Various Submitted Surnames

These names do not "belong" to any one culture. They are put here because they cannot be categorized anywhere else.
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Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
ADI Various
From the given name Adi
ADRIAN Various
From the given name Adrian.
AZALEA English, Indonesian, Various
From the name of the flower (see Azalea). A notable bearer is Australian rapper Amethyst Amelia Kelly, who's better known by her stage name Iggy Azalea.
BEHAR Various
The surname Behar is of Hebrew origin and is the surname of Moroccan French runner Abdellah Behar (Born 1963)
Broadus is the surname of rapper Snoop Dogg born Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr
CHRISTINA English, Various
Derived from the name Christina
A combination beetween the popular prefix "de" with the given name Jesus.
Hershko is a common spelling of the Romanian surname Herșcu.
ICE Various
From the English word that denotes water frozen to a solid state.
Combination of Jean and Marie
KEVIN Various
From the given name Kevin.
LEV Various
Means "lion" in Russian and "heart" in Hebrew.
LEVIN Jewish, Lithuanian, Belarusian, German, Russian, French (Quebec, Anglicized), Various
As a Lithuanian Jewish and Belarusian Jewish name, it is a Slavicized form of Levy. As a German and German Jewish name, it is derived from the given name Levin. As a Jewish name, it can also be related to Loewe... [more]
LUKAS Various
Variant of the surname Lucas, mainly used in Scandinavian or Slavic languages.
MADINA Various
Meaning unknown.
MORAD Various
Either means "down" (like "down the river" or "down the mountain") in Hebrew. And a variant of the names Murad and Mourad in Arabic.
ORA Albanian (Modern, Rare), Various
Means "time" in Albanian. A famous bearer is British singer Rita Ora (b. 1990).
REMIG Various
Derived form the given name Remigius.
SAADIQ Various (Rare)
Rare variant of Sadiq.
From the Hebrew given name Shaked, which means "almond" in Hebrew.