Ukrainian Submitted Surnames

Ukrainian names are used in the country of Ukraine in eastern Europe.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Taras Тарас Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian
From the given name Taras.
Tarasenko Тарасенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Taras.
Timoshenko Тимошенко Ukrainian
Means "son of Timofiy".
Toptunov Топтунов Russian, Ukrainian
Tsybulenko Цибуленко Ukrainian
Ukrainian surname created from the Ukrainian word цибуля (tsybulya) meaning "onion" and the patronymic ending -enko.
Tuleshova Russian, Ukrainian
Was the surname of “The Voice Kids Ukraine”, Daneliya Tuleshova.
Tyahlo Тягло Ukrainian
Derived from Ukrainian тягло (tyahlo) meaning "draught animals; beasts of draught, beasts of burden".
Urban English, French, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Jewish
From a medieval personal name (Latin Urbanus meaning "city dweller", a derivative of urbs meaning "town", "city").
Urbana Урбана Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian (Rare), Italian, Spanish
Feminine form of Urban.
Usyk усик Ukrainian
From Ukranian meaning "tendril".
Vakarchuk Вакарчук Ukrainian
Valentyn Валентин Ukrainian
From the given name Valentyn.
Varunok Варунок Ukrainian
Vasilenko Василенко Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Vasylenko.
Vasylenko Василенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Vasyl.
Vasylyshyna Василишина Ukrainian
Feminine variation of Vasylyshyn.
Vays Вайс Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian
Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian form of Weiss.
Velikanov Веліканов Russian, Ukrainian
Derived from Russian великан (velikan) meaning "giant".
Vengerov Венге́ров Ukrainian, Russian
Ukrainian and Russian surname derived from the word венгр (vengr) meaning "Hungarian".
Vorobey Воробей Ukrainian
Ukrainian surname taken from the word воробе́й (vorobey) meaning "sparrow".
Vovk Вовк Ukrainian, Slovene
Derived from Ukrainian вовк (vovk) meaning "wolf", also used in Slovenia.
Vtorak Вторак Ukrainian, Russian
Derived either from Russian второй (vtoroy) meaning "second, other" or directly from dialectal Ukrainian вторак (vtorak) meaning "secondborn".
Vytebskyi Витебський Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Vitebsky.
Warhola вархола Ukrainian (Americanized), Slovak, Czech
Yakovenko Яковенко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Yakov.
Yampilskiy Ямпільський Ukrainian (Rare)
This was used by people originating from any of various Ukrainian settlements by the name of "Yampil".
Yaremchuk яремчук Ukrainian
Yarmolenko Ярмоленко Ukrainian
Regional name for someone from Yarmolyntsi, an urban-type settlement in Ukraine.
Yatsko Яцко Ukrainian
Yldyrym Йлдирим Turkish (Ukrainianized), Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Yıldırım.
Yurchenko Юрченко Ukrainian
Derived from the given name Yuriy.
Zakharian Захарян Armenian (Ukrainianized), Russian (Ukrainianized), Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of the Armenian & Russian surname Zakharyan.
Zalusky Ukrainian
Derives from the Slavic word zalew, meaning "bay" or "flooded area". Given to families who lived near water or areas that flooded often.
Zaytsev Зайцев Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian заяц (zayats) or Ukrainian заєць (zaets) meaning "hare".
Zbirak Збірак Ukrainian (Rare), Polish (Rare)
Derived from the Polish 'zbierac' meaning to collect or gather
Zinchenko Зінченко Ukrainian
From the given name Zinoviy.
Zolochivskiy Золочівський Ukrainian (Rare)
This indicates familial origin within the Ukrainian city of Zolochiv.
Zosimov Зосімов Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of Zosim".
Zosimovich Зосімович Belarusian (Rare), Ukrainian (Rare)
Means "son of Zosim (see Zosimus)"; rarely used in both Belarus and Ukraine.
Zrobok Зробок Ukrainian
Zrobok is a Cossack name from the area near Brody in Ukraine. My ancestors came from the village of Bordulaki on the river Styr. Other Zroboks came from the village of Sokolivka. The name means; Someone who has worked to exhaustion.