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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ShioTanbo1.
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Auguste French
From the first name Auguste 1.
Ausborne English
Possibly a variant spelling of Osborne.
Austen English
A variant of the surname Austin.
Awai Japanese
Awa means "millet" and i means "well, mineshaft, pit".
Awamura Japanese
Awa means "millet" and mura means "hamlet, village".
Awano Japanese
Awa means "millet" and no means "field, wilderness, plain".
Awaoka Japanese
Awa means "millet" and oka means "mound, hill".
Awara Japanese
A variant of Ahara.
Awatani Japanese
Awa means "millet" and tani means "valley".
Awayama Japanese
Away means "millet" and yama means "mountain".
Ayano Japanese
綾 (Aya) means "design" and 野 (no) means "field".... [more]
Ayanokoji Japanese
A variant transcription of Ayanokouji meaning "design small road".
Ayanokouji Japanese
綾 (Aya) means "design", no is a possessive particle, 小 (kou) means "small, little", and 路 (ji) means "road."
Aycox English
Variant of Aycock.
Baba Japanese
From Japanese 馬場 (baba) meaning "riding ground".
Babaoka Japanese
Baba means "riding ground" and oka means "hill".
Bak Korean
Variant of Park 1.
Bando Japanese
It means "east of the slope", referring to eastern provinces of Osaka. The surname originates from there, and that is where it is most common.
Bandoh Japanese
Variant of Bando.
Bandou Japanese
Variant of Bando.
Barney English
It is a place name. ... [more]
Barria Spanish
Variant of Barrio.
Batz Upper German
Derived from Alemannic Swabian Batz "pile; large quantity", possibly applied as a nickname either for a man of large physical proportions or for a man of wealth. The term also denoted a coin and may have been used metonymically for a coiner... [more]
Bault French
Variant of Baud.
Bergamo Italian
From a Celtic word meaning "mountain".
Bibi Urdu, Pashto, Sindhi, Indian, Bengali, Assamese, Odia, Hindi, Punjabi
From a respectful title meaning "woman, lady, miss", ultimately derived from Persian بی‌بی (bibi).
Bjelovuk Serbian
From the given name Vuk. Variant of Belovuk.
Blacke English
Variant of Black.
Blacks English
Variant of Black.
Blasio Italian
Italian form of Blaise.
Blasquez Spanish
From the medieval diminutive Velasco, from the Basque word 'bela' meaning "crow", and the diminutive suffix 'sko'.
Bleu French
Bonamy French
Meaning "good friend".
Bonds English
Variant of Bond.
Bradstreet English
A notable bearer is Anne Bradstreet, essentially known as America's first famous poet.
Braid Scottish
From the Braid Hills.
Brailey English
Habitational name for a person from Brayley Barton in Devon, which is derived from the name of the Bray river (a back formation from High Bray which is from Celtic bre meaning "hill" or Old English brǣg "brow") combined with Old English leah "woodland, clearing".
Breath English, Scottish
From the La Bret family in Daveham. The Scottish variant is Braid.
Breathe English
English variant of Breath. It comes from the La Bret family in Daveham.