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These names are a subset of English names used more often in America. See also about American names.
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AANENSONEnglish (American, Anglicized)
Anglicized form of rare Norwegian surname Ånundson meaning "son of ÅNUND".
ALBANYScottish, English (American)
From the title of the Dukes of Albany (House of Stuart), hence a name borne by their retainers. It is an infrequent surname in England and Scotland. The city of Albany, NY (formerly the Dutch settlement of Beverwijck or Fort Orange) was named for James Stuart, Duke of York and Albany; he was the brother of King Charles II and later king in his own right as James II... [more]
AMUNDSONEnglish (American, Anglicized), Swedish (Rare)
Anglicized from or rare Swedish variant of AMUNDSEN.
ARABIAEnglish (American)
Americanized form of French Arabie.
BEABEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Bieber or Biber, from Middle High German biber ‘beaver’, hence a nickname for someone thought to resemble the animal in some way, a topographic name for someone who lived in a place frequented by beavers or by a field named with this word, or a habitational name from any of various place names in Hesse containing this element.
BEARCUBEnglish (American, Rare)
Surname meaning a bear cub.
BEARDEnglish (American)
Nickname for a bearded man (Middle English, Old English beard). To be clean-shaven was the norm in non-Jewish communities in northwestern Europe from the 12th to the 16th century, the crucial period for surname formation... [more]
BECRAFTEnglish (American)
English, variant of Beecroft. topographic name for someone who lived at a place where bees were kept, from Middle English bee ‘bee’ + croft ‘paddock’, ‘smallholding’.
BJORKLUNDEnglish (American)
Anglicized form of Swedish Björklund or Norwegian Bjørklund.
BOMENGENEnglish (American), Norwegian (Rare)
Name created from during immigration from Norway to the United States in either the late 19th or early 20th century meaning, "The farm with the big gate."
BROWEREnglish (American)
English variant of Brewer. Respelling of Brauer or Brouwer.
BUCKWALTEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Buchwalder.
BUNDYEnglish (American)
This surname is most recognizable in North America as belonging to the serial killer named Ted Bundy who committed his crimes in the 1970s.
BYCRAFTEnglish (American, Rare, ?)
Found mostly in the American Great Lakes region and Canada, likely a singular extended family. Likely of 6th century English descent, though there are very few English natives who bear the name. Name either refers to the occupation running some sort of mill machine, the original holder living near a croft (enclosed pasture or tillage) or implies "craftiness" of its original holder.
CARLINGEnglish (American)
Americanized form of German Garling or Gerling.
CAROSOEnglish (American)
Surname of Panther Caroso from the Star Fox 64 series.
CENAEnglish (American), English
Cena is a prominently used English name. It is derived from the word "see", however it rather than referring to the ability to see it, what it actually refers to is the inability to see as the other half of the name ("-na") means "naw" a synonym for "no"... [more]
CESTAREEnglish (American, Modern)
There is a similar name, Sastre, which is the Spanish form of the surname Sarto, meaning "tailor." The name CESTARE is phonetically similar to Sastre and could be a derivative of that name.... [more]
CHEDDEREnglish (American)
this name comes from the name cheddar cheese
CLINGEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Klinger.Possibly a variant of Clinker. an English occupational name for a maker or fixer of bolts and rivets.
CLOREEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Klor (from a short form of the medieval personal name Hilarius (see Hillary) or Klar).
COLESEnglish, Scottish, Irish, German (Anglicized), English (American)
English: from a Middle English pet form of Nicholas.... [more]
CORDERFrench (Anglicized, Archaic), English (American)
Linked to both English, French and Spanish origin. Cordier, Cordero, Corder- one who makes cord. Can refer to both the act of making cords (rope), cores of fire wood, or actual location names.... [more]
COREEnglish (American), German (Anglicized)
Core is the anglicized form of the German surname Kohr, also spelled Kürr. Alternately, it is an English name of Flemish origin.
CRAFTEnglish (American)
Variant of Croft and Americanized spelling of Kraft.
