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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is kay_girl_97.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Armuier French
French for "armorer."
Baldoni Italian
From the Germanic word "baltha", which means "gallant" or "bold."
Barisich German
Likely a German version of Baruch.
Boswachter Dutch
Dutch for "forester."
Boulanger French
Means "baker" in French.
Burken English
English variant of Birkin (see Burkins).
Caine French, English
Originally from a French derogatory nickname for someone with a bad temper.
Charrue French
French for "cartwright."
Ciabattino Italian
Italian for "cobbler."
Claude French
From the first name Claude.
Claudel French
From the given name Claudel.
Collines French
French for "hillbanks".
De Carlo Italian
From the prefix De and the first name Carlo.
Didonato Italian
Combination of the prefix Di and the name Donato.
Ensign English
From the military rank.
Fadden Irish, Scottish
Shortened form of Mcfadden.
Fleckenstein German
German for "stain stone".
Forsyth Scottish
Variant of Forsythe. Known bearers include the Scottish botanist William Forsyth (1737-1804), after whom the genus Forsythia is named, and Scottish inventor Alexander John Forsyth (1769-1843).
Franck English, French
From the given name Franck.
Garrick English
From the first name Garrick.
Georgia English
From the given name Georgia.
Gerdes German
Patronymic name, coming from "son of Gerhard.
Gillian English
From the first name Gillian.
Glendon Scottish, English
From the first name, which means "from the dark glen" in Scottish Gaelic.
Groen Dutch, Low German
Dutch nickname for someone who habitually dressed in green, from Middle Dutch groene ‘green’. ... [more]
Harrington English
From Old English word meaning "hare town"
Henri French
From the first name Henri.
Hildegard Germanic, German
From the given name Hildegard.
Issac English, Spanish
From the given name Issac.
Janota Czech
Derivative of Jan.
Kaine English
Variant of Caine.
Kaye English
From the first name Kaye.
Keala Hawaiian
From the given name Keala.
Klostermann German
Combination of "kloster" meaning "monastery," and common German suffix Mann.
Lambe English
Variant of Lamb.
Le Breton French
Describes someone from the French region Breton.
Link English
Comes from Old English word "hlinc"
Lovett English, French
From Ango-Norman French "louvet" meaning "young wolf".
MacShanley Irish
Anglicized form of Mac Seanlaoich. Seanlaoich comes from Gaelic "the old hero."
Mccawell Irish
Anglicanized version of Mac Cathmhaoil.
McCluskey Irish
Anglicized version of Gaelic Mac Bhloscaidh, which comes from "Bloscadh", a personal name probably derived from "blosc" meaning "blast".
Mcgraith Irish
Means "Son of Graith."
Ó Connachaín Irish
Means "Descendant of Connachaín."
Ó Gnímh Irish, Scottish
Means "Descendant of Gnímh".
Pashley English
From the an Old English personal name Pæcca, and with the Old English word "le-ah," meaning "clearing in the wood. ''
Pêcheur French
French for "fisher."
Petrova Bulgarian, Russian
Feminine form of Petrov.
Pettinger English
English version of Pottinger.
Pittman English
Described someone who lived in a hollow or pitt (see Pitt).
Platte French
From Old French plat, meaning "flat."
Prevot French
A prevot was a govenment position during the Ancient Régime
Putz German
German for "plaster". Likely used to denote someone who manufactured plaster
Rassmussen English (American, Rare)
Americanized spelling of Danish and Norwegian Rasmussen.
Rittman German, English
From Middle High German "riet" and "mann", riet meaning reed.
Royal English
From the given name Royal.
Runge German
From the old word "runga", meaning stick or whip
Schaben German
Describes an inhabitant of the region Swabia
Scherman German
German version of Sherman
Schoenmaker Dutch
Dutch word for "shoemaker."
Shanley Irish
Shortened form of MacShanley.
Tailleur French
French for "tailor."
Tiago Portuguese
From the given name Tiago.
Tico Spanish
From the given Tico.
Tisserand French
French for "weaver."
Tonnelier French
French for "cooper."
Vansant Dutch
Derivative of Van Zant.
Vasaio Italian
Italian for "potter."