Slovak Submitted Surnames

Slovak names are used in the country of Slovakia in central Europe. See also about Czech and Slovak names.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADAMEC     Czech, Slovak
From a pet form of the personal name Adam.
BARAN     Czech, Slovak
Baran means "wether" in Czech (Moravian) and Slovak.
BARÁNEK     Czech, Slovak
Baránek means "small wether" in Czech (Moravian) and Slovak.
BARTEK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, German
Polish, Czech, Slovak, and eastern German: from a pet form of a vernacular form of the personal name Bartolomaeus (Czech Bartoloměj, Polish Bartłomiej, German Bartolomäus)
BASISTA     Polish, Czech, Slovak
Occupational name for a double-bass player.
BIEL     Polish, Czech, Slovak
Nickname for a white- or fair-haired person, from Polish biel, Old Czech bielý, Slovak biely "white".
BOLIBRUCH     Slovak
This name is a last name in the Slovak region.
BOMBA     Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak
From bomba "bomb", (Latin bombus), hence probably a nickname for someone with an explosive temperament, or a metonymic occupational name for an artilleryman.
CUDA     Slovak
Derives from the word name derives from cuda meaning "miracle".
DOMAN     Czech, Slovak, Polish
Derivative of the personal name Tomas, or Slavic, Polish name formed with 'doma' meaning home or domestic such as Domasław or Domarad, also shortened from the surname Domański.
DUBEC     Slovak
Very old word for oak
DUCH     Slovak, Czech
Means "ghost" in Slovak.
ELIÁŠ     Czech, Slovak
Eliáš is Czech and Slovak form of Hebrew name Elijah.
FEDORCHAK     Czech, Slovak
Ukrainian and Slovak from a pet form of the personal name Fedor.
FILO     Slovak, Greek
Filo is a Slovak pet form of the personal name FILIP.... [more]
FIŠER     Czech, Slovak, Slovene
Czech, Slovak and Slovene form of FISCHER.
FRISTENSKY     Czech, Slovak
Sugar Beet Farmer.
FURMAN     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Jewish, Slovene, English, German (Anglicized)
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic), and Slovenian: occupational name for a carter or drayman, the driver of a horse-drawn delivery vehicle, from Polish, Yiddish, and Slovenian furman, a loanword from German (see Fuhrmann)... [more]
GELU     Slovak
GLASNAK     Slovak
HERINGH     Slovak
Heringh, no history known, people having these surnames in Slovakia belong to the same family, very untypical for this region - Slovakia in the middle of Europe.
HRDINA     Czech, Slovak
Hrdina is a Czech and Slovak surname meaning "hero". Two notable bearers are Jan Hrdina, and Jiří Hrdina, both are ice hockey players.
HUDEC     Czech, Slovak
Occupational name for a fiddler, hudec, a derivative of housti meaning "to play the fiddle".
JÁNOŠÍK     Slovak
Comes from a pet form of the name Jan.
JANOS̆KO     Slovak
From a derivative of the personal name Jánoš.
JENDRE     German (Anglicized, Rare), Czech (Anglicized, Rare), Slovak (Anglicized, Rare), Danish (Anglicized, Rare)
Jendre is an anglicized version of many surnames throughout Europe that start with 'Jendre'.... [more]
KMET     Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovak
Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, and Slovak status name for a type of peasant. In Slovenia this denoted a peasant who had his own landed property. In Serbia and elsewhere it was a status name for a feudal peasant farmer who cultivated the land of his lord instead of paying rent or doing military service... [more]
KOLLÁR     Slovak, Hungarian
Variant of Kolar.
KONEČNÝ     Czech, Slovak
From Czech and Slovak konečný meaning ''final, last, finite''. Perhaps a nickname for the youngest son of a family, a topographic name for someone who lived at the end of a settlement, or a nickname for someone who brought something to a conclusion.
KOPRIVA     Slovak
Means "nettle".
KOSTRA     Czech, Slovak
Unusual surname found in Slovakia and the Czech Republic meaning "skeleton" from the word kostra, ultimately from the word kost meaning "bone". In Czech in particular, kostra refers only to the biological meaning of "skeleton" - a skeleton as an independent entity is known as a kostlivec.
KOT     Polish, Slovak, Czech, Belorussian, Jewish, German
From a personal name or nickname based on Slavic kot "tom cat".
KOVÁČIK     Slovak
Comes from a pet form of Kováč, 'smith'.
KOZÁK     Slovak, Hungarian
Variant of KOZAK.
KOZAK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Sorbian, Ukrainian
Ethnic name for a Cossack, a member of a people descended from a group of runaway serfs who set up a semi-independent military republic in Ukraine in the 15th and 16th centuries.
KRÁSNÝ     Czech, Slovak
Means "beautiful". Pronounced "KRAHS-nee".
KRIVÁŇ     Slovak
Taken from the name of the mountain Kriváň, ultimately from kriv- meaning "bent, crooked".
