Armenian Submitted Surnames

Armenian names are used in the country of Armenia in western Asia, as well as in Armenian diaspora communities throughout the world.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ABAJIAN Armenian
The surname Abjian is a patronymic from Turkish abacι‎ ‘maker or seller of coarse woolen cloth or garments’, from aba ‘coarse woolen cloth’.
ABASYAN Armenian
This is a last name. Abasyan's were Kings and Queens, having Kingdoms from the years 750-1280.
ABELYAN Աբելյան Armenian
Means "son of ABEL".
ABRAHAMIAN Աբրահամյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of ABRAHAMYAN.
ABRAHAMYAN Աբրահամյան Armenian
Means "son of ABRAHAM".
ADAMIAN Ադամյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of ADAMYAN.
ADAMYAN Ադամյան Armenian
Means "son of ADAM".
AGASSI Armenian, Persian, Italian
The surname Agassi most likely evolved from a nickname for someone resembling a mappie, perhaps jokingly referred to as chattering or nagging person. ... [more]
AJEMIAN Armenian
Patronymic from Turkish acem meaning ‘Persian’, ‘foreigner’, from Arabic a’jam meaning ‘one who speaks Arabic incorrectly’.
ALEKSANYAN Ալեքսանյան Armenian
Means "son of ALEKSAN".
ALEXANIAN Ալեքսանյանը Armenian
Alternate transcription of ALEKSANYAN.
ANDONIAN Անտոնեան Armenian
Alternate transcription of ANTONYAN.
ANTONIAN Անտոնյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of ANTONYAN.
ANTONYAN Անտոնյան Armenian
Means "son of ANTON".
ARABIAN Armenian
Patronymic from the ethnic term arab ‘Arab’.
ARAKELYAN Առաքելյան Armenian
Means "son of ARAKEL".
ARUSTAMYAN Առուստամյան Armenian
Means "son of Arustam", from a given name derived from a combination of the names ARA and RUSTAM.
ASATRYAN Ասատրյան Armenian
Means "son of ASATUR".
ASLANIAN Ասլանյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of ASLANYAN.
ASLANYAN Ասլանյան Armenian
Derived from Turkic arslan meaning "lion".
AVAKYAN Ավագյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Ավագյան (see AVAGYAN)
AVETISYAN Ավետիսյան Armenian
Means "son of AVETIS".
AZARIAN Ազարյան Armenian (Expatriate)
Variant transcription of Azaryan, a patronymic likely derived from an Armenian form of the Hebrew given name 'AZARYAH.
BABAIAN Բաբայան Armenian
Alternate transcription of BABAYAN.
BABAYAN Բաբայան Armenian
Derived from Turkish baba meaning "father".
BALIAN Armenian
Patronymic of uncertain origin, perhaps from Turkish bal ‘lord’, ‘master’, a word of Arabic origin.
BARSEGHYAN Բարսեղյան Armenian
Means "son of BARSEGH".
BOGHOSIAN Պողոսեան Armenian
Means "son of BOGHOS".
BOMBI Բոմբի Italian, Bosnian, Albanian, Georgian, Armenian, Ossetian
Patronymic form of BOMBA.
BOYAJIAN Բոյաջյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of BOYAJYAN.
BOYAJYAN Բոյաջյան Armenian
Means "son of the painter" from Armenian պոյաճի (poyači) meaning "dyer, painter".
DADRIAN Տատրեան Armenian
DANIELIAN Դանիելյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of DANIELYAN.
DANIELYAN Դանիելյան Armenian
Means "son of DANIEL".
DAVIDIAN Դավթյան Armenian, Jewish
Alternate transcription of DAVTYAN.
DERIAN Armenian
Patronymic from classical Armenian tēr meaning ‘lord’.
Patronymic from classical Armenian tōnapet meaning ‘head of a festival’.
GALSTYAN Գալստյան Armenian
Means "son of GALUST".
