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Greek names are used in the country of Greece and other Greek-speaking communities throughout the world. See also about Greek names.
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ADAMOPILUS Αδαμοπιλυσ Greek
ADAMOS Αδαμος Greek
Means "son of ADAM".
AETÓS αετός Greek
"Eagle" - in Greek, spelled αετός.
AGAR Greek, Italian, French
From the personal name AGAR
AGATHANGELOU Αγαθάγγελου Greek (Cypriot)
Patronymic from the genitive form of AGATHANGELOS. Genitive patronymics are particularly associated with Cyprus.
ALEXANDROPOULOS Αλεξανδροπουλος Greek
Means "son of ALEXANDROS."
ALEXIE Greek, Romanian
From the givin name ALEXIE
ALEXOPOULOS Αλεξόπουλος Greek
From the personal name ALEXIOS + the patronymic ending -poulos.
ANASTASSAKIS Αναστασάκης Greek
Crete born John Anthony Aniston, (birth name Yiannis Anitios Anastassakis) is an American actor and the father of actress Jennifer Aniston.
This surname was originally derived from the Greek Andreas, a name meaning manly. It was the name of the first of Jesus Christ's disciples, which is known in various local forms throughout Christendom... [more]
ANDREADIS Ανδρεάδης Greek
Means "son of ANDREAS" in Greek.
ANDREOU Ανδρεου Greek
Derived from the given name ANDREAS.
Patronym from the given name ANDREAS, with the Cretan suffix -akis. Common in Australian Greek communities.
Variant of ANGELOS.
ANGELOPOULOS Αγγελόπουλος Greek
From the personal name ANGELOS or a shortened form of the personal name EVANGELOS + the patronymic ending -poulos.
Reduced form of any of various Greek surnames derived from the forename ANGELOS (from #angelos ‘messenger’, ‘angel’), as for example ANGELOPOULOS.
ANTURY Greek, Hebrew
Haifa, Israel.... [more]
ARGYROS Αργυρος Greek
Means "silver" in Greek.
ARISTODEMOU Αριστοδήμου Greek (Cypriot)
Alternate transcription of Greek Αριστοδήμου (see Aristodimou).
Friendly, Approachable, Generous
Habitational name for someone from the city of Arta in Epirus.
ATHANASIOU Αθανασίου Greek (Cypriot)
From the personal name ATHANASIOS, "immortal", with the Cypriot genitive suffix -ou.
ATHANASOPOULOS Αθανασόπουλος Greek
Means "son of ATHANASIOS" in Greek.
AVRAMOPOULOS Αβραμόπουλος Greek
BALASKA Μπαλασκα Greek, Jewish, Polish
Feminine form of BALASKAS (Greek) or Balaski (Jewish), it is used by Greeks and Slavic Jews.
BALASKAS Μπαλάσκας Greek
Masculine form of BALASKA.
Its my surname
It can be Kalimeris as well and it means good morning.
CHARALAMBOUS Χαραλάμπους Greek (Cypriot)
Cypriot surname derived from the Greek given name CHARALAMPOS.
CHLOROS Χλορως Greek
Meaning "green" in Greek
CHRISTODOULOPOULOS Χριστοδουλόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of Christ's servant" in Greek.
CHRISTOFIAS Χριστόφιας Greek
CHRISTOFOROU Χριστοφόρου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of CHRISTOPHOROS".
CHRISTOPHILOU Χριστοφίλου Greek
CHRISTOYANNOPOULOS Χριστογιαννόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of JOHN and CHRIST" in Greek. A notable bearer of this surname is Alexandre Christoyannopoulos.
CHRONIS Χρόνης Greek
From a short form of Greek POLYCHRONIS. The word χρόνος (chrónos) itself means "time" in Greek.
CHRYSSOMALLIS Χρυσομάλλης Greek (Rare)
A known bearer is YIANNIS Chryssomallis (1954-; also known as Yanni), a Greek-American musician.
CLERIDES Κληρίδης Greek
CONSTANTINIDES Κωνσταντινίδης Greek (Cypriot)
From the given name KONSTANTINOS.
CONSTANTINOU Κωνσταντίνου Greek (Cypriot)
Cypriot variant of KONSTANTINOU.
DABIZAS Νταμπίζας Greek
DAMANTIOU Δαμαντιου Greek
Means "son of ADAMANTIOS, inspired by the name ADAM and prefix -antiou.