KUBA     Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Jewish
From Kuba, a pet form of the personal name Jakub.
Surname used in the Investigation I am doing. Person's name is alledgly:... [more]
LÁNSKÁ     Czech, Slovak
She comes from Lány.
LOKAJ     Slovak
Footman/Lackey in history meant "servant"
Patronymic from the given name Lorencs or any other name relating to that.
MADERA     Polish, Slovak, Hungarian
Ethnic name from an old word for a Hungarian (see Magyar).
MATEJKA     Slovak, Czech
Derived from the given name Matej.
MATTA     Slovak
Derived from the personal name MATÚŠ.
MAZÁČ     Czech, Slovak
From workers on a buildings, who were gluing bricks to each other
MORÁVEK     Czech, Slovak
Means "Moravian".
MRTVÝ     Czech, Slovak
Mrtvý means "Dead".
MUCHA     Polish, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian
Nickname for an irritating person or someone considered of no importance, from mucha "fly".
PAGÁC     Slovak
Nickname from pagáč meaning "clown", "buffoon".
PAVEL     Slovak
Comes from the personal name Pavel.
PAVLÍK     Czech, Slovak
From a pet form of Pavel. Ukrainian from a pet form of the personal name Pavlo, Ukrainian equivalent of Paul.
PAVLISKO     Slovak
Rusyn patronym based on Pavel
PLÁŇSKER     Czech (Rare, Archaic), Slovak (Rare, Archaic), German (Rare, Archaic)
Originating from Bohemia, a region between The Czech Republic and Germany. The name means "forest clearing", Pláň: forest, sker: clearing. It is a very rare last name with only about 20 holders of it.
PODUSKA     Slovak
Poduska means pillow or soft cushion.
RAK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Jewish
Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian (Rák), and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): from Slavic rak ‘crab’, ‘lobster’, or ‘crayfish’. This was applied as an occupational name for someone who caught and sold crayfish, crabs, or lobsters, or as a nickname to someone thought to resemble such a creature... [more]
RYŠAVÝ     Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak last name meaning "red-haired".
SCHMIDTOVÁ     Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak form of the German surname Schmidt through the feminine suffix -ová.
SEJKORA     Czech, Slovak
Sejkora means titmouse in Czech.
SIKORA     Polish, Czech, Slovak
Sikora means titmouse in Polish.
SOTAK     Slovak
Habitational name from Soták, an eastern Slovak region near Humenné.
ŠŤASTNÝ     Czech, Slovak
From the word, meaning "happy".
STEFKOVIC     Slovak
Possibly means 'son of Stefko', judging by the fact that Slavic suffixes such as '-ovich' and '-ovic' mean '(name)'s son'.
STRAKA     Czech, Slovak
Czech and Slovak: Nickname from straka ‘magpie’, probably for a thievish or insolent person.... [more]
TABOR     English, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Jewish
English: metonymic occupational name for a drummer, from Middle English, Old French tabo(u)r ‘drum’.... [more]
TCHAIKOVA     Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Slovak
From the word "Chaika" meaning Seagull in multiple other Slovak languages.
TICHÁ     Czech, Slovak
Means "silent".
TÖGYÖRD     Slovak
Slovak I have a baptismal record of my great Grandfather I can send.
TUPÝ     Slovak
From the word, meaning "blunt, dull".
URBAN     English, French, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Jewish
From a medieval personal name (Latin Urbanus meaning "city dweller", a derivative of urbs meaning "town", "city").
VÁCLAVÍK     Czech, Slovak
Václavík is nickname for Slavic name Václav.
VAŠKO     Czech, Slovak
Vaško is Moravian and Slovak pet form of name Václav.
VLČEK     Czech, Slovak
Means "little wolf".
VLK     Czech, Slovak
Means "Wolf".
VOBORNÍK     Czech, Slovak
Příjmení Voborník vzniklo dle svého bydliště, tedy z obory. Oborníky mívali naši předkové, byli to správcové nebo strážcové obor, lesní a hajní v oborách (slovo toto žije v příjmení Oborník, Voborník)... [more]
VOYTEK     Polish, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian
Americanized spelling of the given names VOJTEK, VOJTECH, WOJTEK, all pet forms of the Polish given name WOJCIECH, or other Slavic cognates.
WOYTEK     Czech, Slovak, Polish
Eastern European surname of unknown meaning. A variant of Vojtek.
ŽÁIK     Slovak
Slovak form of ZAK.
ZAK     Polish, Slovak, Czech
A nickname given to youthful or studious people. Comes from the Polish zak, meaning "student" or "schoolboy". It originally meant "novice" or "candidate for the priesthood", and so in some cases it is perhaps a nickname for someone who had been destined for holy orders.
ZELENÁ     Czech, Slovak
Means "green" in Czech and Slovak.
ZELEZNIK     Slovak
Means "iron man".
ŽIAK     Slovak
Žiak means "school boy" in Slovak
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