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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ShioTanbo1.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Tsuzuno Japanese
Tsuzu means "Twenty" and No means "Feild, Wilderness".
Uchiai Japanese
Uchi means "inside" and ai means "together, join", "indigo" or "love, affection".
Uchihashi Japanese
Uchi means "inside" and hashi means "bridge".
Uchii Japanese
Uchi means "inside" and i means "well, pit, mineshaft".
Uchino Japanese
Uchi means "inside" and no means "field, plain".
Uchisawa Japanese
Uchi means "inside" and sawa means "swamp, marsh".
Uchiumi Japanese
Uchi means "inside" and umi means "sea, ocean".
Uebara Japanese
Variant of Uehara.... [more]
Uematsu Japanese
From Japanese 植 (ue) meaning "plant" and 松 (matsu) meaning "pine tree, fir tree".
Uemura Japanese
From Japanese 上 (ue) meaning "above, top, upper" or 植 (ue) meaning "plant" and 村 (mura) meaning "town, village".
Uesaka Japanese
Ue means "upper, top, above" and saka means "hill, slope".... [more]
Ueshita Japanese
Ue means "upper, top, above" and shita means "below, under".
Ueta Japanese
Variant transcription of Ueda.
Uetsuka Japanese
Ue means "above, upper" and tsuka means "mound".
Uewara Japanese
Variant of Uehara.... [more]
Umajiri Japanese (Rare)
Uma means "horse" and jiri is a corruption of shiri meaning "behind, end, rear".
Umekawa Japanese
Ume means "plum" and kawa means "stream, river".
Umeki Japanese
"Plum tree".
Umemura Japanese
Ume means "plum" and mura means "village".
Umeno Japanese
Ume means "plum" and no means "field, wilderness, plain".
Umesawa Japanese
Ume means "plum" and sawa means "marsh, swamp".
Underbrook English
Meaning "under the brook".
Union English, Irish
A notable bearer is Gabrielle Union, an actress.
Ura Japanese
Ura means "bay, seacoast".
Urahane Japanese (Rare)
Ura means "bay, seacoast" and hane means "feather, plume".
Urahata Japanese
Ura means "bay, creek, inlet, beach, gulf, seacoast" and hata means "field".
Urai Japanese
Ura means "seacoast, bay" and i means "well, pit, mineshaft".
Uramoto Japanese (Rare)
浦 (Ura) means "Seacoast,Bay" and 本 (Moto) means "Source, Origin, Root". Kentaro Uramoto is a notable bearer of this surname, he is a former Japanese football player.
Uraoka Japanese (Rare)
Ura means "bay, seacoast" and oka means "hill, ridge".
Urasawa Japanese
Ura means "seacoast, bay" and sawa means "swamp, marsh".
Urushihara Japanese (Rare)
漆 (Urushi) means "lacquer/lacker, varnish" and 原 (hara) means "plain, field".
Urushino Japanese
Urushi means "lacker/lacquer" and no means "field, plain".
Ushi Japanese
Ushi means "cow, bull, ox, secind sign of the Chinese zodiac".
Ushijima Japanese
From Japanese 牛 (ushi) meaning "cow, bull, ox" and 島 (shima) meaning "island".
Ushishima Japanese
Ushi means "cow, bull, ox, second sign of the Chinese zodiac" and shima means "island".
Usry English
Variant of Ussery. It comes from a nickname given to a bear-like person.
Utagawa Japanese
Uta means "song" and Gawa comes from Kawa, meaning "river".
Utakawa Japanese
Uta means "song" and kawa means "river, stream".
Utamura Japanese
Uta means "song, poem" and mura means "village, hamlet".
Uyeda Japanese
Variant of Ueda.
Uyehara Japanese
Variant transcription of Uehara.
Uyeno Japanese
Variant of Ueno.
Uyeta Japanese
Variant transcription of Ueta.
Vankova Czech
Feminine form of Vanek.
Waga Japanese
Waga means "young".
Wagahara Japanese
Waga is possibly from waka meaning "young" and hara means "plain, field".
Wagatoki Japanese
Waga means "young" and toki means "time".
Wagatsuma Japanese
Waga mean "young" and tsuma means "wife".
Wajima Japanese
A variant of Washima.... [more]
Wakai Japanese
Waka can mean "young" and i can mean "well, mineshaft, pit".
Wakaizumi Japanese
Waka means "young" and izumi means "fountain, springs".
Wakaki Japanese
若 (Waka) means "young" and 木 (ki) means "wood, tree".... [more]
Wakamiya Japanese
Waka means "young" and miya means "shrine, palace, temple".
Wakao Japanese
Waka means "young" and o means "tail".
Wakasugi Japanese
Waka means "young" and sugi means "cedar".
Wakatani Japanese
Waka means "young" and tani means "valley".
Walking Bear Indigenous American
A notable bearer is Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail, the first Crow individual to achieve a higher education, and one of the first Native American nurses to ever be accepted.
Watabe Japanese
From Japanese 渡 (wata) meaning "cross, ferry" and 部 (be) meaning "part, section".
Watari Japanese (Rare)
Watari means "ferry, import, deliver". Watari is also a first name and a place name.... [more]
Watase Japanese
Wata means "boat, ferry" and se means "ripple".
Waziri Muslim
"Prime minister, Advisor, leader of passion."
Westbay English (Rare)
It means "west bay".
Westland English
Meaning "west land".