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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the meaning contains the keyword lamb.
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Angioni Italian
From Sardinian angioni "lamb", denoting a shepherd, or perhaps a nickname.
Angius Italian
Meaning uncertain, possibly linked to Sardinian angioni "lamb", Ancient Greek άγγος (àngos) "vessel, jug" or άγχω (ankho) "to strangle; anguish, stress", or from a modification of Latin balneum (see Bagni) "bath", indicating a place with hot springs.
Chilver English (British)
Means "ewe lamb" , (a young female sheep).
Cordeiro Portuguese, Galician
Means "young lamb" in Portuguese and Galician (Latin cordarius, a derivative of cordus "young", "new")... [more]
Cordero Spanish
Means "lamb" in Spanish, either used as an occupational name for a shepherd or a religious name referring to Jesus as the Lamb of God.
Cordisco Italian
Possibly from Italian cordesco "second-born lamb, butchered calf".
Gioi Italian
Possibly from Sardinian angioi "lamb", a nickname for a shepherd, or from gioi "Thursday".
Janjić Serbian, Croatian
Derived from janje, meaning "lamb".
Kuzu Turkish
Means "lamb" in Turkish.
Labba Sami
Meaning uncertain. Perhaps derived from Sami slabba "large reindeer antler shaped like a hand" or from Northern Sami láppis "lamb".
Lambillotte French (Modern)
Currently, a common name in Wallonia, Belgium with some descendants in USA. Believed to be derived from three terms..."lamb" "ill" "otte". The first term has remained unchanged from early Germanic term; the second is latin for "of the" and the third a dimiuative or feminine form suffix... [more]
Lämmle German, Jewish
Derived from German lamm meaning "lamb", a nickname for a meek and inoffensive person or a shepherd.
Lellouche Judeo-Spanish
From Tamazight alûsh meaning "lamb".
Lemming Danish
Derived from any of the places in Denmark called Lemming where the first element lem "lamb" is combined with the suffix -ing denoting a place.
Ovechkin Russian
Patronymic derived from Russian овечка (ovechka) meaning "lamb". A famous bearer is the Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin (1985-).
Scannapieco Italian
Occupational name for a butcher, from scannare "to slaughter, to cut the throat of" and piecuro "sheep, lamb".
Tall Estonian
Tall is an Estonian surname meaning both "lamb" and "stable/barn".
Whitlam English
From a medieval nickname for a mild-mannered person (from Middle English whit "white" + lam "lamb"). This surname is borne by Australian Labour politician Gough Whitlam (1916-), prime minister 1972-75.