DANIELIDES Δανιηλίδης Greek
Non-modern variant transcription of DANIILIDIS.
Means "son of Daniel".
DANIELOS Δανιελος, Δανιηλος Greek (Rare)
Means "Son of DANIEL or DANIIL".
DANIIL Δανιηλ Greek
From a given name DANIIL.
DANIILIDIS Δανιηλιδης Greek
Means "Son of DANIEL/DANIIL".
Comes from the Greek root word of "Daskalalos" (Δάσκαλος) that means "teacher", with the adittion of the ending "akis" (ακης) that usually shows a connection with the island of Crete
DIAKOS Διάκος Greek
Meaning Deacon. Notable bearer of this name is Athanasios Diakos (1786–1821), a Greek military commander during the Greek War of Independence and a national hero.
DIAMANDIS Διαμαντής Greek
"Diamonds" in Greek. One notable bearer of the surname is Marina Lambrini Diamandis, A Welsh/Greek Songwriter and Singer who preforms under the stage name of "Marina and the Diamonds"
DIAMANTOPOULOS Διαμαντόπουλος Greek
Means "son of DIAMANTO" in Greek.
DIMITRIADIS Δημητριάδης Greek
Means "son of DIMITRIS" in Greek.
DIMITROPOULOS Δημητρόπουλος Greek
Means "son of DIMITRIOS".
DIMOPOULOS Δημόπουλος Greek
DOUGENIS δουγενης Greek
Possibly from the elements doulos (δουλος)- "slave, servant" and genes (γενης)- "born".
From medieval Greek doukas "duke", "lord", from Latin dux. This was the name of a family of imperial rank in medieval Byzantium.
DRAKOS δράκος Greek
From the Greek name Δρακων (Drakon) which means "dragon, serpent"
Dukakis means "son of the duke or little duke".
ECONOMOS Οικονόμος Greek (Anglicized, Expatriate, ?)
Alternate transcription of Greek Οικονόμος (see Oikonomos), which was an occupational surname meaning "one who manages a household, steward of an estate, housekeeper" from the ancient Greek word οἰκόνομος (oikonomos), itself derived from οἶκος (oikos) "house, household" and νόμος (nomos) "law, custom".
Possibly derived from the given name EFSTATHIOS.
ELIAS Greek, Catalan, Portuguese, English, Welsh, German, Dutch, Jewish
Derived from the medieval given name ELIAS. Compare ELLIS.
ETHE Greek
"plural form of ethos"... [more]
FILO Slovak, Greek
Filo is a Slovak pet form of the personal name FILIP.... [more]
FRANGOPOULOS Φραγκόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of a Frank" in Greek.
FRANTZIS Φραντζής Greek
Means 'someone with blue, pale eyes', derived from the Greek "galanos", meaning 'azure', 'milky' or 'blue'.
Occupational name for a coppersmith, from gana "coating", "verdigris". Possibly also a variant of Ganis.
GATAKI γατάκι Greek (?)
Meaning "kitten" in Greek.
GAVRIEL Γαβριήλ Greek
Variant transcription of GAVRIIL.
GAVRIIL Γαβριηλ Greek
From the given name GAVRIIL.
Patronymic form of GEORGIOS.
GERAGOTELIS γεραγωτελλης Greek
GERMAN English, Norman, German, Jewish, Greek
From Old French germain meaning "German". This sometimes denoted an actual immigrant from Germany, but was also used to refer to a person who had trade or other connections with German-speaking lands... [more]
GERODIMOS Γεροδήμος Greek
From the given name GILVERTOS.
GIORGAINA Γιώργαινα Greek (Archaic)
Andronymic meaning "wife of GEORGIOS". This was used in early modern Greece, at which time a married woman's surname was formed from her husband's given name and the suffix -αινα (-aina)... [more]
Shiny eyes .
Variant of HATZIS.
Hasapi is the word, "butcher" in the Greek language. The last name Hasapis is most probably from immigrants traveling to the new world
HATZI Χατζής Greek
A Greek rendering of حاج‎ (ḥājj), denoting one who has successfully completed a pilgrimage. In a Christian context, the title designates a person who has visited Jerusalem and the Holy Land and was baptised in the Jordan River... [more]
HATZIDAKIS Χατζηδάκης, Χατζιδάκις Greek
Diminutive of HATZIS.
