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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ShioTanbo1.
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Mardell English
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a variant of Marden.
Marui Japanese
"Round well".
Maruya Japanese
From Japanese 丸 or 圓 (maru) meaning "round, full" and 谷 (ya) meaning "valley".
Masamoto Japanese (Rare)
Masa means "proper, right" and moto meabs "source, root, origin".
Masaoka Japanese
Masa means "right, proper" and oka means "hill, mound".
Mashima Japanese
Ma can mean "real, genuine, true" or "flax" and shima means "island".
Matake Japanese
Ma means "genuine" and take means "bamboo".
Matsen English
Variant of Matson, Mattsen, etc.
Matsubayashi Japanese
Matsu means "Pine Tree" and Bayashi is a variant pronunciation of "Hayashi" meaning "Forest". This surname means "Pine Tree Forest". Matsubayashi-ryu is a kind of martial arts.
Matsueda Japanese
Matsu means "pine" and eda means "twig, branch".
Matsugawa Japanese
Variant of Matsukawa, meaning "pine tree river".
Matsuhashi Japanese
松 (Matsu) means "pine" and 橋 (hashi) means "bridge".
Matsui Japanese
Matsu means "pine" and i means "well, mineshaft, pit".
Matsukura Japanese
Matsu means "pine tree" and kura means "storehouse".
Matsumae Japanese
松 (Matsu) means "pine" and 前 (mae) means "forward, front".
Matsumori Japanese
Matsu means "pine" and mori means "forest".
Matsunawa Japanese
Source in the notes.
Matsuo Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree" and 尾 (o) meaning "tail, end".
Matsuura Japanese
From Japanese 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree" and 浦 (ura) meaning "bay, inlet".
Matsuyuki Japanese
Matsu (松) means "pine" and yuki (雪) means "snow". ... [more]
Mattsen English
Variant of Matson.
Maxfield English
Habitational name from places so named in England.
Maxton English
From a place name meaning "Maccus' settlement".
Mazarro Italian
It means "mace bearer".
Mccan Irish
Variant of McCann.
Mich Polish, English
From Michaj or Michal in Polish usage. From Michael in English.
Michida Japanese
Michi means "path, road" and da means field, rice paddy".
Michikiyo Japanese
Michi means "path, road" and kiyo means "pure, clean".... [more]
Michiyama Japanese
Michi means "path" and yama means "mountain, hill".
Mida Japanese
Variant of Mita.
Midorino Japanese
Midori means "green" and no means "field, plain".
Mihara Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
Mikazuki Japanese (Rare)
Mikazuki is a one kanji surname that means "crescent moon".
Miki Japanese
Miki means "three" and ki means "tree". ... [more]
Mikumo Japanese
Mi can mean "beautiful" or "three" and kumo means "cloud".
Minamisawa Japanese
Minami means "south" and sawa means "swamp, marsh".
Minato Japanese
From Japanese 湊 or 港 (minato) meaning "port, harbour".
Mineo Japanese
Mine means "peak" and i means "tail".
Mineyama Japanese
Mine means "peak" and yama means "mountain, hill".
Mio Japanese
"Three tails."
Misawa Japanese
Mi could mean "three" or "beautiful", and sawa means "swamp, marsh, wetland".
Mishima Japanese
From Japanese 三 (mi) meaning "three" and 島 or 嶋 (shima) meaning "island".
Miso Japanese (Rare)
Miso is made up of two symbols literally referring to "miso soup". Approximately less than 140 people in Japan possess this last name.
Misora Japanese
Mi means "beautiful" and sora means "sky, heaven".
Misumi Japanese
Mi means "three" and sumi can mean "dwelling, residence, abode" or "corner, nook".
Mitoh Japanese
Variant transcription of Mito.
Mitou Japanese
Variant transcription of Mito.
Mitsuhashi Japanese
Mitsu means "three" and hashi means "bridge".
Mitsumatsu Japanese
Mitsu can mean "light" or "three" and matsu means "pine, fir tree".
Mitsushima Japanese
Mitsu could mean "three" or "light" and shima means "island".
Mitsutani Japanese
Mitsu means "light" or "three" and tani means "valley".... [more]
Mitsuyasu Japanese
Mitsu can mean "light" or "three" and yasu means "cheap, relax, peace".
Miyahoshi Japanese
Miya means "shrine, temple, palace" and hoshi means "star".
Miyaki Japanese
Miya means "shrine" and ki means "tree, wood ".
Miyako Japanese (Rare)
Miyako means "capital" in vocabulary, but as a last name, it's written in the same characters as Kyoto.
Miyakuni Japanese
Miya means "Shrine, temple" and kuni "country".
Miyamori Japanese
Miya means "shrine, temple" and mori means "forest".
Miyanichi Japanese
Miya means "temple, palace, shrine" and nichi means "sun, day".
Miyashima Japanese
Miya means "shrine, palace temple" and shima means "island".
Miyashiro Japanese
"Shrine Castle".
Mizufuka Japanese
Mizu means "water" and fuka means "deep".
Mizuhara Japanese
From Japanese 水 (mizu) meaning "water" and 原 (hara) meaning "field, plain".
Mizuhori Japanese
Mizu means "water"and hori means "moat, ditch, canal".
Mizui Japanese
Mizu means "water" and i means "mineshaft, pit, hole".
Mizukuchi Japanese
Mizu means "water" and kuchi means "mouth, opening".
Mizumo Japanese
Mizu means "water" and mo means "cloud".
Mizumura Japanese
Mizu means "water" and mura means "village, hamlet".
Mizuoka Japanese
Mizu means "water" and oka means "hill, ridge".
Mizuya Japanese
Variation of Mizutani.
Momomiya Popular Culture
Surname of several characters from the anime series 'Tokyo Mew Mew'.
Momosaki Japanese
Momo can mean "peach" or "hundred" and saki means "cape, promontory, peninsula".
Momose Japanese
From Japanese 百 (momo) meaning "hundred" and 瀬 (se) meaning "rapids, current".
Mon Japanese
Mon means "Gate".
Monique French
A notable bearer is Kylie Monique, a singer.
Montville French
"Mountain town".