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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is liyahaa.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Baltakis Lithuanian
Means “white-eyed” in Lithuanian, from balta meaning “white” and akis meaning “eye”.
Barthélémy French
From the given name Barthélémy.
Benatar Jewish
Possibly from Hebrew בֵּן (ben) meaning "son" and עתר ('atar) meaning "petitioner".
Boulier French
Occupational name for a maker of balls or the organizer of a game of boules, from French boule meaning "ball".
Casals Catalan, French
Plural form of Casal.
Converse English
Originally a nickname for a Jew converted to Christianity or an occupational name for someone converted to the religious way of life, a lay member of a convent, from Middle English and Old French convers "convert".
Cram English
From the the Scottish place name Crambeth (now Crombie), a village and ancient parish in Torryburn, Fife.
Cuervo Spanish
Means "raven, crow" in Spanish, ultimately from Latin corvus. From a nickname for a man with strikingly glossy black hair or with a raucous voice. Alternatively, a habitational name from places containing this word (e.g. El Cuervo, Teruel).
Dupouy French
Variant of Dupuy.
Escolar Spanish
From Spanish escuela meaning "school".
Esteruelas Spanish
Possibly from the place name Camarma de Esteruelas, a village in Madrid.
Helmcke German
Variant of Helmke.
Joutsen Finnish
Means “swan” in Finnish.
Kindred English
From the Anglo-Saxon given name Cenered meaning "bold counsel" from the elements cene, cen (later kene) meaning "bold, brave, proud" and raed meaning "counsel".
Kyyhkynen Finnish
Means "pigeon, dove" in Finnish.
Orosco Spanish, Basque
Variant of Orozco. Means "place of the holly trees" from oros meaning "holly tree" and the suffix -ko suggesting place. Also believed to have been derived from Latin orosius meaning "the son of bringer of wisdom".
Posner German, Polish, Medieval
Originally denoted a person from Poznań, Poland.
Rushen English
Originally denoted a person who lived near a marsh, noted for its rushes (see Rush). A famous bearer of this surname is the American singer Patrice Rushen (b. 1954).
Timonen Finnish
From the given name Timo 1.
Tsangaris Greek, Greek (Cypriot)
From Greek τσαγκάρης (tsagkáris) meaning “shoemaker”.
Utsler German
Derived from the given name Utz.
Veracruz Spanish (Mexican)
Originally denoted a person from Veracruz, Mexico, from Latin vera crux meaning "true cross".
Vyner English
Variant of Viner.
Wieland German, Germanic Mythology
Derived from the given name Wieland.