Means "son of Garabed", an Armenian personal name meaning literally "leader, precursor" and traditionally used as an epithet of John the Baptist in the Armenian church.
GASPARIAN Գասպարյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of GASPARYAN.
GASPAROV Գասպարով Armenian (Russified)
Russified form of GASPARYAN.
GASPARYAN Գասպարյան Armenian
Means "son of GASPAR".
GHAZARIAN Ղազարյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of GHAZARYAN.
GHAZARYAN Ղազարյան Armenian
Means "son of LAZAR".
GRIGORIAN Գրիգորյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of GRIGORYAN.
GULIAN Armenian
From Armenian word gul meaning "rose", as well as "laughter", combined with the common suffix of ian meaning "son of".
HAYRAPETYAN Հայրապետյան Armenian
Means "son of Hayrapet".
HOVAKIMYAN Հովակիմյան Armenian
Means "son of HOVAKIM".
HOVHANNISIAN Հովհաննիսյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of HOVHANNISYAN.
HOVSEPIAN Հովսեփյան Armenian (Expatriate)
Variant transcription of HOVSEPYAN used by Armenians living outside Armenia.
HOVSEPYAN Հովսեփյան Armenian
Means "son of HOVSEP".
KARAPETIAN Կարապետյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of KARAPETYAN.
KARAPETYAN Կարապետյան Armenian
Means "son of KARAPET".
KARDASHIAN Քարտաշյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of KARDASHYAN. This is the name of an Armenian-American family of socialites.
KARDASHYAN Քարտաշյան Armenian
Western Armenian transcription of KARTASHYAN.
KARKAVANDIAN Armenian, Iranian
Those belonging to the Karkevand/Garkevand district of Iran who are most likely of Armenian origin. Typical modern Armenian last names end with the originally patronymic suffix -յան or -եան, transliterated as -yan, -ian, or less often '-jan'... [more]
KARTASHYAN Քարտաշյան Armenian
Means "son of the stonemason" from Armenian քարտաշ (kʿartaš) meaning "stonecutter, stonemason".
KASABYAN Ղասաբյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Ղասաբյան (see GHASABYAN)
this name is believed to be a version of the name of a city called kashman
KASPARIAN Կասպարյան Armenian (Expatriate)
Variant of GASPARYAN used by Armenians living outside Armenia.
KASPAROV Կասպարով Armenian (Russified)
Russified form of GASPARYAN. A notable bearer is Garry Kasparov (1963-), a Russian chess grandmaster.
KHACHATRYAN Խաչատրյան Armenian
Means "son of KHACHATUR".
KHORCHIDIAN Կհորչիդիան Armenian
KHORCHIDIAN Խորչիդեան Armenian (Eastern)
KIRAKOSYAN Կիրակոսյան Armenian
Means "son of KIRAKOS".
MADATYAN Մադաթյան Armenian
Means "son of MADAT".
MANUKIAN Մանուկյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of MANUKYAN.
MANUKYAN Մանուկյան Armenian
Means "son of MANUK".
MARGARYAN Մարգարյան Armenian
Means "son of Margar" from a given name derived from Old Armenian մարգարէ (margarē) "prophet".
MARGOSIAN Մարկոսեան Armenian
patronymic from the personal name MARGOS, Armenian form of MARK.
MARKARIAN Մարգարյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of MARGARYAN.
MARKOSYAN Մարկոսյան Armenian
Means "son of MARKOS".
MARTIROSYAN Մարտիրոսյան Armenian
Means "son of MARTIROS".
MELIKYAN Մելիքյան Armenian
Means "son of MELIK".
MELKONYAN Մելքոնյան Armenian
Means "son of MELKON".
MINASIAN Մինասյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of MINASYAN.
MINASSIAN Մինասյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of MINASYAN.
MINASYAN Մինասյան Armenian
Means "son of MINAS".
MISAKIAN Միսաքյան Armenian
An Armenian surname meaning "descendant of Misak." Misak is the Armenian form of the Ancient Hebrew name Meshach.