CREEPINGBEAREnglish (American, Rare)
Possibly taken from the English words creeping and bear.
CUNNINGTONEnglish (American)
Scottish linked to {Marshall}
DEENEnglish (American)
The History of the Name Deen Derives from England, over time spelling variations have existed. The name Deen is used by mostly American English people.
DEETZEnglish (American)
Surname of the characters, Delia, Charles and gothic daughter, Lydia from the movie and TV series, Beetlejuice.
DICKENSHEETSEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Dickenscheid, a habitational name from a place named Dickenschied in the Hunsrück region. The place name is from Middle High German dicke ‘thicket’, ‘woods’ + -scheid (often schied) ‘border area’ (i.e. ridge, watershed), ‘settler’s piece of cleared (wood)land’.
DOLLARScottish, English (American)
Scottish: habitational name from Dollar in Clackmannanshire.... [more]
EAGLEBURGEREnglish (American)
Americanized form of German Adelberger, a habitational name for someone from a place called Adelberg near Stuttgart.
ECHELBARGEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Eichelberger.
FAILOREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Failer or Fehler, variants of Feiler.
FRALEYEnglish (American)
Anglicized/Americanized version of the German surname "Frohlich", meaning "happy" or "cheerful".
FYLEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Feiler.
GAFFNEYEnglish (American)
This may sound like the female given name Daphne.
GEARHARTEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Gierhard, a variant of Gerhardt.
GOODYEAREnglish (American), English (Canadian)
Derived from the Medieval English phrase "goodyeare", a term meaning "good year".
GRIMKÉEnglish (American)
Meaning unknown. This was the surname of Sarah (1792-1873) and Angelina (1805-1879) Grimké, sisters who opposed slavery and supported women's rights.
HAIZLIPEnglish (American)
American variant spelling of Scottish Hyslop.
HASCHAKEnglish (American)
This may be influenced from the English word hashtag, meaning number.
HAUPTMANEnglish (American), German
Variant spelling of Hauptmann.
HENNEBERYEnglish (American)
A berry and an alias used by March McQuin
HERBAUGHEnglish (American)
Americanized form of German Harbach.
HORVITZEnglish (American)
Surname of Richard Steven Horvitz, a voice actor in Angry Beavers, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and Invader Zim.
HOTALINGEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of Dutch Hoogteijling, an indirect occupational name for a productive farmer, from hoogh ‘high’ + teling ‘cultivation’, ‘breeding’.
JACOWAYEnglish (American)
Altered form of the personal name Jacques.
KAIGLEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of Kegler.
KINGSOLVEREnglish (American)
Altered form of English Consolver, which is unexplained. Compare Kinsolving.
LOAFMANEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Laufmann.
LUKEHARTEnglish (American)
Americanized form of German Luckhardt.
MAHLOYEnglish (American)
Mahloy is a misspelling of Malloy by Charles Malloy's (b. 1898, Scotland) elementary school teacher in the Ireland. The surname Malloy is derived from the pre 10th century Old Gaelic name O'Maolmhuidh, meaning the descendant of the Great Chief.
MANESSEnglish (American)
Probably a variant of MANES.
MAVROSEnglish (American)
Means "Black" in Greek.
MIERSpanish, Dutch, English (American)
As a Spanish name relates to late summer and means "harvest" or "ripened".... [more]
MILLSAPEnglish (American), English
Judging by the name and how it sounds, I guess it's occupational. This is the name of a town in Texas, named after Fuller Millsap.
MONEYMAKEREnglish (American)
Translated form of German Geldmacher or Geldschläger, occupational names for a coiner.
MOSCOWEnglish (American, Rare)
From the city of Moscow in Russia.
NELVINEnglish (American)
Female named after her uncle who surname was Melvin. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1931.
NINEEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Nein or Neun, from Middle High German niun meaning "nine".
NOVEMBEREnglish (American)
From the name of the month.
OAKLEAFEnglish (American)
Probably an Americanized (translated) form of Swedish Eklöf.