Hatzis is the modern form of the Greek khatzis 'a pilgrim to Jerusalem' (either Christian or Muslim), considered a high social distinction. The Greek term is Semitic in origin and is cognate with Arabic hajj 'pilgrimage (to Mecca).'
ILIOPOULOS Ηλιόπουλος Greek
Means "son of ILIAS" in Greek.
IRAKLIDIS Ηρακλιδης Greek (Rare)
Means "son of HERAKLES", it is also a modern form of the first name HERAKLEIDES.
KALOGEROPOULOS Καλογερόπουλος Greek
Means "son of the monk" in Greek, derived from Greek καλόγερος (kalógeros) "monk, friar".
KARABOURNIOTIS Καραβουρνιώτης Greek (Rare)
KARAGIANNIS Καραγιάννης Greek
Means “black John” from the Greek prefix καρα- (kara-) meaning “black” (of Turkish origin) and the name GIANNIS.
KARATARAKIS Καραταράκης Greek
It cames only from the greek island lefkada, its by the word meaning is "Downfoot" nut actually it means The guy who run away
KAZAN Καζάν Greek
Reduced form of Kazandis which is an occupational surname for a maker of cauldrons or someone who uses a cauldron for the distillation of ouzo or raki... [more]
(Greek background) not very common surname and comes from Greece
KOKKINOS Κόκκινος Greek
Means "red" in Greek.
KOLOKOTRONIS Κολοκοτρώνης Greek
Notable bearer of this name is ... [more]
KONSTANTINIDIS Κωνσταντινίδης Greek
Means "son of KONSTANTINOS" in Greek.
Given to someone from Constantinople.
KONSTANTINOU Κωνσταντινου Greek
Derived from the given name KONSTANTINOS.
KOSTAS Κώστας Greek
From the given name KOSTAS.
KOSTOPOULOS Κωστόπουλος Greek
Means "son of KOSTAS".
KOURI Κουρή Greek
Variant of KOURIS.
KOURIS Κουρής Greek
Topographic surname for someone who lived in a forest, ultimately from Turkish koru meaning "small forest, grove".
KOURLITIS κουρλίτης Greek (Modern)
Of unknown origin, bearing the locational suffix -tis, "of, from". Potentially related to κουρλί, "tendril of hair", kouros, "noble boy, youth", or a location such as Koursaroi.
KYRIAKOU Κυριάκου Greek (Cypriot)
Means "son of KYRIAKOS".
LAKIOS Λακιος Greek
From ancient and medieval Greek laskaris, a kind of soldier, from Persian laeshkaer "army". This is the same word as Urdu lascar "sailor" and Arabic el-askari "the army", "the troops".
LEOS Greek
From the personal name Leos, pet form of LEON.
LEVIDIS Λευιδης Greek
Means "son of LEVI" in Greek.
LOUGANIS Λουγκάνις Greek
Variant of LOUKANIS. A famous bearer is American former olympic diver Greg Louganis (1960-).
LOUKANIS Λουκάνης Greek
Means "sausage" in Greek, nickname for a butcher or sausage maker.
LYKAIOS Greek (Rare)
Derived from the Greek word "Lykos" meaning wolf.
MAKRIYANNIS Μακρυγιάννης Greek
Notable bearer of this name is General Yannis Makriyannis (1797-1864), was a Greek merchant, military officer, politician and author.
This surname is found in Sparta, Greece.... [more]
Occupational name for a maker of handles (e.g. of knives), from medieval Greek manikion "sleeve", "handle", from Latin manicae "sleeve, manacle".
MARKOPOULOS Μαρκόπουλος Greek
Means "son of MARKOS" in Greek.
Derived from the given name MARTINOS which is MARTIN in English.
MASALIS Μασαλισ Greek (Cypriot)
Cypriot surname, often used in rural parts of Cyprus. Died out in Greece, there are no more living people with it anymore.
MASSARA Italian, Greek
Either a feminine form of MASSARO or from the equivalent occupational or status name in medieval Greek, (massaras meaning ‘peasant’ or ‘share cropper’) which is from the word massaria meaning ‘small farm’.
MATSOUKA Ματσούκα Greek (Cypriot)
Means "Bat" from Latin maxuca.
