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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the person who added the name is NikaNoelle.
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Ardolino Italian
Believed to have come from Arduino; is most common in the Campania area of Italy.
Axiotis Greek
Axiotis refers to a family that originated in Naxos Greece. The feminine form is Axioti.
Bleuzen Breton
Derived from the feminine given name Bleuzenn.
Carabelli Italian
Common surname in the Lombardy region of Italy.
Castaignède French
Stéphane Castaignède is a French rugby player and coach.... [more]
Cholevas Greek
Feminine form is Choleva
Corden English
Derives from Old French Cordon meaning "a seller of ribbon" or from Cordoan, a locational job description for a worker in fine kid leather. Originally associated with the city of Cordova in Spain... [more]
Descatoire French
Alexandre Descatoire was a French sculptor (1874-1949)... [more]
Eberly Upper German, German (Swiss), English (American)
Variant of Eberle, which is a diminutive of Eberhard.
Farnworth English
Farnworth is a combination of two words: old-English fearn meaning "fern" and worth, making the full meaning of Farnworth "settlers from a place where ferns are abundant." The oldest known record of the surname was in Farnworth with Kearsley (modern-day Farnworth), Lancashire in 1185... [more]
Galmarini Italian
Galmarini is a common surname in the Lombardy region of Italy.
Geiselman German (Silesian)
From the given name Geisler.
Gieselman German
Variant spelling of Geiselman.
Gieselmann German
Variant spelling of Geiselman.
Giresse French
Alain Giresse is a French footballer and manager... [more]
Gugliuzza Italian
Derivative of the personal name Guglia.
Hallingsworth English (British, Rare), English (Australian, Rare)
Unknown origin and meaning. I found it listed a few times on the 1881 census in the County Durham and in London; it is also supposedly a surname in Australia. Possibly a misspelling of Hollingsworth.
Haythornthwaite English (British)
Derived from the Old English word haguthorn, which means "hawthorn". Originated in the township of Hawthorn, parish of Easington, County Durham circa 1155.
Hofstadter Jewish
Derived from the German towns of Hofstetten, Franconia and Hofstaedt, Pomerania. In German, the suffix -er means "from".... [more]
Inaudi Italian
Francesca Inaudi is an Italian actress.... [more]
Kanellopoulos Greek
Feminine version is Kanellopoulou
Karras Greek
Means "dark" in Greek. Feminine form is Karra.
Keirnan Irish
Gaelic form of Keirnan is Mac Thighearnain, which is derived from the word tighearna, meaning "lord." First found in County Cavan, Ireland.
Kielland Norwegian
Alexander Kielland was a Norwegian writer (1849–1906).
Lavagnino Italian
Common surname in the Liguria area of Italy.
Lekkas Greek
Feminine form is Lekka
Lethbridge English
Believed to have derived from a location in Devonshire around the 16th century.
Lundon English
Variant of London.
Maceo Spanish (Caribbean)
Derived from the given name Maceo.
Milesi Italian
Marco Milesi is an Italian racing cyclist.... [more]
Orologas Greek
Means "watchmaker" in Greek.
Owsley English
Habitational name form a now lost place name in Southern England. Possibly derived from the name of the river name Ouse and Old English -leah meaning "wood".
Sakellarios Greek
Feminine form is Sakellariou
Stratigos Greek
Deriving from the Greek title for a general. Feminine form is Stratigo.
Taglialatela Italian
Taglialatela means "the person who cuts the cloth" and is typical in the Naples and Caserta areas of Italy.
Tisseur French
Occupational surname meaning "weaver".
Trebbi Italian
Cesare Mauro Trebbi was an Italian painter and lithographer (1847–1931).... [more]
Tsaldaris Greek
Feminine version is Tsaldari
Xenakis Greek
Feminine form is Xenaki.