OFFICEREnglish (Canadian), English (American, Rare)
Occupational name for the holder of any office, from Anglo-Norman French officer (an agent derivative of Old French office ‘duty’, ‘service’, Latin officium ‘service’, ‘task’).
ORMAYEnglish (American)
Believed to be the Americanization of the last name Ormoi from Hungary.
OYASKIEnglish (American)
A surname created by Michael Oyaski (formally Michael O'Yaski). The surname is currently known to only be used by one particular branch of the O'Yaski family tree. The surname means "Dragon Rider of the West" according to members of the Oyaski family.
PASHEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Pasch.
PENDARVISEnglish (American)
The American English spelling of the Cornish surname Pendarves. Ultimately, the surname is traced back to Pendarves Island, Cornwall.
PINESEnglish (American)
Surname of the characters, Dipper, Mabel and Stan from Gravity Falls.
POWALSKIEnglish (American)
Surname of Leon Powalski from the Star Fox 64 series.
PUCHOLEnglish, English (American)
Puchol is name prominently used in the English culture. "Puchol" means "Little Bitch" and is generally associated with weakness. Studies show that the name and those who have it give cancer to others... [more]
PUETTEnglish (American)
Americinized form of Pütt.
RAINWATEREnglish (American)
Americanized form of the German family name Reinwasser, possibly a topographic name for someone who lived by a source of fresh water, from Middle High German reine ‘pure’ + wazzer ‘water’.
RAISHEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Raisch.
RAVENSWOODEnglish (American)
Ravenswood is a gothic surname.
RAYNESEnglish (American)
Patronymic version of many Germanic names with the first element starting with "ragin"
RYERSONEnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of Swedish Reierson or of any of its cognates, for example Dutch Ryerse, Ryersen or Norwegian and Danish Reiersen.
SEAGLEEnglish (American)
Americanized form of Jewish Segal or German Siegel.
SHURGOTPolish, English (American)
Americanized spelling of Szurgot.
STIFFEnglish (American)
Used sometimes as a derogatory term, stiff means uptight. It is used in a surname in American culture as well as in the media, such as novels, movies or tv shows.
STRAWBERRYEnglish (American, Rare)
Possibly from the name of the fruit, or from any of the various places named Strawberry in the US.
STRAWBRIDGEEnglish (American)
Someone who built bridges as a living.
SWISSEnglish (American)
Americanized form of German Schweitz.
SYMEREEnglish (American, Rare)
Name of unknown origin, typically used in the United States. It is best known as the real first name of American rapper Lil Uzi Vert.
TIPPETTSEnglish (American)
Tippetts Recorded as Tipp, Tippe, diminutives Tippell, Tippets, Tipping, patronymics Tippett, Tipples, Tippins, and possibly others, this is a medieval English surname. ... [more]
TUTTLEEnglish, English (American), Irish
Derived from the Old Norse given name Þorkell, derived from the elements þórr (see Thor) and ketill "cauldron". The name evolved into Thurkill and Thirkill in England and came into use as a given name in the Middle Ages... [more]
VAMPYREnglish (American)
A gothic surname.
VIRTUOSOEnglish (American), Spanish, Italian
This Italian surname could possibly be connected to those whose ancestors were involved in playing a musical instrument or somehow connected to the musical instrument industry.
William Scott Burns ( Martin)
WINEGARDNEREnglish (American)
Anglicized form of the German occupational surname Weingartner. A known bearer of this surname is the American writer Mark Winegardner (b. 1961).
WOODLEYEnglish (American)
The actress Shailene Woodley's last surname
WYOMINGEnglish (American)
From the name of the US state.
YOAKUMEnglish (American)
Americanized version of Jochim
ZEAGLEREnglish (American)
Americanized spelling of German Ziegler.
ZIMMONEnglish (American)
Variant of Zinon
ZUEENAEnglish (American, Modern)
The Name Zueena Means Black Feathers & it originated with The Analuka Family of America.