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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is ShioTanbo1.
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Burch English
Variant of Birch.
Burt English
From the given name, which is a short form of Burton.
Bushida Japanese
Bushi means "Warrior, Samurai" and Da means "Rice Paddy, Field".
Chabashira Japanese (Rare)
This is a food related surname. 茶 (Cha) literally means "{Green} Tea" and 柱 (Hashira) means "Pillar", turning into 'Bashira'. A tea pillar is a tea stalk pointing vertically, in Japan this is considered "good luck"... [more]
Chadrick English
Possibly a variant of Chadwick.
Chea Chinese
Variant of Xie.
Chee Chinese
Possibly a variant transcription of Xie, similar to Shee 2.
Chestnutt English
"Chestnut." A notable bearer is Charles Waddel Chestnut, a novelist.
Chibana Japanese
千 (Chi) means "A Thousand, One Thousand" and 花 (Bana) is a variation of Hana, meaning "Blossom, Flower". A male notable bearer, is Choshin Chibana. He was a martial artist who created his own form of karate... [more]
Chikafuji Japanese
Chika means "Near" and Fuji means "Wisteria".
Chino Japanese (Rare)
Written with characters Chi ("Micanthus Reed") and No ("Feild").
Chisaka Japanese
Chi means "One Thousand" and Saka means "Slope,Hill".
Clarence English
From the given name Clarence.
Conwell English
Russell Cornwell Hoban was a children's book writer.
Cornet English
Variant of Cornett, meaning Horn.
Creek English
Danger English (Rare), Popular Culture
This has been seen in records of the most uncommon American surnames. It has also been used in popular culture, in the show Henry Danger. Although, it's not the character's actual last name.
Dax English
Either derived from the town of Dax in France or from the Old English given name Dæcca (of unknown meaning).
Debbie English
It comes from Dibden meaning "deep valley".
Debby English
"Deep valley" from Old English Dipden.
Denmark English
From the country.
Denton English
"Valley Town" in Old English, where the given name Denton comes from.
Devil French
Variant of De Ville, De Vill,etc.
Dobb English
From a nickname of Robert, a variant is Dobbs.
Dodd English
"Son of Dod." Variant of Dodds.
Doi Japanese
Do ("Earth") + I ("Habitation") or ("Well, Mineshaft") in a different region. "Earth Well" is used mainly in the west and in Shikoku, the "Earth Habitation" kanji is used in eastern Japan. This name isn't rare and considered out of the ordinary, but it's uncommon to the ears.
Dotani Japanese (Rare)
戸 (Do) meaning "Door" or 藤 (Do) meaning "Wisteria". 谷 (Tani) means "Valley".
Eastman English
Derived from the Old English given name Eastmund, or a variant of East.
Ecru French (?)
It means "unbleached" in French, but is used in English to mean brown.
Edler German
"Noble man." It comes from Edelman.
Ejiri Japanese
江 (E) "Inlet,River" and 尻 (Jiri) "Behind ,Rear".
El-kindy Arabic (?)
A variant of Al-Kindy.
Elms English
Variant of Elm.
Enatsu Japanese
江 (E) means "River,Inlet" and 夏 (natsu) means "Summer". A notable bearer is Yutaka Enatsu who used to be a pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers. Enatsu is also on the first name sight... [more]
Ennenga Frisian
From the given name Enno.
Enokida Japanese
榎 (Enoki) means "Hackle/Chinese Nettle Berry Tree", and 田 (Da) means Rice Paddy, Field". A notable bearer with this family name is Daiki Enokida, who is a professional baseball player.
Eroll English
From a Scottish place name.
Eto Japanese
江 (E) means "River, Inlet" and 藤 (To) means "Wisteria".
Etou Japanese
The same as Eto.
Fegley English
A notable bearer is Oakes Fegley, an actor.
Fibonacci Italian
A notable bearer is the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci (1170-1240), the creator of the Fibonacci sequence.
Fieldman English
This surname most likely means, "Field Man", if it's not derived from the English words themselves.