MKHITARYAN Մխիթարյան Armenian
Means "son of MKHITAR".
MKRTCHIAN Մկրտչյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of MKRTCHYAN.
MKRTCHYAN Մկրտչյան Armenian
Means "son of MKRTICH".
NAJARIAN Նաջարյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of NAJARYAN.
NAJARYAN Նաջարյան Armenian
Means "son of the carpenter" from dialectal Armenian նաջար (naǰar) meaning "carpenter" (of Arabic origin).
NALBANDIAN Նալբանդյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of NALBANDYAN.
NALBANDYAN Նալբանդյան Armenian
Means "son of the farrier" from dialectal Armenian նալբանդ (nalband) meaning "farrier" (of Persian origin).
OHANIAN Armenian
Patronymic from the personal name OHANNES, Armenian equivalent of JOHN.
OHANYAN Օհանյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Օհանյան (See OHANIAN)
PAHLEVANYAN Փահլևանյան Armenian
Means "son of the wrestler" or "son of the champion", ultimately from Persian پهلوان (pahlevân) meaning "strong man, champion, wrestler".
PERIKHANYAN Փերիխանյան Armenian
Means "son of Perikhan".
PETROSIAN Պետրոսյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of PETROSYAN.
POGHOSYAN Պողոսյան Armenian
Means "son of POGHOS".
SAHAGIAN Սահակյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of SAHAKYAN.
SAHAKIAN Սահակյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of SAHAKYAN.
SAHAKYAN Սահակյան Armenian
Means "son of SAHAK".
SARAFIAN Սարաֆյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of SARAFYAN.
SARAFYAN Սարաֆյան Armenian
Means "son of the banker" from Arabic صَرَّاف (ṣarrāf) meaning "banker, moneychanger, cashier".
SARGIS Սարգիս Armenian
From the given name SARGIS.
SARKIS Սարգիս Arabic, Armenian (Expatriate)
From the given name SARKIS.
SAROUKHANIAN Սարուխանյան Armenian
Here is the combined words meaning of "Saroukhanian" surname: Sar(Armenian origin–սար– means: Mountain ) + u (Armenian origin –եւ– means :and )+ khan( խան _means: prince )+ yan (յան– a suffix for Armenian family names) and the combination of the words finally means The Mountain and Prince or The Prince օf Mountain
SIMONIAN Սիմոնյանը Armenian
Alternate transcription of SIMONYAN.
SIMONYAN Սիմոնյան Armenian
Means "son of SIMON (1)".
STEPANIAN Ստեփանյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of STEPANYAN.
STEPANYAN Ստեփանյան Armenian
Means "son of STEPAN".
TADEVOSYAN Թադևոսյան Armenian
Means "son of Tadevos".
TANIELIAN Դանիելյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of Armenian Դանիելյան (see DANIELYAN)
TAVITIAN Տաւիտյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of DAVIDYAN.
The surname Grigoryan derives from the name Grigor, which is Armenian pronunciation of the name Gregory (it derives from Greek word, γρηγορος, and means 'watchful', 'alert'). Adding to the name the prefix Ter- is the way people call the priests in Armenia (in English often the word "Father" is used instead)... [more]
TOVMASYAN Թովմասյան Armenian
Means "son of TOVMAS".
TUMASYAN թումասյան Armenian
Means "Son of Thomas" in Armenian. It is the Armenian equivalent to THOMPSON
VARDANIAN Վարդանյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of VARDANYAN.
VARTANYAN Վարդանյան Armenian
Variant transcription of VARDANYAN.
YEGHIAZARYAN Եղիազարյան Armenian
Means "son of YEGHIAZAR".
YESAYAN Եսայան Armenian
Means "son of Yesay".
ZAKARIAN Զաքարյան Armenian
Alternate transcription of ZAKARYAN.
ZAKARYAN Զաքարյան Armenian
Means "son of ZAKAR".