MATTHIAS German, Dutch, English, Welsh, Greek
German and Dutch: from the personal name MATTHIAS (see MATTHEW).... [more]
MATTHIOU Ματθιου Greek
Means "son of MATTHIAS".
MAVROGIANNIS Μαυρογιάννης Greek
Literally means "black Giannis", derived from Greek μαύρος (mavros) "black, Moorish" and GIANNIS.
Possibly from the names of several characters in Greek mythology, including a son of Poseidon who the Nile River was originally named after.
MERKOURIS Μερκούρης Greek
Possibly a Greek cognate of Italian Mercurio, which is ultimately derived from Latin MERCURIUS.
A common last name in Greece. Probably from the Archangel Michael who appeared to the Virgin Mary with a lily.
MICHALIDIS Μιχαλιδης Greek
Means "Son of MICHAEL".
MICHALOPOULOS Μιχαλόπουλος Greek
Means "son of MICHAIL" in Greek.
MICHELETOS Μιχελέτος Greek
Derived from the given name MICHAIL.
MIKOS Polish, Hungarian, Greek
From a derivative of a personal name equivalent to NICHOLAS: Polish MIKOLAJ, Slovenian MIKLAVŽ, or Hungarian MIKLÓS.... [more]
MORALIS Μόραλης Greek
Meaning unknown, possibly a Greek form of the Spanish surname MORALES.
One meaning/explanation of the surname Morells is it's an Americanization of the Greek name surname MARIOLIS.
A Gods son who will become God
NICODEMOU Νικοδήμου Greek (Cypriot)
Variant transcription of Νικοδήμου (see Nikodimou), a patronymic from the genitive form of NIKODIMOS... [more]
NICOLAOU Νικολάου Greek (Cypriot)
Cypriot variant of NIKOLAOU.
NIKOLAIDIS Νικολαΐδης Greek
Means "son of NIKOLAOS".
NIKOLAOU Νικολάου Greek
Means "son of NIKOLAOS".
NIKOLOPOULOS Νικολόπουλος Greek
Means "son of NIKOLAOS".
NIKOLOPOULOU Νικολόπουλου Greek
Feminine form of NIKOLOPOULOS.
NOMIKOS Νομικός Greek
A Greek surname which means "relating to law" (see first name NOMIKI).
ONASIS Ωνάσης Greek
From Turkish oynas which means "Lover".
OTHONOS Όθωνος Greek (Cypriot)
Comes from Όθων meaning "Otto" in Greek.
PANAGIOTIDIS Παναγιωτίδης Greek
From given name PANAGIOTIS.
PANAGOPOULOS Παναγόπουλος Greek
Derived from the given name Panagos (a short form of PANAGIOTIS) and the patronymic suffix -πουλος (-poulos)... [more]
From a short form of the personal name PANAGIOTIS ‘All Holy’ (an epithet of the Virgin Mary).
PANTAZIS πανταζής Greek
Derived from the Greek words panta, "always", and zise, "live". Means "always live" or "live forever".
PAPACHRISTODOULOPOULOS Παπαχριστοδουλόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of the priest and servant of CHRIST" in Greek.
Likely derived from Greek papas, meaning "pope".
PAPADIAMANTOPOULOS Παπαδιαμαντόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of the diamond priest" in Greek. A notable bearer of this surname is Ioannis Papadiamantopoulos, a Greek revolutionary leader.
PAPADOPOULOU Παπαδοπούλου Greek
Feminine form of PAPADOPOULOS.
PAPAMICHAEL Παπαμιχαήλ Greek, English (Rare)
Means "Son of priest MICHAEL".
PAPASTATHOPOULOS Παπασταθόπουλος Greek
PAPATONIS Παπατωνησ Greek
From the Greek surname Papantonis, meaning "son of ANTONIS, the Priest".
PAPAZOGLOU Παπάζογλου Greek
Means "son of the priest", derived from the Greek παπάς (papás) meaning "priest" combined with the Turkish oğlu or oğul meaning "son, descendant".
PAPOULIAS Παπούλιας Greek
When many Greek immigrants came to the U.S. at Ellis Island or wherever else they came to, they shortened their names. Pappas means priest. People with this name are descendants of priests. (In the Greek Orthodox church, one can become a priest if married... [more]
PAVLIDES Παυλιδης Greek
Means "Son of PAVLOS".
