Saka means "Slope, Hill", "Promontory", "Steep", or in rarer cases "Alcohol, Liquor" ( similar to the word sake ).
Sakahara Japanese
From Japanese 阪 (saka) meaning "slope" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
Sakatani Japanese
阪 (Saka) means "Hill, Slope" and 谷 (Tani) means "Valley".
Sakayanagi Japanese (Rare), Popular Culture
阪 (Saka) means "Slope, Hill" and 柳 (Yanagi) means "Willow". There is Arisu Sakayanagi from The Classroom of the Elite, a popular series with a manga and anime adaption. If this surname is used by other people, it is not common.
Saki Japanese
Meaning "Peninsula, Cape, Promontory", it's often an element of longer surnames, like Kawasaki, Osaki, etc.
Sakura Japanese
It is usually only thought of as a given name,but it's also a last name too. A variation of it (if not itself) was considered one of the most popular surnames in 2012, ranking within the top one hundreds... [more]
Sakurami Japanese
Sakura means "Cherry Blossom (tree)" and Mi means "View, See, Mindset."
Sakurazaka Japanese (Rare)
Sakura means "Cherry Blossom" and Zaka means "Peninsula, Cape". Hiroshi Sakurazaka is a Japanese author.
Salt Anglo-Saxon, English
Of Anglo-Saxon origin, from the town in Staffordshire.
Salthouse English
"Salthouse" and other variants come from the place name in Northumberland.
Sasano Japanese
From 笹 (sasa) meaning "bamboo grass" and 野 (no) meaning "field, plains". Other characters are also possible.
Sasayama Japanese
笹 (Sasa) means "Bamboo" and 山 (Yama) means "Mountain".
Satoki Japanese
"City tree".
Satomi Japanese
Sato means " Village " and Mi means " Mindset, Outlook" in this surname. Satomi is also a Japanese first name.
Satoya Japanese
Sato and Ya together, means "Village Valley".
Sawamura Japanese
From Japanese 沢 or 澤 (sawa) meaning "swamp, marsh" and 村 (mura) meaning "town, village".
Schie German
From a nickname that meant "shy".
Senju Japanese (Rare)
Sen means "One thousand" and Ju means "Congratulations".
Seto Japanese
This name is used as Se "Riffle" and To "Door". Asami Seto is a voice actress with this surname.
Setou Japanese
Variant transcription of Seto.
Shang Chinese
This is a Chinese dynasty.
Shee Irish (Anglicized)
Anglicized form of O'Shea.
Shie German
Variant of Schie.
Shigusawa Japanese
Keiichi Shigusawa, professionally known as Keiichi Sigsawa, is an award winning novelist.
Shimaoka Japanese
島 (Shima) means "Island", 岡 (Oka) means "Ridge, Hill".
Shimazaki Japanese
From Japanese 島 (shima) meaning "island" and 崎 (saki) meaning "cape, peninsula".
Shimooka Japanese
Shimo means "Under, Below" and Oka means "Ridge, Hill". A notable bearer is Renjo Shimooka, who was a professional photographer.
Shimotsuki Japanese (Rare)
霜 (Shimo) means " (Hoar)frost" and 月 (Tsuki) means "Month, Moon". This is the traditional name for November in the Japanese language. It is also beared by Haruka Shimotsuki, a singer.
Shimoyama Japanese
Shimo means "Under, Below" and Yama means "Mountain". So in that case, it is Yamashita backwards, except for a different pronunciation. A notable bearer is Kento Shimoyama, who is screenwriter.
Shinden Japanese
See Arata,this is simply the formal pronunciation.
Shio Japanese (Rare)
Shio means "Salt", this one of the most rarest Japanese surnames databases have compiled, I have two sources.
Shiokawa Japanese
Shio means "Salt, Tide" and Kawa means "River, Stream."
Shouyu Japanese (Rare)
Variant transcription of Shoyu.
Shoyu Japanese (Rare)
Shoyu is made up of two kanji and literally means "Soy Sauce". There are other Japanese last names related to food too, but if it's directly related to food, it is rare.
Sia Chinese
Variant of Xie.
Sigsawa Japanese (Anglicized)
The professional surname of Keiichi Shigusawa, an author.
Sky Jewish
Shortened from last names ending in -sky.