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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is jkkk.
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Abdul-Jabbar Arabic, Indian
This last name is famous for a basketball player, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
Ansted English
Variant of Anstead, possibly derived from places named with Old English ham-stede meaning "homestead".
Beckingham English
From the name of two villages in England, one in Lincolnshire and one in Nottinghamshire.
Blacksmith English
Occupational name for a blacksmith, a smith who work with iron. The name is rare in England and mostly found in North America, suggesting that it's a translation of a non-English name meaning "blacksmith" (see Kowalski, Raudsepp and Lefèvre for example).
Boisvert French
Means "green wood" in French, from bois "wood" and vert "green".
Brzeziński Polish
Derived from any of the various places named with Polish brzezina "birch forest".
Buchmann German
Combination of Buch and German Mann "man".
Cardillo Italian
Cardillo is a surname of Sicilian origin, derived from the word cardilla, meaning ''goldfinch''.
Clooney English, Irish
From Gaelic Ó Cluanaigh meaning "descendant of Cluanach". Cluanach was a given name derived from Irish clauna "deceitful, flattering, rogue".
Di Cicco Italian
Patronymic from a pet form of the personal name Francesco.
Di Giovanni Italian
From the given name Giovanni.
Jacobsson Swedish
Means "son of Jacob".
Krajewski Polish (Rare)
Habitational name taken from places in Poland named with Polish kraj "border area".
Krzyżewski Polish
Derived from the name of any of the villages called Krzyżewo in Poland. A notable bearer is American basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski (b. 1947).
Laudenslager English (American)
Americanized form of German Lautenschläger. This spelling is not used in German at all.
Nanjiani Pakistani
A notable bearer is comedian, actor, and screenwriter Kumail Nanjiani (b. 1978).
Schwartzman Jewish
Nickname for a dark-skinned or dark-haired person, from German schwarz meaning "black" and man meaning "man, person".
Stoneman English
Combination of Stone and English man. Sometimes used an English form of German Steinmann.
Wrightson English
Means "son of Wright".
Youngman English
From Middle English yunge man "young servant", ultimately from Old English geong mann "young man".
Youngson English
Means "son of Young".
Zwingli Swiss
Possibly derived from a place name in Toggenburg, Switzerland. A notable bearer was Huldrych Zwingli (1484 – 1531), leader of the protestant reformation in Switzerland, who was born in Wildhaus, Toggenburg... [more]