PAVLOPOULOS Παυλόπουλος Greek
Means "son of PAVLOS" in Greek.
PERDIKOGIANNIS Περδικογιάννης Greek
Means "partridge John" in Greek, from πέρδικα (perdika) "partridge" combined with the given name GIANNIS.
PERSOPOULOS Περσόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of a Persian" in Greek.
PETRAKIS Πετράκης Greek
Patronymic form of the Greek given name PETROS (see PETER).
PETROPOULOS Πετρόπουλος Greek
Means "son of PETROS" in Greek.
PISTARIO Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Pistario is a surname, mainly used in the Greek, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
The suffix 'akis' indicates that this name comes from the island of Crete. The precise meaning is unknown, though it is theorised that, as 'poly' means "many" or "much" and 'chron' might be supposed to come from the same root as 'Chronos' meaning "time", the name means "much time" or "long time".
REMIS Greek, Dutch, German, Asturian
Greek from a medieval Greek personal name, Remis, a vernacular form of the personal name REMIGIUS (see French REMY)... [more]
ROSI Greek, Italian
Greek: Metronymic from the female personal name Rosa, or alternatively a variant of ROSSO.... [more]
Meaning "of Russian descent".
ROUSSOS Ρούσσος Greek
Originally a nickname for a red-haired or blond person, derived from Greek ρούσος (roúsos) "red".
SARRIS Σαρρής Greek
Derived from Turkish sari meaning "blond, fair-haired".
From the personal name Sav(v)as, New Testament Greek Sabbas, a derivative of Sabbaton "Sabbath", "Saturday".
SCALA Italian, Greek
Habitational or topographic name from any of various places named with scala, "ladder", "steps", "wharf".
A surname which means "Moonlight" in Greek.
SERVOPOULOS Σερβόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of a Serb" in Greek.
Greek reduced and altered form of the personal name ISIDOROS (see ISADORE), altered by folk etymology as if derived from sidero ‘iron’ (classical Greek sideron), and hence regarded as an omen name: ‘may the child grow up to be as strong as iron’.
SIMONIDIS Σιμωνιδης Greek
Variant of Simonides.
Means "son of STEFAN".
STEPHANOPOULOS Στεφανόπουλος Greek
Means "son of STEPHANOS".
Greek name.... [more]
TATOPOULOS Τατόπουλος Greek
Surname of dancer and actress Zoï Tatopoulos, and of her father, Patrick Tatopoulos, production designer and director
THAIS Greek (Modern)
from the given name THAIS, meaning "beloved, bandage"
THALASSIS Θαλάσσης Greek (Rare)
From a short form of the personal name ATHANASIOS, literally "immortal". This was the name of several saints venerated in the Greek Orthodox Church, the most important of them being ATHANASIOS the Great (293–373), theologian and patriarch of Alexandria in Egypt.
THANOU Θάνου Greek
THEODOROPOULOS Θεοδωρόπουλος Greek
Means "son of THEODOROS" in Greek.
TSAOUSSIS Τσαουσης Greek (Anglicized, Modern, Rare)
From the Greek meaning "peacock"
VASILAKIS Βασιλάκης Greek
Patronymic meaning "son of VASILIS".
VASSILAKIS Βασιλάκης Greek
Variant of VASILAKIS.
VASSILIOU Βασιλείου Greek
VENIZELOS Βενιζέλος Greek
From the baptismal name Benizelos, which is already in existence since the 16th century in Athens. Uncertain etymology, most likely to be of Italian origin, (Bene + angelo, the good angel, ie EVANGELOS)... [more]
VOULGAROPOULOS Βουλγαρόπουλος Greek
Means "descendant of a Bulgarian" in Greek.
VOUVALI Βουβάλη Greek
From Greek βούβαλις (vouvalis) meaning "antelope" or βούβαλος (vouvalos) "buffalo".
XANTHOPOULOU Ξανθοπούλου Greek
Feminine counterpart of XANTHOPOULOS.
XIPHIAS Ξιφίας Greek
Meaning Swordsfish
Means son of YIANNI, a famous bearer of this name is Milo Yiannopolous (1983-).
YPSILANTIS Υψηλάντης Greek
ZAFEIRIOU Ζαφειρίου Greek
Means "son of Zafeiris".
ZIKA Czech, Greek
From a short form of the personal name ZIKMUND, the Czech form of SIEGMUND.... [more]
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