Surnames Categorized "cold"

This is a list of surnames in which the categories include cold.
Acquafredda Italian
Denoted a person who came from one of the various places in Italy with this name, derived from Italian meaning "cold water".
Caldwell English
From various English place names derived from Old English ceald "cold" and wille "spring, stream, well".
Caulfield English
From a place name meaning "cold field", from Old English ceald "cold" and feld "pasture, field".
Crisp English
English cognate of Crespo.
Frost English, German
From Old English and Old High German meaning "frost", a nickname for a person who had a cold personality or a white beard.
Mendoza Spanish, Basque
From a Basque place name derived from mendi "mountain" and hotz "cold".
Morozov Russian
Derived from Russian мороз (moroz) meaning "frost".
Nieves Spanish
From the given name Nieves.
Śniegowski Polish
Habitational name for a person from Sniegow, Sniegowo or other places with a name derived from Polish śnieg "snow".
Vinter Danish, Norwegian, Swedish
Scandinavian variant of Winter.
Winter English, German, Swedish
From Old English winter or Old High German wintar meaning "winter". This was a nickname for a person with a cold personality.
Winterbottom English
From Old English winter meaning "winter" and botm meaning "ground, soil, bottom". This name probably referred to a winter pasture at the bottom of a lowland valley.
Winther Danish, Swedish
Danish and Swedish variant of Winter.
Yukimura Japanese
From Japanese (yuki) meaning "snow" and (mura) meaning "town, village".
Zima Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian
From a Slavic word meaning "winter". This may have been a nickname for a person with a chilly personality.
Zyma Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Zima.